1. funkydmunky

    WTF MS?

    MS nerfing WMR on Win11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OK78LEFlhI8
  2. Nebell


    Believe it or not, I don't watch porn and I certainly don't want to pay for it. But after seeing a post about how awesome porn is on Quest 3 with passthrough, I figured what the hell. I downloaded DeoVR (free) and purchased a month of SLR membership (you could just google it and add VR porn)...
  3. P

    Moving On/Up From Valve Index to Quest 3?

    Original Index owner. The right controller is no longer usable, and I'm not ready/willing/able to replace the battery. The question is whether to buy a new set of controllers or upgrade to a newer technology wireless device. The pancake lenses on the Quest 3 have really intrigued me--along with...
  4. A

    Original Deus Ex getting VR Mod and Unreal Engine 5 upgrade

    Just a completely crazy mission this guy is on. He's taking all the original Deus Ex assets and creating a 'translator/wrapper/whatnot' to put the original DX on the latest Unreal engine, complete with fully functioning VR. Seriously, VR is hitting anything and everything these days...
  5. funkydmunky

    Neighbors puppy chewed my HPG2 cable

    Gotta love puppies! A while back HP was offering free upgrade cables for some AMD conflicted users. I am not looking for free but I can't seem to find official cables at a reasonable price and would prefer to get the proper updated set. Can anyone help steer me straight?
  6. A

    Praydog releases beta of his Pancake to VR Mod - 11,000+ Unreal Engine games can now be played in VR

    Praydog UEVR Mod An absolutely insane mod! Pretty much any game in Unreal should be playable somewhat in VR. I'm going to be watching the updates of this like a hawk!
  7. P

    USB 3.2 Gen 2*2 with Meta 3 Link cable

    Can a Meta quest 3 usb 3.2 Gen 2 link cable pass 20 GB data to the Meta 3 if it is connected via adapter to a usb3.2 Gen 2*2 port. and can the meta 3 handle the 20 GB data? I'm thinking the cable can't handle it which would be why I'm not finding the adapter, it was a long shot Gen 2*2 has 12...
  8. funkydmunky

    MS ends WMR support/devlopment

    Kind of a surprise to me as this is an important space I would have thought MS would want to at least maintain some development/presence in the space. I mean it isn't costing them much. With so many partners out of the gate with biggies such as Samsung and HP (both of which I bought HMD from) it...
  9. DejaWiz

    Looking into cheaper VR headset for my kiddos

    Hello, [H]orde! Wanting to get my boys (15 and 16 YO) a VR headset for PC gaming (maybe XB1 compatible, if that's a thing) if it's even capable, but I know jack-squat about the tech. Not looking to break the bank, so maybe around $300 max. Their PC specs are so-so: Ryzen 5500 GTX 980Ti 16GB...
  10. S

    Any way to make Rift (non-S) controllers and lighthouses work without headset?

    Basically, I've got a PSVR2 (and no PS5) and hope to use it on PC with the upcoming iVRy driver, which the creator is planning to release before end of year. Already have a BizLink adapter on the way and have been promised one of the converters needed to get it working as a Patron. Great! The...
  11. A

    Team Beef - Doom/Quake/Duke Nukem 3D/etc. VR ports

    This is amazing. Basically, these are downloadable/installable apps for your headsets that allow you to play a bunch of retro FPS in VR. 100% worth trying it out, as they're free. It works great on my Pico 4, highly recommended: https://sidequestvr.com/space/7/team-beef-vr-game-ports
  12. P

    Pas through video

    I used to use an oculus rift, but it was always too hot and uncomfortable to use in the warmer months which is pretty much always since I moved to Florida. It used a bunch of usb ports and a base station. I don't typically do VR games I like watching movies 3d / normal and streaming Youtube...
  13. A

    So, what are you rocking for VR?

    Just a simple question, what are you all using as your main VR driver? What headset, games, standing/sitting/room scale, etc. are you using at this time? My Headset + System: Pico 4 Gigabyte 4090 5800x3D Games: Ghosts of Tabor Into the Radius Hotdogs, Horseshoes, and Handgrenades Settings...
  14. sharknice

    Meta Codec Avatar Demo/Interview with Zuck

    So basically they did 3D scans of themselves doing all sorts of emotions, then do a "video chat" using Quest Pros connected to PCs to render photo realistic 3D avatars. They've talked about this before but this is the first time they've really shown it off. I'm sure everyone has thought...
  15. A

    [Unconfirmed] Pico 5 announced for 2024 - Including a DisplayPort version

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=As2xIMZsW4Q&t=200s The Pico 4 is my go to headset, I'm absolutely going to get a Pico 5 when it releases next year. From what it looks like it's going to absolutely stomp the Quest 3. Edit: As stated below, potentially this is fake
  16. A

    Best Router for Wireless VR?

    Just throwing this out there. To anyone who is currently playing with Wireless VR, what is the router you would recommend for this task?
  17. funkydmunky

    AMD 7000 series driver update VR fix

    Last week AMD 7000 series driver stated VR fix. I know it is a hard find as discussed in earlier posts, but does anyone have a link to anyone testing these new found developments?
  18. D

    Meta Quest 3

    Announcement: https://www.meta.com/en-gb/blog/quest/vr-hardware-news-quest-3-sneak-peek-price-drop/ (Tentative Spec Comparison)
  19. funkydmunky

    HMD cooling methods for the user?

    I've modded both my Samsung Odyssey + and HP Reverb G2 with air flow. I seem to have the ability to fog up a display (despite not being a hot/sweaty type) and also get nauseous very quickly when I have no air flow. Anyone else suffered and or made a comfort fix to a HMD and if so how did you...
  20. funkydmunky

    Can I play VR with another over LAN (home)?

    Hey all. I have two VR headsets, both WMR if that matters for my question. (Samsung Odessey+ and HP reverb G2) Multiple PC's of course. Thinking it would be fun to have a friend join me at my place for some joint gaming. Ya I figure sharing the same space would be problematic so I am not...
  21. A

    Ghosts of Tabor - VR Escape from Tarkov

    Pretty much, if you played Escape from Tarkov, you've played Ghosts of Tabor, but with a twist. Ghosts of Tabor is pure VR of the best variety. It's complex, engaging, fun, and quite intensive. This is a hardcore military extraction shooter where you suit up in whatever you gear you have or can...
  22. A

    VR gun stock recommendation?

    So, what VR gun stocks are out there and what are you currently using? I'm looking for suggestions.
  23. A

    Latest GPU or GPU with more VRAM, which is more important for VR?

    I've been wondering this and wanted to ask you all about it. Which is more important for VR, having the latest GPUs or having GPUs with more VRAM? So, pretty much, would a 3090 be better than a 4080 due to the load of extra VRAM or would the 4080 come out on top due to it's newer architecture. I...
  24. funkydmunky

    I want a new GPU for VR!

    The market so sucks atm. We aren't in a minning boom yet prices are lofty still. I had high hopes for the new AMD 7900 series. They fattened the bus over the 6000 series so there shouldn't be a 4K+ VR drop, and they gave as usual, far more RAM per $ then Nvidia. But for some reason (limited...
  25. L

    Bigscreen Beyond - µOLED 2560x2560 per eye - SteamVR Direct HDM

    I am excited for the next generation of HMDs featuring µOLED display technology. One of the first to launch will be the Bigscreen Beyond, with 2560x2560 resolution per eye, designed for PCVR with SteamVR Direct mode and lighthouse tracking. STATS: Tiny size and weight - 127 grams, 24 mm x...
  26. A

    H3MP, Multiplayer mod for Hotdogs, Horseshoes, and Handgrenades

    Basically, this should legitimately be a completely impossible mod...but nothing is impossible to modders. They have created a genuine Multiplayer mod for the game Hotdogs, Horseshoes, and Handgrenades(H3VR). With this mod, you can now play what looks to be any mode in the game with multiple...
  27. Vile

    VR & BIM

    *EDIT: Disregard, found my answer. Does anyone here have experience using VR for BIM? We have a "bring your child to work" day event coming up in the office. I thought it would be fun to have the kids try out the Quest 2 and fly through some building models so they could test out VR in a real...
  28. W

    Playstation VR2 discussion thread

    Since the existing PSVR thread is mostly regarding the 1st gen unit except for the 5th page. I think we should do all the VR2 discussion on a new thread. Here's my quick take after a few hours. Between the ~4K HDR res, the 120hz refresh, a very good OLED panel, light weight with great balance...
  29. A

    Upgrade my GPU or CPU for better VR?

    Alright, my VR Rig has been sitting on a strong, but dated foundation and I've been heavy into VR games especially now. What is the smart play for an update right now? Here are my specs: ASUS ROG Strix Z370i Gaming mobo i7-8700k CPU 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance RAM 1TB NVMe drive 3080 FE GPU 650w...
  30. A

    Pico 4 - Wireless PCVR at 90hz

    https://www.picoxr.com/global/products/pico4 Bought this thing on a complete whim after seeing people setting it up with Virtual Desktop and playing PCVR games at a rock solid 90fps. Can't go back now, the display is great, the setup was easy, and the tracking is surprisingly good. This is...
  31. L

    What to do with Oculus 1 64 gig

    I finally caved and bought a Quest 2 256 gig. So now I have a Quest 1 with 64 gigs available. Yea, I could sell it or give it away. Is there anything I can do with it now that I’ve transferred my account off of it? Like completely jailbreak it and use it tethered to my computer (max...
  32. V

    Quest Pro

    https://www.meta.com/quest/quest-pro/faq/#faq https://www.roadtovr.com/meta-quest-pro-release-date-specs-price/
  33. M

    New Meta Quest VR Headset October 2022

    https://www.engadget.com/metas-next-vr-headset-is-coming-in-october-121737412.html At $1000 projected, it's no wonder they boosted the price on the Quest 2.
  34. B

    Should I?

    Been watching VR tech for quite some time, but haven't jumped into it yet. Seems the tech is a bit stale at the moment since I haven't seen any new products in a while. I was intrigued by a post on Hot Hardware about a fan-made MOD for Half Lige 2 and adapting it for VR. This apparently has...
  35. Armenius


    VR developer Survios just revealed that they are making a game based in the Alien universe that takes place between the first and second movies. It will use Unreal Engine 5 and is being developed for PC, consoles, and VR. Survios is known for their VR games, including the well-received Raw...
  36. L

    Pimax mystery box

    Pimax mystery box $439 containing one refurbished 8K ,5K super or 5K headset.
  37. funkydmunky

    DLSS or FSR etc...

    Is this tech moving into VR territory at all? Is it even fully workable with the VR tech/tricks in place? VR is set to gain the most from this emerging tech as minimum we're looking at 4K with the added spec of 90+fps ideally. Most pancake-rez fanatics miss the fine print on this.
  38. B

    Varjo Aero

    As there's not a thread about this (just the VR-3), I figured I'd start one given I just got mine on Friday. I had preordered the day they opened, got the notice it would be shipping within 2 weeks on the previous Friday, notice it would ship within 5 days on Tuesday and card charged, and then...
  39. V

    HDR in VR

    I've noticed that a few headsets have announced HDR support for 2022. Such as the new PSVR and Panasonic headsets. I have a Varjo Aero that will be shipping in a couple weeks and no mention of HDR. HDR has been a game changer for my PC gaming and home theater. I wonder if I should cancel the...
  40. M

    A new standalone VR headset by Somnium and XTAL. Open source.

    A potential Quest 2 killer. At least for the enthusiast and sim-market, can't really beat the 300-400 price tag of Quest 2 for the mass market. Any way, the specs are juicy, 2880p per eye Micro-OLED, 90hz and possibly 120hz (probably imply that you need to turn resolution down?) at least 115...