1. cageymaru

    Watch the HTC CES Press Conference

    CNET is going to live-stream the HTC Vive VR press conference today starting at 4 p.m. ET, 1 p.m. PT. HTC on Twitter has been alluding to a release of new products at CES. Monday is a massive day of press conferences at CES 2019, and nestled among them is HTC. The company's livestreaming its...
  2. cageymaru

    HTC Sales Are down over 61% in 2018

    HTC sales are still weak as its end of year financial statement showed a 61.78% decline in consolidated sales when compared to last year. This is the seventh consecutive year of decline that the company has experienced. HTC recently launched a new phone in December, but sales were still down...
  3. AlphaAtlas

    Steam VR Usage Almost Doubled in 2018

    On the surface, Steam's latest hardware survey doesn't look particularly flattering for the VR market, but UploadVR points out that 2018 was a good year for the Steam VR gaming industry. According to the Steam statistics they've been logging, PC VR usage almost doubled in 2018, and 0.8% of Steam...
  4. cageymaru

    Slightly Mad Studios Begins Development of a Gaming Console

    Slightly Mad Studios CEO Ian Bell has announced that the game development studio known for blockbuster hits such as the Project Cars series and Need for Speed: Shift is working on a powerful gaming console. The Mad Box will be capable of VR gaming and will be equivalent to a "very fast PC 2...
  5. Supercharged_Z06

    Rift on sale again

    If you missed out on the Black Friday or pre-Christmas sales, looks like Amazon has the Rift on sale again for $349: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073X8N1YW
  6. cageymaru

    The State of VR in 2018

    Blurbusters has an article on the state of VR in 2018. It touches on the current VR trends as the market shifts from wired headsets to wireless HMDs powered by the latest Snapdragon processor. Bela discusses upcoming options in 2019 to rid ourselves of the wire, and their experience with lesser...
  7. AlphaAtlas

    Samsung Patents In-Air Gesturing for VR

    According to a report by Patently Mobile, Samsung recently filed a patent for an in-air gesture control system designed for AR and VR headsets. Such a system would use a color camera, a depth camera, and an infrared sensor with an infrared light for illumination, at the very least. Simple...
  8. M

    Good VR Graphics Card

    Hi i was looking at buying an HTC Vive with all the sales going on atm. It's pretty much the only VR headset for sale in my Country. I'm currently running an RX 480, but have heard it's not up to the task. I certainly can't afford an RTX 2080 Ti. I could easily get an Vega 64 or at a stretch a...
  9. cageymaru

    Sony 3D Camera Technology to Fuel Smartphone Upgrade Cycle in 2019

    Bloomberg is reporting that smartphone manufacturers such as Apple, Huawei, and Samsung have taken interest in 3D camera technology from Sony. The cameras can create 3D images of objects and faces that can be used for virtual shopping and gesture control. Sony is a major player in the camera...
  10. O

    Considering a VR headset, want some opinions.

    At the moment I'm considering getting a headset for mostly sim / seated play, but I may venture out into roomscale at some point in the future as well, but it's unlikely due to setup (the room it's going in is around 17'x22', but there's a pool table in the center of it, a bed in one corner, and...
  11. AlphaAtlas

    FeelReal Lets Users Smell in VR

    A company called Feelreal just announced a system that lets users experience smells in VR applications. Using chemicals "similar to those used in the food industry," theoretically, VR users can experience the smell of burning rubber in a race game, or roses in a garden, among other things. A...
  12. cageymaru

    Orlando Company Creates Scents for VR Attractions and the U.S. Armed Forces

    Global Technology Integrators (GTI) is a small 12 person firm in Orlando, Florida that specializes in adding smells to VR experiences. The company has contracts to provide scents to amusements parks, U.S. Armed Forces, and others. Bringing the sense of smell to virtual reality adds to the...
  13. cageymaru

    Introducing Game Streaming and AMD Radeon ReLive for VR

    AMD has released a video that showcases the new streaming capabilities of its AMD Radeon lineup. With the release of the AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition drivers, AMD Radeon users can utilize their hardware to stream their games to mobile devices, and most VR headsets with the...
  14. B

    First Time VR

    Looking to get a vr setup. Not dead set on these, but here's what I was thinking about getting. Htc vive (non pro) https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00VF5NT4I/ref=ox_sc_act_image_1?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1 Wheel and pedal setup...
  15. bamavooHF

    Star Wars VR, worth it?

    My daughter loves star wars. Is this worth a hundred bucks?
  16. cageymaru

    Facebook Reality Labs Unveils Its DeepFocus AI Rendering System

    Facebook Reality Labs (FRL) has announced DeepFocus; an AI rendering system that works in conjunction with its upcoming eye tracking hardware called Half Dome. Half Dome has a varifocal design that that will recognize when users focus on objects in the VR world. DeepFocus AI will recognize this...
  17. AlphaAtlas

    AMD Pulls Oculus Support From Relive VR Streaming

    As part of their big 2018 driver update, AMD added support for streaming SteamVR titles to a wide range of VR headsets, including the "HTC Vive Focus, Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, and Google Daydream." However, AMD just sent a statement to PCGamesN claiming that SteamVR support violates the terms...
  18. cageymaru

    The Evolution of the Knuckles VR Controllers

    Valve has showcased its all new Knuckles DV (dev-kit) design in a SteamVR blog post. Valve has taken the feedback from developers to create the latest iteration of the Knuckles DV virtual reality controllers. Improvements to the design over the Knuckles EV3 include cap sense, trigger feel...
  19. cageymaru

    Palmer Luckey's Guide to Modding the Oculus Go

    Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey has written a guide to modding the Oculus Go. The first mods that he performed were to change the color of the HMD from grey to black to cut down on the amount of reflected light on the optics. The next phase of modding involved removing all unnecessary weight to...
  20. AlphaAtlas

    ZeniMax Settles with Facebook in Oculus Lawsuit

    Gamesindustry.biz reports that ZeniMax and Facebook have finally settled their long-running lawsuit over Oculus technology. As a reminder, the trouble started when John Carmack left ID for Oculus in 2013. ZeniMax sued shortly after that, claiming that Carmack and Oculus stole some of ID's...
  21. cageymaru

    NBC Sports and the NFL Use Video Game Soundtrack Without Permission

    Beat Games Studio co-founder and CEO Jaroslav Beck posted an excerpt from a NFL game where the music used in the clip is allegedly from his studio's game; Beat Saber. He politely asked NBC and NBC Sports in separate tweets to ask permission before using his game's music as this is clearly...
  22. VanGoghComplex

    Anyone need a front panel VR hookup?

    Found this, works great! 1-1/8" hole needed. ShineKee USB HDMI Mount Cable 2... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077T853NZ?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf
  23. cageymaru

    Starbreeze Files for Reconstruction

    Starbreeze has filed for reconstruction in Swedish court to protect the company while it negotiates a long-term financial solution. Filing for "bankruptcy" will allow the company to create necessary changes in the organization and operations without having to immediately pay debts accrued before...
  24. cageymaru

    Introducing the NVIDIA TITAN RTX GPU

    Today NVIDIA has unleashed the TITAN of Turing; the NVIDIA TITAN RTX. At the Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems in Montreal, Canada (NeurIPS), NVIDIA announced the "T-Rex" launch later this month with a $2,499 MSRP. The NVIDIA TITAN RTX is a professional tool designed for the...
  25. cageymaru

    Oculus Rift Is $329 at Best Buy

    Oculus - Rift + Touch Virtual Reality Headset Bundle is $329. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/oculus-rift-touch-virtual-reality-headset-bundle-for-compatible-windows-pcs-black/5989502.p?skuId=5989502 Also on Amazon for the same price! Thanks Wrench ! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073X8N1YW?
  26. cageymaru

    Acer Gives StarVR Three Months to Become Profitable

    Acer has allegedly given its high-end StarVR division an ultimatum to become profitable within three months or its operations will be terminated. Industry insiders say that the StarVR division will be sold to either China or a Japan-based enterprise. Acer holds a 63.25% stake in the company...
  27. cageymaru

    Ambient Occlusion and Its Importance in VR Gaming

    Modern day gaming effects that users notice the most are those that manipulate light sources in a scene. The VR game development house ARVI, developers of VR titles such as The Last Day of Defense and more created a blog post that explains "ambient occlusion" (AO) and tackles its various modern...
  28. AlphaAtlas

    VR Developers are Making a Virtual Version of Helsinki

    A group of VR developers from around the world are working on a virtual representation of Finland's capital, Helsinki. The "Virtual Capital of the World" project aims to be a trailblazer in the virtual tourism industry. While the initial results of the project are scheduled to be revealed in...
  29. B

    Samsung Odyssey+

    So I picked up an Odyssey+ to go along with my Rift and HP WMR headset and have played around with it for about a week. tldr: Amazing display and serviceable controllers with easier setup. The main point of comparison is to the Rift as the HP headset was a cheap backup that I let my kids play...
  30. H

    Rift hanging hooks

    I bought one of these. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XY5WKXW/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I did not really have a place to put it up. I now have a whole room just for me! So I put this kit on it to see how good it is. It worked out beautiful. The cord is up in the air...
  31. AlphaAtlas

    Vive Confirms Ryzen Compatibility Issues With Wireless Adapter

    Last month, users started reporting issues related to the HTC Vive's Wireless adapter on systems with Ryzen CPUs. Those reports started piling up in a Vive community thread, and last Friday, the company officially acknowledged the issue and said they are looking into it. The incompatibility...
  32. AlphaAtlas

    Google Patents Motorized VR Shoes

    According to UploadVR, Google has filed a patent application for motorized VR walking shoes. Apparently, Google is trying to tackle the issue of VR "playspaces" requiring large indoor areas or expensive, bulky hardware to be effective. By adding physical feedback to the "infinite redirected...
  33. cageymaru

    Samsung HMD Odyssey+ VR Headset Is $299

    The Samsung HMD Odyssey+ VR headset is $299 at Microsoft. It is the same price at Samsung. Samsung has a student discount also I believe, but YMMV. Go to the Samsung link for all the stats on the headset. Windows Mixed Reality Dual 3.5" AMOLED (1440x1600 ea)@90Hz/60Hz 110˚ Field of view AKG...
  34. cageymaru

    Coolso Technology Reveals Muscle Bio Sensors for VR and AR at Trade Show

    Coolso Technology has unveiled its new muscle bio sensors that allow everyday gestures to be interpreted as commands in virtual reality and augmented reality. The company's founder Jack Wu says that they have many uses beyond gaming and medical applications. At the 2018 Meet Taipei Startup...
  35. AlphaAtlas

    Graphene Pixels Could Lead to High Speed Reflective Displays

    Reflective displays, like those found in e-books, offer higher efficiency than the traditional, emissive displays you're probably reading this article on. But current reflective displays suffer from a limited color gamut and slow pixel response times. However, researchers from the Deflt...
  36. cageymaru

    HTC Is Fully Committed to the VR Ecosystem

    Roy Steiber, senior vice president of VR at HTC and president of the Viveport store was interviewed by GamesBeat. He discussed upcoming product development like 6DOF controllers for the wireless HTC Focus headset and the possibility of console like business models for VR going forward. He...
  37. cageymaru

    Walmart Teams with Oculus and STRIVR to Provide Interactive Training for Employees

    Walmart has teamed with STRIVR and Oculus to provide over 45 interactive VR training modules for employees. Employees are put through 'What If' situations in virtual reality that are hard to replicate elsewhere. 70% of the Oculus Rift trained employees scored higher than employees trained with...
  38. cageymaru

    FocusAR: Auto-Focus AR Eyeglasses That Can Replace Prescription Eyeglasses

    Researchers are developing FocusAR: auto-focusing augmented reality eyewear that can replace prescription eyeglasses. The glasses dynamically correct for the focus of the real world surrounding the near-eye display of the user and simultaneously the internal display for augmented synthetic...
  39. AlphaAtlas

    Oculus Rift Update Could be More Modest Than Previously Planned

    Last week, Oculus co-founder Brendan Iribe left the company, and Techcrunch seemed to think that it wasn't on the best of terms. An "inside source" claimed that Facebook canceled the "Rift 2", and now a "a source familiar with the matter" is going into more detail. The Oculus Rift's successor...
  40. cageymaru

    Novarad OpenSight Augmented Reality System Receives FDA Approval for Medical Use

    The Novarad OpenSight Augmented Reality System has been granted FDA approval for medical use in pre-operative surgical planning. This is the first time that the FDA has issued a 510(k) clearance for a medical device using Microsoft HoloLens technology. The OpenSight AR System renders 2D, 3D...