What to do with Oculus 1 64 gig


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Oct 24, 2005
I finally caved and bought a Quest 2 256 gig.

So now I have a Quest 1 with 64 gigs available. Yea, I could sell it or give it away. Is there anything I can do with it now that I’ve transferred my account off of it?

Like completely jailbreak it and use it tethered to my computer (max studio)?

I really do not know even if anything is available to be done.

Can I make the assumption that if I wanted to use it for Quest games that I’d have to buy another copy of that game (so 2 players could play)? Would I need two Meta accounts?
i dont know much about the old oculus, but you can look into a project called "SideQuest" that lets you side load apps onto the quest. I can confirm it works great for the 2, but it may work on the 1.
I run a modded beat saber so i can download custom songs, side load other programs on there to try out before buying, etc.
as for multiplayer, i am curious as well. I have 2 quests and have never actually tried playing together while logged into the same acocunt, but i may try it now just to see.
It seems like you can do it, or at least could do it.

Here is a video on family sharing from a year ago. No idea if it works the same now, you don't even use facebook accounts now.

I would be intersted to know because I upgraded to a Quest Pro but still have my Quest 2. I haven't tried it yet.