1. E

    Best vr title for room scale??

    Setting up my room scale now with 3 sensors... looking to make my first game purchase.. which title will work great for room scale?? I have the oculus with touch if that matters. Have steam account as well. Good sized room.. 8x10 play area.
  2. Zarathustra[H]

    HTC Enters into Contract to Exclusively Provide VR for "Ready Player One"

    No matter how often we the consumer tell them we hate it, hardware vendors and content providers just can't seem to resist the temptation to enter into exclusivity deals locking out customers who just don't happen to have the right combination of hardware. It's as if they've forgotten that the...
  3. N

    I bought a Pimax 4k HMD for $360

    I've never done the vr thing before. I was honestly looking at buying a 40" 4k curved monitor but instead decided on this. I thought "this will be better!". This is not really the same thing. They're not comparable. One does not replace the other. That being said, I can honestly say I don't...
  4. B

    There is a GTA V VR mod?! Anyone try it?

    Sadly it requires vorpix. Still if it works well I may have to bite the bullet. Anyone try this out? http://grandtheftvr.com/
  5. Zarathustra[H]

    VR & AR Headset Market Expected to Grow 58% Annually, Reaching 99.4 Million Units

    Businesswire is reporting on an IDG market report, suggesting that the virtual reality and augmented reality headset market will grow an average of 58% year over year reaching 99.4 million units by 2021. 2021 may sound like "the future" portrayed in some dark, post-apocalyptic sci-fi game...
  6. Zarathustra[H]

    Fallout 4 VR Confirmed for E3 2017

    At E3 in 2016 Bethesda promised a Fallout 4 VR launch in 2017. Now we know that it will be coming at E3 this year. Reportedly it is "the most incredible thing you've seen in your life." Hyperbole aside, it does sound like it could be pretty awesome. Support from big AAA tiles I'm actually...
  7. FrgMstr

    King Kaiju VR at VR Jive

    VR Jive covers King Kaiju VR this morning. This game is not exactly going for real-world realism, but it does allow you to pick up cars and throw those down the street. It does however use some shader functions inside the Unity engine that put his GTX 1080 system to work. Check the video out...
  8. D

    Myopia, small room and HTC Vive

    I'm thinking about getting an HTC Vive. However, my eyes are -4.0 and the room is also kind of small. Do you guys have any idea on how would that affect my experience? Am I going to have to wear my glasses while playing? Is it comfortable? The PC is not going to be a problem (6900k + 32GB Ram +...
  9. FrgMstr

    Fix Your Samsung Gear VR Problems

    Samsung Gear VR is still the best selling VR device going, and of course it is a great way to ease into VR before going whole hog on a system like the Vive that we love and use a lot. However, as with any new hardware, it is not without its issues. Joy of Android has a great article put...
  10. cageymaru

    NewEgg Deal Alert: Free Gigabyte AMD RX 480 4GB with HTC Vive VR Headset Purchase

    People always complain that the biggest barrier to VR ownership is the cost. NewEgg is conquering this stigma with a special deal on the HTC Vive - Virtual Reality Headset. Purchase the HTC Vive headset and you get a Gigabyte RX 480 4GB for FREE! NewEgg is giving you a free video card to...
  11. cageymaru

    Leap Motion’s New 180-degree Hand-tracking is a Perfect Fit for Mobile VR

    Qualcomm has added Leap Motion's 180-degree hand tracking module to their new mobile VR headset that's currently in development. Qualcomm is developing the self contained platform for use as the base hardware for many mobile phone manufacturers. They also have made it clear that the Leap...
  12. B

    Need a gamepad. What are my options?

    I bought Chronos foolishly without knowing that I need a gamepad to play. I have a Steam Controller and a DS4. Can either of those work with the game so I can avoid buying and XB1 controller?
  13. C

    VR need more power or gaming on Ultrawide?

    Ok, so here is my situation. I jumped on a deal for an RX 480 4GB that was 145AR and came with Doom that I plan to sell for another 15-20$, meaning I got an RX 480 dirt cheap. It just so happened the Rift dropped $200 a day later. I ordered the RIft and LOVE IT, as do my kids. After doing...
  14. cageymaru

    Vulkan API Gains Multi-GPU and Virtual Reality Support

    The Khronos Group has added Vulkan Multi-GPU and Virtual Reality Support to the Vulkan API. This is a big step forward as developers and consumers have been waiting for this support for a long time. Unlike the DX12 API which is tied to Windows 10, the Vulkan API is cross-platform. One of the...
  15. cageymaru

    Vimeo Adds Support for 360-degree Video

    Vimeo has added support for 360-degree videos on their service. Vimeo is a company much like Youtube where users can go and watch online videos. The 360-degree videos have their own specific category on the website and can be monetized as Vimeo caters to professional filmmakers. Vimeo says...
  16. FrgMstr

    Robo Recall Oculus Exclusive No More

    Being that most interactive VR warriors have opted for the HTC Vive system over the Oculus, you were likely sad to hear that Robo Recall was going to be an Oculus exclusive title. Well, rejoice, as that exclusivity has ended for those of us that are willing to get our hands a bit dirty. And on...
  17. N

    The Thrill of The Fight (VR), testing on Radeon Nano

    The Thrill of The Fight is an early access game with very high approval ratings: While mostly you face off with either a training opponent or match opponent, this game comes alive in the Virtual World. You would not think that fighting the air while you are inside a virtual world would be...
  18. U

    Oculus Touch Impressions

    Before I get started, I'm curious if Kyle has given the Oculus Rift/Touch a go. I know he's been engrossed with the Vive but I'd really like to get his impression. I think a Vive vs Rift comparison article would be awesome to get from the [H]. KYLE!!! DO IT!!!!! To preface, I was a pre-order...
  19. FrgMstr

    VR Jive Takes on Sky Sanctuary VR

    Our long-time buddy "Jumbuck" Johnny Gatt has some VR coverage from down under at VR Jive. He loads up Sky Sanctuary on a couple of machines, including this budget PC, which does not turn out too well. However he does have an MSI Aegis Ti (NVIDIA SLI Laptop) that turns out to be a proper...
  20. bluesynk

    Locomotion control idea?

    So I've been waiting on the tax man to get my Vive. Spent lots of time thinking about it, even made myself an overhead cable trolley system. Been watching demos and gameplay and such. Locomotion seems to be one of those areas that could use some help. I thought about what was required and...
  21. cageymaru

    Adding VR to Resident Evil 7 "Was Like Working on Two Games at Once"

    Resident Evil 7 is one of the few AAA game releases that also supports VR. Most VR games are short experiences that many gamers don't perceive as a day one purchase. Kazuhiro Takahara, lead VR engineer on the Resident Evil 7 Biohazard game, brought the entire RE7 experience from start to...
  22. FrgMstr

    Unity Reports on VR Data for 2016

    Unity is one of the largest graphics engines used in VR gaming. One of the best looking ones we have seen belongs to Call of Starseed. However the list of games is much longer than that in what we have covered here alone. Unity is opening its kimono a bit this morning and sharing some data...
  23. S

    VR use case question

    I love multi monitors. Hell I have a triple mon setup and I wish I could have more, but just running out of desk space. Is it possible to use VR as a means of have multi me (virtual?) monitors? Could I for example set up a grid of 3x3 2560x1600(30") monitors so that the experience would be...
  24. Zarathustra[H]

    LG Shows Off SteamVR Headset with 1440x1280 screens at GDC

    All week we have been hearing multiple reports of LG intending to demo a "Next Generation" VR headset with Valve at GDC, but up until now the details were scant. They didn't even share any pictures of the device. UploadVR now has some real details on this new HMD. LG's headset is built...
  25. cageymaru

    Oculus Rift + Touch Combo is Now $598

    Oculus has lowered the price of VR with a significant reduction to the cost of ownership. Now you can get an Oculus Rift HMD plus the Touch controllers for only $598. This is a savings of $200! If you need another sensor, those are now $59. For an added "touch" they are including the VR game...
  26. cageymaru

    PSVR’s Secret Weapon, The Aim Controller, Has A Release Date

    PSVR has come a long ways as they are closing in on one million units sold. That has invigorated Sony to get their Aim controller out to the public on May 16th for the shooter game Farpoint. VR devices such as a trackable gun device greatly add to the immersion while playing games. Sony was...
  27. cageymaru

    Impulsonic Has Announced Steam Audio for VR Experiences in Unity and Unreal Engine

    Valve owned Impulsonic has announced that it is ready to release Steam Audio for VR and all games. Steam Audio is the next generation of Phonon spatial audio tools. "Steam Audio delivers a full-featured audio solution that integrates environment and listener simulation. HRTF significantly...
  28. Zarathustra[H]

    Castles Made of Sand: VR, PC Gaming, and Hype

    Computer Business Review has an opinion piece up today lamenting what they see as some in the media calling VR in 2016 a flop, after they themselves were responsible for hyping it up the first place. They want to set the record and expectations straight, pointing out that PC VR Gaming is a...
  29. cageymaru

    Man Loses More Than Fifty Pounds Playing VR Rhythm Games

    Job Stauffer was a man in serious need of an exercise routine and the mental drive to stick to the routine. His body was failing him as he gained weight well beyond the 300 pound mark. After being unable to do conventional exercise due to bad knees; he turned to the video game industry that he...
  30. cageymaru

    Samsung's AR Monitorless Tech Allows You to Use Your PC Without a Screen

    Samsung is ready to unveil it's Monitorless augmented reality solution at the 2017 Mobile World Congress event. Monitorless allows you to use your PC without a conventional screen by creating an AR effect with special glasses. The system requirements consists of a pair of Samsung Monitorless...
  31. cageymaru

    Valve Removes $3,000 SteamVR Tracking Course Fee

    Valve has decided to remove the mandatory $3,000 SteamVR Tracking course fee and will release the training session materials online for free. The in-person training sessions will still exist for those that wish to attend. This hurdle was seen as a quality control check initially, but it also...
  32. scojer

    VR headset removal

    Google is working on a way to remove the headset so viewers see your face. Looks creepy to me.
  33. cageymaru

    The Void Brings a Social VR Experience to the Masses

    The Void is a new studio that is bringing a social VR experience to groups of four participants at shopping malls, wax museums, multiplex theaters, etc. Utilizing a footprint of 30 square feet, each Void complex is divided into smaller rooms to emulate a New York apartment for a scene, but may...
  34. FrgMstr

    V.A.T.S. in VR is Awesome

    Fallout 4 is one of the few desktop games I have played in the last few years all the way through to the finish. And as you likely know, Bethesda is still stoking the game with "free upgrades" to keep folks interested. glixel is reporting that Fallout 4 will be playable from start to finish in...