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    The Prime GX / PX and TX series have single 6+2 pin cables (6) The Focus series have the split connectors. If you wanted the single connectors, you should have spent more for the Prime series, not the Focus.
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    Monstieur replied to the thread LG 48CX.
    This is the highest quality stand:
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    It's certainly not significant, but if hardware is your hobby, and not just gaming, then it's certainly nice to know the final state of hardware. Like, I hear AMD played some "aged like fine wine" thing with their drivers, where on launch, it was...
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    Sorry, what? A $400 Walmart laptop has better build quality than any Macbook to ever exist. The list of hideous design flaws is endless, but a few highlights are the butterfly keyboard, delaminating Retina displays, USB-C dongles make wifi stop...
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    Even with the quicksaves, exercise that F5 key often. 170 hours in, ask me how I know.
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    You're putting more threat into this than is necessary. Firstly, I assume what you're mostly confused about is SMT or hyperthreading (Intel's name for SMT) threads. In the absence of HT or SMT, then each CPU core on a system can process one...
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    Thats extremely common among manufacturers. And for something like a 2060super you can use both the connections on the same cable just fine and without concern. I wouldnt do that with something like rtx 3080, 3090s or old school GTX 580s from the...
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    Finished Last of Us and the Left Behind DLC. Started playing Last of Us 2.
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    Blade-Runner replied to the thread Final Fantasy VII Remake.
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    Does it support Gsync, VRR, etc? Sounds like a pretty good deal, my 1440p 144hz monitor with gsync was $550 (2-3 years ago but still)
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    zandor replied to the thread 8 or 12 gigs.
    The bigger bus is also why the faster card has 8GB and the slower one has 12GB. The 3060Ti shares a chip with the 3070 and has a 256-bit bus. They disable some of the cores on the 3060Ti so it's slower than the 3070. A 256-bit bus allows...