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    I believe so.
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    Armenius reacted to Ragenrok's post in the thread Official PS5 Thread with Like Like. Looks like we are finally getting the patch to enable expanded storage.
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    Series X|S get MS flight simulator with impressive results. The X runs ultra like presets at 1440p upscaled to 4k while the S runs Medium like presets at 1080p.
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    lopoetve replied to the thread Do you overclock youre gpus?.
    They're far more resilient than they used to be - and due to the competition, the vendors (after initial release) know their parts well. PBO and optimized boost are well designed on the CPU side, and the GPU boost... same. We've gotten good at...
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    JSHamlet234 replied to the thread Do you overclock youre gpus?.
    When there's more competition, overclocking headroom vanishes. Consumers just see the raw frame rate numbers and most don't understand that certain compromises had to be made to get there. As I look at how today's CPUs and GPUs are being...