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  • Hello Vega,
    I'm about to complete my triple Sony FW900 setup and I'm following your 2012 thread. Would you still recomend CRT setup? Or would you prefer triple Eizo FG2421? Also what about Fersnel lenses, were they custom built for your purpouse?
    You rock man!

    I am curious how you were able to get to the rear fan of the S27A750D? I don't see any fan in the back so I am assuming I have to unscrew/take something apart?
    Vega, So you getting this instead of waiting for ROG swift? After all the hype I think I have to bite. I even thou I have the 24" 4K one like you I find I use my 3011 more for the size. and the 34UM95 is getting such great reviews and at a price point of $1000 bucks. thing looks pretty sweet.
    Morning. So I have read that you remove matte film from monitors. I was curious about how this works. Do I send the monitor to you after I purchase or buy the monitor and have it sent to you and you send it back? I'm thinking of getting the new LG Ultra wide but I hate the matte. Something you could do?
    Let me know. Thanks.
    Hey Vega, Sorry for bugging you. I was considering getting 3 S23a950D with 2 7970 Lightnings. Can the lightnings push 120hz all 3 panels with decent framerates? Is there anything I should consider before buying this setup.

    Thanks in advance :)
    Hi Vega, just read you used to play competitive FPS, CS 1.6 maybe? What screen are you using?
    I Could use some advice, non of the TN panels come close to old school CRTs at 100hz. Right now I'm using a Samsung 24'' p2450 or something.
    Hi Vega,

    Absolutely love the setup and was wondering if you could tell me exactly how you connected it to your 7970? which cables did you use?

    Thanks :D
    I have an S27A950d and my 5 yr old daughter broke the glasses. I tried buying the same model glasses off Amazon, but they don't work as well as the original ones did. Could I buy one of your extra glasses? If yes, name the price and I'll paypal you.
    I thought you could use a friend! I also must say that your build is pretty epic! One of these days I will get around to designing and building some form of phase change cooling.
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