windows 10

  1. J

    Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) freeses

    Hi, At home, I've got an AMD with 16GB memory that acts as my file server and hosts some VMs. It runs Windows 11. Then, I use my laptop to connect to it via remote desktop connection when I want to use the VMs. The files are accessed via networked drives. I also use ZeroTier. When I access...
  2. Zarathustra[H]

    Giving away older system. Put Win10 or Win11 on it?

    Hey everyone, I recently looked around my spare parts bin and realized, "hey, I totally have enough parts in here to build like 3-4 older systems that are still usable". All I need to do is pick up some cheap CPU coolers and windows licenses, and I should be good to go. Well, the first system...
  3. jlbenedict

    Windows 7/8 Product Key to install Windows 10 workaround - possibly no longer

    Looks like there has been an update to the free upgrade, and it is possible that using an older Windows 7 / 8 key for installing Windows 10/11 may no longer be valid/possible...
  4. Cerulean

    Maintaining Quadrant-Snapped Windows on 4K Display After Reconnecting to Remote VDI

    Hello community, I'm using a 43" 4K monitor at 100%/1:1 scaling and find the quadrant-snapping feature in Windows 10 to be incredibly useful for maximizing my screen real estate. However, I've been encountering an issue where, after my machine wakes from sleep, hibernation, or re-initializes...
  5. J

    SSD Not Recognized

    Hey all, I am new here and hope to be able to contribute the online help you are providing. However, I have to start with a question: I am running Windows 10 Pro (64 bit) on a home built computer. I just bought a WD Blue SSD 2 TB drive. First, I removed my existing 500 GB Samsung 860 EVO SSD...
  6. J

    Bitlocker - Windows 10 - Admin Account - How to

    Hi, I used to have a laptop from my company and, as you know, my user profile did not allow me to install apps as I was not the admin. I had managed to many my user an administrator and I was happy with it. Now, my company gave me a new machine (Acer Spin 3) and I want to do the same...
  7. A

    Windows 10: Installing an old Mouse driver over the newer driver that comes with Win10

    I am trying to figure out if there is any solution to installing an old Microsoft mouse driver over the newer mouse driver that comes with Win10. Background: I've been using a Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 2.0 since 2003. The mouse, in my opinion, is superior to all other mice simply due to...
  8. modi123

    Win10 - Safe mode - LogonUI.exe, stack based buffer in this application

    My dad's PC took a dive this morning. It was getting the black screen with moveable cursor and intermittent blue circle screen right after the windows10 log in. Fair enough, I am figuring it's a borked driver, so I go to boot it into safe mode and I am greeted with this right after the logo...
  9. babelmh13

    Windows 10 Lag and Stutter on Startup

    Preface: I'm sadly reaching an age where I have less desire to fix this stuff on my own for hours to prove that I don't need help :( For the last month, when I boot up my pc (I have the latest version on Windows 10), windows will startup, but when I move my mouse it will freeze every few...
  10. RalphMcLean

    Windows 10 Full-Screen Optimization

    Hello friends. How are you? Here's hoping that everyone is doing well. This is my first post here. I'd appreciate any feedback you could give me. The purpose of these is to fill a need. There's been a problem with my computer for the past few days. When I try to disable Windows 10 full-screen...
  11. B

    Windows 10 Auto Arrange Missing

    I can't find Auto Arrange feature when right-clicking in a folder. I used to see it some time ago and suspect Windows update did something but t his article does not mention anything about the change...
  12. B

    Windows Defender File Warning vs. Process Warning

    I have a legit tool that Windows Defender identifies as "Trojan:Win32/Vigorf.A" and it happens with other legit files. Some are identified as PUA. This Reddit commenter says that there is no need to worry as long as Windows Defender detects file. When it detects process is when there is case one...
  13. B

    How to "Move To" Files/Folders to Predefined Locations in Windows 10?

    Hi, Is it possible to enable function akin to "Send To" but one that would move files instead of copying? I held down SHIFT key thinking it would move files but there are no folders that pop up. Interestingly when I choose "Compressed (zipped) folder" the files are moved into compressed...
  14. B

    Command & Conquer Ultimate Collection?

    Hi, I have Command & Conquer Remaster and think about buying Command & Conquer Ultimate Collection. Anyone bought it from Origin and successfully runs 17 bundled games in Windows 10? Thanks
  15. B

    How to View Folder Browsing History on Windows 10?

    Hello, I have browsed folders but after restarting PC can't find them because I don't remember their location. Is there a feature that allows you to view folder browsing history? I tried Recent Files feature on the left navigation pane under Quick Access but can't find folders there.
  16. B

    Unable to Share Wi-Fi Hotspot in Windows 10

    Hello, I am using USB Wi-Fi dongle on PC to connect to ISP modem for wireless internet and I wanted to share internet through USB to Ethernet converter dongle to my smartphone. After enabling Wi-Fi Hotspot connection sharing why is there no device that is connected to my PC and why do I need...
  17. B

    Microsoft Account on Windows 10 Issue

    Hi, Often I get suggestion in Windows 10 to fix account and I don't know what causes it. Is it because multiple PCs with Windows 10 can't be on the same email address?
  18. Armenius

    Windows 11 leak reveals new UI, Start menu, and more (UPDATE - added source for Windows 10 retirement date)

    Despite being touted as the final version of Windows by Microsoft, Windows 10 has been given a sunset date of October 14, 2025. Microsoft is now set to unveil the next version of Windows soon, which the internet has naturally dubbed "Windows 11." The Verge has posted pictures from a version of...
  19. Mossy Rock

    Repurposing an old ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 mobo with Windows 10 Pro

    Hello, I have an old ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 mobo with an AMD FX8350 CPU that I'd like to use for some BOINC crunching. The latest drivers and firmware for this mobo are dated to August 2016 so obviously this mobo is not supported any longer with any updates. My question is - Is anyone...
  20. Armenius

    Microsoft is bringing Auto HDR to DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 PC games

    The much touted feature available on the Xbox Series X|S is coming to PC games on Windows 10 for those on DirectX 11 and later. The feature is currently being tested on Windows Insider Program Dev Channel build 21337 and later. The feature will not work with every game out there, but it is...
  21. M

    How to Install Microsoft Office 2019 on a Computer That Had Office 2016 Installed on It

    I had some significant trouble installing Microsoft Office 2019 on a laptop, with Windows 10, which had Office 2016 installed on it. Every attempt to install 2019 resulted in 2016 coming up; despite going through the uninstall process (even manually removing registry keys). Looking online others...
  22. T

    windows 10 Pro - largest size disk I can use to install windows on? (Windows 101)

    Sorry guys, but my brain has gone a bit soft I know I install windows 10 Pro on a 2TB disk, but how big can I go? don't ask me why, I am just curious now ;-) I know I should keep my data on a second or third disk thanks
  23. M

    I9-9900k with multiple GPUS running

    Is there any reason why a i9-9900k is running so slow? I bought it used from eBay and my work computer that has a Ryzen 7 2700x is running much smoother than it. All the benchmarks tell me that it is a fantastic machine, but everything that I do on it is sluggish including opening Photoshop...
  24. postcd

    W10 100% ext. HDD utilization, yet HDD not responding and shows no activity. Reconnect help.

    It happened like third time. I already seen partition/filesystem "damage" that i was unable to recover. But this time reconnect worked. In aim to discover some detail i gathered some data and for privacy reason i post it here on external site protected by passw0rd "pc". If you have a few...
  25. Cerulean

    How to scriptably uninstall patches for Windows 10?

    First: you can no longer use wusa.exe to uninstall patches silently since Windows 8/Server 2016, so this is out of the question. You. Just. Can't. Do. It! Thanks Microsoft (for ingeniously deciding that parameters /quiet and /kb:kb123456 are illegal to use together). Sometimes wusa.exe will be...
  26. postcd

    Variable USB 2.0 port current? connected fan changes the speed randomly

    Hello, the laptop has USB 2.0 port, and sometimes happen than the connected fan speed change. I notice 2 speeds only (nothing in between). Do not know if the issue is computer or the USB fan peripheral. Fan has no way switch to define different speed. I checked Windows 10 Device manager...
  27. J

    Can't copy large files on Win 10

    Hi, I am puzzled with a situation I am facing on Win 10. I have a virtual box file in an external drive (~160GB) and the main HD has 250Gb free space. I try to copy the file to the HD. When the copying starts, a new file of the same size is created in the target location and copying starts...
  28. J

    Windows 1909 sluggish although all resource usage low ???

    Hi all, I've run out of ideas here. I've got a Dell XPS with Win 10 1909 and the last week or so it becomes sluggish in the sense that when I move the mouse or drag a window the system freeses momentarily (but for enough time to notice) before it performs the action. Even now that I am typing...

    FS: Discounted Microsoft Windows 10 Home OEM, Windows 10 Pro OEM and Office Professional 2019 product keys

    Hey everyone, I have an awesome blowout sale on genuine Microsoft software license product keys for those staying at home building PCs or working from home. Hopefully this will ease the pockets of those who need a deal while the economy is in crisis. Check out my current inventory and prices...
  30. Y

    How to adjust output-specific equalizers in Windows 10?

    I've only recently migrated to W10 and I'm looking to turn my 3.5mm Realtek output down, because my sub is just overwhelming at stock levels. In W7 I think I used to just go through the Sound Devices and add a "effect" that was an equalizer from within Windows. Is there anything similar now? I...
  31. N

    Which voice call (GSM/G2-audio) and VoLTE (4G) supported WWAN-cards to use?

    Hi, I need to make direct voice calling possible on my windows 10, 7.9-inch (mini)laptop. This trough a voice supported WWAN-card, 2G audio/voice calling and VoLTE. And without using voice over IP (VoIP) or connecting/making use of an external cellphone. Previous years I used a Huawei-dongle...
  32. Zarathustra[H]

    Windows 10 Pro (1903) won't accept ANY Manual IP settings

    So, I've had my network adapters configured the way I like them for several versions of Windows now. In previous versions of Windows 10 I still had the old good control panel, not this new settings nonsense, and in that I could set manual IP addresses. I just upgraded my motherboard and CPU...
  33. Z

    FS: 4x Nuc i7/i5 + bonus Samsung S7/Note 10.1

    Left over from projects, I've put together 4x nuc's (2x i7s and 2x i5s) that have been used as basic desktops. I'm throwing in an used S7 and Note 10.1 tablet as well as 16GB Intel optane. I have slightly different specs for the i7s ram/SSD. All Nuc's have windows 10pro installed but not...
  34. AYO VIN

    FS: HP Elitebook 840 G5 - Intel i7 8650u & i5 7200u (New Out of Box)

    I have 3 new out of box - HP Elitebooks for sale! Screen size: 14" CPU: i7 8650u DDR4 32GB RAM Storage 256 GB M.2 LED backlit keyboard Windows 10 Pro SOLD Screen size: 14" CPU: i7 8650u DDR4 8GB RAM Storage 256 GB M.2 LED backlit keyboard Windows 10 Pro SOLD Screen size: 14" CPU: i5 7200u...
  35. B

    Recommend a good website for Windows 10 User Tips

    Over time I seem to make lots of mistakes in using Windows 10. Stuff like: *Not knowing what files to choose for backups *Not knowing whether to run as user or administrator during day to day activity *Not knowing whether to use antivirus, or whether built-in Windows Defender is sufficient *Not...
  36. Etherton

    Dell Latitude(s) and misc. items...

    References: Heatware and FM No offers or trades. Ships free to lower 48 but if there are any fees they are on you. Prefer established members but willing to work with new members too. :: :: Dell Laptop Latitude E6430 Price: $175.00 Payment method: PayPal No issues, just don't use it much...
  37. H

    Win10... Unending Blue Screens.

    Sorry if this is the wrong page for this, first time posting. I'm not great when it comes to understanding much about my PC and right now I just know that it's giving me blue screens at an exceptionally frustrating frequency and I don't know how to make them stop. I'll try to break down...
  38. T

    Windows 10 and CPU usage at 100% and Feature Update 1903

    I'm posting the below issue to leave a record for anyone else that has it will be able to find a possible fix as I could not find one. Last week my CPU was running at 100% all the time for 5 days straight. After uninstalling most programs and hardware to no effect I re-imaged the system...
  39. G

    Windows 10 Activation Help

    Hello Everyone, I have a PC running Windows 10 Pro. This PC was earlier running Windows 7 PRO (long time back) and was upgraded to Windows 10 when Microsoft gave option of upgrading to 10 for FREE. Since last several years windows 10 pro has been running OK. I wish to dispose this PC so I...
  40. modi123

    Windows 10 feature updates won't be auto installing.. Well that's some solid news and should ease up folk for on clutter and cruft being shoved down the pipe.