Oct 29, 2000
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Boston, MA, USA
Quality Engineer, Medical Device


Pick your deserve it., Male, from Boston, MA, USA

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    Home Page:
    Boston, MA, USA
    Quality Engineer, Medical Device
    Personal (very strong) opinion:

    Since we know that:
    1.) There is no such thing as a secure data system (any system can be hacked if someone is dedicated enough and has enough resources); and
    2.) Data has value

    It is the moral imperative of all organizations - regardless of their line of work - to minimize their data collection and storage as much as possible.

    A database that does not exist cannot be attacked and compromised.

    I am thus entirely opposed to anything IoT or Cloud based. These technologies are a cancer that must be defeated by any means necessary.

    Furthermore, I firmly believe that the source of data is always it's owner, and data should never be used for purposes it was not originally intended by that source, or by people or organizations it was not originally intended for. Thus any and all data scraping or harvesting - even of publically available data - must be made illegal.

    Big Data must die.

    My (mostly) Tech Creed (in no particular order):
    • My workstation is just that. A workstation. I may play the occasional game, but that is not the purpose of its existence.
    • My primary OS is Linux Mint Cinnamon edition. The only time I boot into Windows is for games. IMHO, it's the only thing Windows is good for these days.
    • Playing games on the PC is superior to playing games on the console in 100% of every regard, to the point where even owning a console is a silly thing to do. I haven't owned one since the 80's and I'll never own one again. PC or bust.
    • IMHO, the only place games belong are at a proper desktop at a proper desk, while seated in a proper office chair. I don't want any of this mobile or livingroom bullshit.
    • Fast, twitchy deathmatch games are lame. They had a place in the 90's, but that was only because nothing better existed then.
    • If you have to scale your desktop, you wasted your money. 4k Screens are great, but only if they are 40"+ in size. There is no need for more than 100 DPI on the desktop.
    • 60fps is as high of a framerate you'll ever need. Above 60fps is placebo territory.
    • Multi-GPU setups, be they discrete SLI/Crossfire or multiple GPU's on the same video card are all awful. I wouldn't use one no matter what.
    • "The Cloud" is the worst thing to ever happen to tech/the internet. Devices should be standalone and controllable by their users without phoning home.
    • Windows 10 is a nice OS. It runs smoothly. I just wish I could get rid of all the cloud nonsense, uninstallable Microsoft apps, and telemetry.
    • I hate the term "gamer"
    • I hate the term "battlestation" when used to refer to your PC setup.
    • Patch your god damned OS/Software. If an OS is EOL and not receiving any further updates replace it with something else. It is inexcusable to run a system with known vulnerabilities.
    • My first impression of people suffers if I see them using Apple devices. It makes me think they are less knowledgeable, and impressed more by shiny objects and marketing than substance.
    • My mobile preference is for Android, but only for Nexus or Pixel devices. Samsung/HTC/LG/etc. with heavily modified Android code receiving wholly inadequate security updates are just as bad as Apple products.
    • The exception to the above is if it is possible to install 3rd party ROM's like LineageOS which is more secure and is frequently updated.
    • 3D TV was definitely a fad, just like smell-o-vision.
    • My jury is still out on whether or not the current VR hype is a fad or not.
    I don't troll. If you read something I have written, it is my legitimate opinion on a subject. This list will continue to expand until I have - through my legitimate opinions - succeeded in pissing everyone on these forums off :p


    Corsair 750D Airflow, i7-3930K@4.8Ghz, ASUS P9X79 WS, 64GB, 400GB Intel 750, Pascal Titan X, 48" 4K Samsung JS9000, 2x Dell 2007FP, EK Supremacy EVO & Fullcover GPU, Alphacool XT45 420mm and Monsta 280mm, X-Fi Titanium HD -> Schiit Modi Multibit -> Jotunheim -> Sennheiser HD650, Denon AVR-x1300w, RBH 41se, SVS SB12-NSD
    Server: 2x Xeon L5640 (12C/24T), SuperMicro X8DTE, 192GB RAM, 120TB ZFS
    TV: Denon AVR-x3300w, Emotiva UPA2, Main: RBH SX6300, Cen: RBH 441se, Surr: RBH 41se, Subs: 2x SVS PC13-Ultra