W10 100% ext. HDD utilization, yet HDD not responding and shows no activity. Reconnect help.


Nov 24, 2016
It happened like third time.
I already seen partition/filesystem "damage" that i was unable to recover. But this time reconnect worked. In aim to discover some detail i gathered some data and for privacy reason i post it here on external site protected by passw0rd "pc". If you have a few minutes, i would appreciate your feedback on where the issue may be and why or what to try exactly next time this happen.
Thank You

There was times when there was alot of errors in Windows 10 Event log:
Event ID - 51 - An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk1\D* during a paging operation
(detail of the event)


Seek error rate in detail:
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smart will not always show a failing drive

the high amount of "command timeouts" most likely is a failing drive as the drive is likely trying to do a read ecc retry fail witch is hanging the drive up a lot, it hang the explorer/desktop up as well if explorer is not set to "Launch folder windows in a separate process"

to rule out the USB caddy, take the disk out and plug it directly into PC and see if command timeouts keep on increasing/locking up the PC still
Thank you for the reply. i have plugged the drive to computer using yet another data cable, and under this third cable the drive does not "disconnect"/does not show errors in Event log. It is weird, one would expect the cable will either work or not work at all when you do not touch it) I will update if i have any more news regarding this.. Thx
I see two transfer negotiated modes? Is this a mismatch due to a shell, or is this an external HDD top of shelf kind of purchased? It seems the data going from cable to the HDD is the issue because of that actual interface. Not that it is the cable, but the interface to the device should be symmetrical. Here is an example of an external HDD USB3.x drive I use.

Also, not all cables are proper...do a little research on it and you will find just how bad some really are. Did that cable make the interface symmetrical?


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