1. MavericK

    WTB - AMD Starfield Premium code

    Looking for the Premium edition if possible, I have the hardware to activate the code. Let me know what you've got.
  2. funkydmunky

    AMD 7000 series driver update VR fix

    Last week AMD 7000 series driver stated VR fix. I know it is a hard find as discussed in earlier posts, but does anyone have a link to anyone testing these new found developments?
  3. Mr. Bluntman


  4. S

    SOLD: $285 AMD Ryzen 9 7900X CPU - Boxed

    Hello all, I have up for quick sale an AMD Ryzen 9 7900X CPU - this is from my son's rig. We did a little CPU musical chairs. My rig got the 7800X3D, my old 7950X went to his rig, and now, hopefully, his old 7900X goes into your rig. :geek: This was purchased on February 16, 2023 from Micro...
  5. M

    [Rumour MLID] AMD engineers were battling artifacting issues in Navi 31 just before launch reveal

    Claim from Moores Law Is Dead: AMD engineers were battling artifacting issues in Navi 31 just before launch reveal. The fix for this issue resulted in lower performance. The issue likely happened due to issue in GCD/MCD chip communications. (If that is the case then this bug should not impact...
  6. funkydmunky

    I want a new GPU for VR!

    The market so sucks atm. We aren't in a minning boom yet prices are lofty still. I had high hopes for the new AMD 7900 series. They fattened the bus over the 6000 series so there shouldn't be a 4K+ VR drop, and they gave as usual, far more RAM per $ then Nvidia. But for some reason (limited...
  7. M

    SOLD: AMD R7 3800X

    Edit: CPU sold! Hello I am selling an AMD Ryzen 7 3800X. This cpu was in my main rig for a few years and works great. I'm selling it because I have upgraded to a new CPU. I had a mild overclock on it and it has been under a 360mm Corsair AIO cooler all it's life. I can't find the original box...
  8. K

    FS: NZXT 140mm AIO (from H1v2), Ryzen 7 7700X + B650 Aorus Pro Motherboard (NIB), Ryzen 9 7900 (nonX) + 32GB RAM

    Shipping is available only in the contiguous United States at the buyers expense. Local pickup near Cleveland, OH NZXT H1 140mm AIO from H1V2: $100 + Shipping I pulled this from the H1v2. It's never been used. It comes with the NZXT control module and the original unused mounting hardware. I...
  9. cageymaru

    AMD Q4 2022 Financials Beat the Street

    AMD financials have impressed Wall Street pundits by beating estimates in a PC market that is experiencing a downturn. The Data Center segment revenue was up 42% YOY and the Xilinx acquisition contributed to a 1,868% embedded revenue increase. Segments experiencing headwinds were the Client...
  10. D

    FS: Reference AMD 7900XTX

    For Sale: Reference AMD 7900XTX Price: $1150 shipped Payment Terms: Paypal F&F (If G&S you pay the fees) Condition: Used but in perfect working order from a non-smoking home. Not OC'd or otherwise modified in any way. Shipment Terms: My choice of carrier, slowest speed, insured. Continental...
  11. johnj189

    FS: AMD 5600x (used)

    I just swapped out my 5600x for a 5800x3d. I purchased the 5600x new from Best Buy in March 2021. It went into my build in April 2021 where it's lived a nice, cool life with a liquid AIO. The 5600x has been on auto-OC and never abused. This was in my main rig which is used for work and gaming...
  12. StryderxX

    Major flaw detected with AMD 7900 XTX vapor chamber cooler

    I've been following the news of several 7900 XTX owners seeing GPU temps hitting 110c and it looks like der8auer found that there seems to be an issue with the vapor chamber cooler that's used on AMD and AIB cards. AMD has responded to the allegations with the following: "We are aware that a...
  13. Armenius

    AMD Is Losing Ground to Intel in This Key Chip Market (discrete video cards)

    Is this the competition you wanted? AMD's marketshare in discrete video cards fell from 17% to 8% as Intel captured 4% in the most recent quarter reported by Jon Peddie Research, while NVIDIA's marketshare grew from 83% to 88%. AMD's marketshare was split between its two competitors, with...
  14. cageymaru

    Can An AM2-Era Cooler Tame the Beast? AMD Ryzen 9 7950X

    Gordon Mah Ung of PCWorld and Maximum PC fame has installed a Thermaltake AMD AM2 cooler from circa 2004 - 2007 onto a modern 16C/32T AMD Ryzen 9 7950X. Watch him work through various thermal issues as he attempts to get the system to achieve stability for benchmarks. His detailed history of...
  15. D

    [PRICE DROP] FS: Reference AMD 6950XT [SOLD]

    I have the list of hardware below available. Condition of all of it is excellent perfect working order from a clean non-smoking home. Payment is accepted via Paypal F&F (G&S if you pay fee), price listed is shipped via my choice of carriers, insured, slowest speed. The speed is upgradable at...
  16. Armenius

    Join us on November 3rd as we unveil AMD RDNA™ 3 to the world!

    Stream starts at 16:00 EDT.
  17. cageymaru

    AMD R9 7950X Overclocked to 6.45GHz Using LN2

    GamersNexus was invited to an AMD sponsored event to witness some extreme overclocking of the upcoming AMD R9 7950X. The guys seemed to favor 1.52 volts as they pushed the silicon from 5GHz all core to 6.45GHz. Half of the video is LN2 overclocking and the second half is tips and tricks for...
  18. V

    MSI land on my black list. Reason? MSI CENTER.

    Hi . I wanted to present you my story, but it would take too long - in short, i WAS fan of MSI - in terms of hardware/software - it was least problematic above all Gigabyte and ASUS, till now. So you decide to choose hardware for your PC? You got whole list of all possible configs - but if you...
  19. Darkswordz

    Ryzen 9 5950X = $499.00 @ Newegg

    Newegg has the Ryzen 9 5950X on sale for $499.00, which is pretty nice if you're looking for an in-socket upgrade. :cool: However, if the leaked benchmarks of the 13600K are accurate, this might not be a stellar deal for folks looking to build a new system from scratch.
  20. E

    Spectre RETurns with new speculative execution vulnerabilities: Retbleed

    It's that time of month. Spectre returns with new vulnerabilities and corresponding performance-crippling mitigations for affected x86 Intel and AMD CPUs. Retbleed: Arbitrary Speculative Code Execution with Return Instructions "Retbleed (CVE-2022-29900 and CVE-2022-29901) is the new addition...
  21. M


    Military moving need parting ways with excellent quality parts. GPU/CPU never mined only gaming. Everything except monitor and keyboard come with original box and some receipts. Excellent starter gaming setup. Bundle Only. 1. Dell U2414H HDMI, Display port, mini Display Port. Excellent...
  22. K

    FS: Ryzen 3970X & 128GB DDR4 Ram

    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X 32-core CPU (No Box) - SOLD,electronics,133&sr=1-1 G.Skill Trident Z RGB (8 x 16GB) - $400...
  23. Armenius

    Wolf PT - Return to Castle Wolfenstein Path Traced

    AMD senior R&D engineer Dihara Wijetunga revealed he is working on a fully path traced version of RTCW. It is still very early in development, but he posted a Twitter thread showing screenshots of his progress. It is based on the source port iortcw with a custome DirectX 12 backend...
  24. Themeeksproject

    ashkani build ....air cooling

    my scratch build amd 5600x msi x570s tomahawk nhd15 chromax 3fans ripjaws msi a750gf red devil 6700xt arcticp12 thermalright reverse fans
  25. cageymaru

    PowerColor Red Devil AMD Radeon™ RX 6900 XT $1049 on Amazon

    PowerColor Red Devil AMD Radeon™ RX 6900 XT $1049 on Amazon. Just change the seller to Amazon on the right. :)
  26. A

    Vega 64 missing pex rail?

    Hi all! I have a vega 64 card which has a problem with the 0.8v pex rail. The inductor shows 0.00 ohms when probed. I removed the mosfet, inductor and large capacitor, and the short only appears on the right pad of the inductor (closest to gpu). My question is, is the core dead or possibly alive?
  27. Darkswordz

    AMD Ryzen 9 5900X = $379.99 @ Newegg after instant rebate

    Newegg is selling the Ryzen 9 5900X for $394.99 - $15.00 instant rebate = $379.99. :eek: Link:
  28. I

    SOLD: Nintendo Switch Oled

    Got a AMD 3900x for sale, no heavy usage, no OC, ran under AIO water cooler. $300 shipped. A month old Nintendo Switch Oled White 64gb. Screen protector on it since day one, pikachu hard case included. $300 Shipped. Paypall F&F or ADD the 3% fee ontop. no trades needed, want the cash towards...
  29. W

    Post your setup power draw ft. Prime95 smallFFT

    Like in title :D With all regulated voltages
  30. FrgMstr Status Quo is No Mo Status Quo is No Mo Primarily I am going to discuss MSRP pricing, and the direction of the consumer hardware reviews industry overall.
  31. S

    RX 470 OC No voltage on the card and zero ohm on vcore

    Hi I have a Sapphire RX 470 4GB OC which is behaving quite strangely. No voltage is present on the card except 12V 3.3V and 5V. Another strange thing is that the vcore has 0.3 Ohms to ground. And I tried to apply power here but nothing got hot and I don't want to disassemble the whole card...
  32. G

    (WTB) Need a combo that can be shipped out TODAY for an office machine.

    Need a combo that ships out today so I have it by or preferably before Tuesday (located in TN). Looking for mobo and cpu (or more). Machine is for general office work and I'm just trying to keep him from spending too much money buying a terrible machine from walmart if at all possible. Let me...
  33. A

    Weird Issues with 5800x on Asus x570 tuf gaming plus mobo

    Hey guys, first time poster long time lurker, Having a weird issue in one of the games i play, Escape From Tarkov, where in a couple of areas on 2 of the maps my cpu will HEAVILY downclock and downvolt, resulting in horrible fps and frametime drops and im not really sure whats causing it...
  34. FrgMstr

    GPU MSRP is Not Meaningless @

    GPU MSRP is Not Meaningless "There are a lot of talking heads squawking nowadays about video card MSRP, otherwise known as “Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price.” You might also see this referred to in company slides as, “SEP,” or “Suggested Etail Pricing.”"

    FS: Razer Streaming set! | Kiyo Pro webcam, Seiren X microphone and Atheris wireless gaming mouse | FREE SHIPPING!

    Hey [H]ardforum, Today I have an all RAZER sale. I'm liquidating my personal inventory so I can make way to purchase some items for the kids this holiday season. So, my loss is your gain. I'm selling the following Like New/Barely used condition items: Razer Kiyo Pro webcam (MSRP $199.99) Razer...
  36. D

    Can 5700g only support 64GB of memory

    Hi, I'd like to know if the 5700G can only support 64GB of RAM as this is what I have seen on some comparison websites. I cannot find the info on AMD website. I'm a little confused as I've read my current CPU 3400g also only supports 64GB of RAM but my system has 96GB and all is running...
  37. Format _C:

    FS: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X (No Cooler) Traded!

    I just upgraded to a Ryzen 9 5900X I have this "extra" chip now. PayPal $245 OBO shipped + GS fees (both on me!) No cooler I used it for the new CPU as the Ryzen 5000 series no longer includes one was. This was at stock for a little over a year on my X570 AORUS Elite. I'll ship it in the box...
  38. D

    AMD working their driver magic!

    So when I first got my 6900xt back in February I couldn’t get above 10500 graphics score in timespy extreme with my max OC and pushing power target all the way to 450 watts but now in November I revisited 3dmark and got 10500 on stock settings and 11200 with max OC but only using 289 watts. I...
  39. boss99

    MSI TPM 2.0 Module for AMD - $40

    I bought this MSI TPM module to prepare for Windows 11, but it turns out my motherboard had it integrated and I just didn't know about it. Here are the specs: TPM 2.0 (MS-4136) CHIPSET INFINEON 9665 TPM 2.0 (FW 5.63) INTERFACE LPC DIMENSION 25 x 20 mm PIN DEFINE 14-1 Pin SUPPORTS MSI Intel...
  40. GSDragoon

    Radeon Software Slimmer

    This became a personal project during the pandemic and a way to become more involved in the open source community. This may not be for everyone, but I wanted to share with this group. Please feel free to post here with any feedback, questions or issues you run into. Main Page...