Stream to Android with 7900XTX


Limp Gawd
Sep 7, 2023
I was happy previously with a RTX 2080 and Moonlight, but AMD Link is proving to be trash in comparison, just like the rest of their software.

All I'm trying to do is stream a game locally from my PC on my in-home Wi-Fi network to an Android phone with a controller. My main monitor is also our primary television, so sometimes my partner will want to watch a movie or something and I'd rather play a game. I'm using an old LG G8X with a GameSir G8 Galileo vice-style controller, and my desktop with a 7900 XTX as the source.

AMD Link sort of works. I'm not happy that it's limited to 1080p at 60 hz, there's absolutely no reason for that, but on the phone screen it's really not that big a deal most of the time. The bigger issue is that it's stretching 16:9 to the phone which I think is like 18:9 and there is no option to force an aspect ratio. This is absolutely insane in 2023; 16:9 phones practically don't exist, who tested this garbage? It should have been caught in the alpha. Also don't see any option to use av1 as the encoder despite having a 7000 series card. Again, pathetic. This is how AMD treats customers willing to pay out for their top end card?

Haven't found a way to force an app into 16:9 on Android without root, so I guess I'm looking for alternative software. I saw Open Stream but it looks like it hasn't been updated in 3 years and doesn't support hardware encoding.

Is there anything better out there? Ideally something that will either let me run a custom resolution automatically on the computer so that the phone gets a native res signal, but at minimum something that will avoid stretching. Obviously latency and image quality are key.

Have I just found one more reason I should have spent the extra cash and gone Nvidia? Everything I try to do with this stupid card is more complicated than it needs to be.

Edit: the server side link software also regularly crashes and won't let me connect anymore. Again, complete dumpster fire. Anyone who tells you AMD's software is as good as Nvidia's now is flat out lying.
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