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Sep 24, 2001
I'm in the greater Los Angeles area (91711), and prefer to deal locally in cash (as it gives assurances to both me and the buyer), but will ship if you want to pay fees and shipping costs (Apple Pay, Venmo). Not looking for any trades at this time.

AMD Radeon VII - 16GB - $300 (SOLD)
I'm the second owner. Bought on this forum.
Reference model. It might be a Power Color? Might be an AMD? (Not sure how to tell) But they're exactly the same (pure reference).
Might need a repaste and repad. But never given me a problem (other than running hot like they all do).
I added nylon washers for additional pressure and that's helped drop temps 5 or so degrees.
I'll conservatively rate it 8/10 condition.

SOLD - 2019 - 15.4" Macbook Pro - Space Grey - $850
2.4Ghz 8-core i9 (top spec, there is a 6-core i7 and a 2.3Ghz 8-core i9 below this)
Vega 20 4GB (this is the big upgrade, base comes with 560x, slightly higher spec is Vega 16, and this is the top spec Vega 20)
32GB of RAM (top for this machine)
1TB SSD (this is the only spec not maxed, but everything else is)
Has ALL items in the box and includes the box. Power adapter, USB-C cable, manuals, box itself etc.
OS has been reinstalled and downgraded to Mojave. Not iCloud locked etc.
Conservatively rate it 8/10 condition.

Bought in May 2019 (a week after launch!), the last model before the 16" refresh came out in November. Originally costed over $4000.
Well cared for. Has had a screen protector since day 1. Has some bubbles and stuff trapped under the protector (impossible to install cleanly) but has kept the screen pristine. I also have two more screen protectors to go with it. Has had a Moshi clear case for the life of the machine as well. Which has kept it pretty clean from scuffs. It has one tiny nick on the left wrist rest that I honestly don't know where it came from (which drove me nuts!). Battery was replaced under warranty 2 years ago. Has something like 200 cycles on the battery (I can give an accurate count if interested), battery is nominal.
May have other minor outer case scuffs, I'll give it a once over, but I'm sure it's very clean.

Razer Core X Chroma - $250
As you may have figured out, I used this entire setup together. The Macbook, the GPU, and the eGPU together. (I just upgraded to an ARM machine and no longer need this setup).
Physically looks great. Only minor issue is I accidentally broke the plastic part of the 3-pin fan header (it's still on there). Header still works perfectly fine.
There was a minor theft from Amazon, so I didn't get the accessories box when I purchased it. Amazon CS reimbursed me some of the purchase and as a result I'm using an Apple Thunderbolt Cable and not the original Razer one. Obviously sold with the cable it with the Apple cable (zero issues there with that).

Conservatively rated 8/10 condition.

If you buy the GPU and eGPU unit together, I'll drop the price to $500 total.


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Bump. Starting to list this on all the other local sites. Would still prefer to deal here, but I do need to start moving this stuff.
I realize this last item is probably not of greatest interest here, but I'll keep bumping for a bit longer.
Getting nibbles on Facebook/OfferUp, which is more likely I think for an eGPU than here.
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