Post your setup power draw ft. Prime95 smallFFT

Lucky for you, I still have these screens...

11600K, stock clocks with 50mV undervolt, Noctua U12S redux

11600K 2.png

5960X at 4.2GHz, 280mm custom water

thermals 3-8-22 2250 P95 small fft AVX 30.9.png
With the huge increase in power costs coming my way I've spent the past day switching off all overclocks and switching on all the power save features on my X99 rig and even down-clocked the GF's PC from 4GHz to 3GHz (just does web stuff). Those two machines are on all day so the largest consumers of daily power. I only play a few games and most of the power boosting is 'just because'. However, the projected costs my power compnay sent me were eye-watering to say the least. So time to make some changes.