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  • Michael Crichton fan?
    I have enjoyed some of his novels, yes, but actually this was pulled from "Hackers". :p

    Didn't realize there was a Crichton novel of the same name.
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    "It's clear he's not going to learn his lesson until his life is completely destroyed and he's sucking dick in a dirty alley to support his steroid abuse."

    I almost never laugh at what I read online- after being drenched with pathetic attempts of humor all over the net, but this line nearly caused me to blow my brains out my nose. I find myself re-reading it and my eyes watering from the mental image. That is the most perfect line of retribution I have ever read, anywhere, in my 40 years.
    Thank you MavericK96,
    Indeed. I've been lurking on here for awhile now, though I just paid for the subscription like last week.
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