Humble Bundle VR sale


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Oct 25, 2004
Humble currently has a fantastic bundle chock-full of VR's best games...the first payment tier starts at $1 and gets you Cosmic Trip and Smashbox Arena, both of which have 'Very Positive' user reviews on Steam...the next tier gets you Gorn, Budget Cuts, and Space Pirate Trainer...lastly, there's the highest payment tier of $15...this gets you two of the best VR games out there today: Superhot VR and Moss...the Humble VR Bundle is available until March 3rd...
Thank you. Wanted to try Gorn and Budget Cuts. Already have Superhot and Moss but might as well pay towards a good cause.
I commented on this in other threads but I'll reiterate what I said here...

Anyone interested in / owning a compatible VR kit without these games should definitely pick up this bundle!

Cosmic Trip - VR sci-fi RTS. Interested to try this one out and the price of entry can't be beat!
Smashbox Arena - Lighthearted arena combat and minigames

BeatTheAverage $14 =

Gorn - Gladiator combat physics sandbox, humorous "Devolver Digital" published. One of the most popular VR titles out there
Budget Cuts - Sci-fi stealth action title, inspired equally by the Portal series and Metal Gear Solid. Definitely highly regarded; note that a HUGE quality of life patch will be coming which essentially ports the original Budget Cuts into its sequel, Budget Cuts 2,'s engine, offering many fixed and enhancements. If you like the original, keep an eye on the sequel which appears to be even better!
Space Pirate Trainer - VR take on an old school arcade shooter like Galaga, mixed with rhythm gaming into a hectic attack-and-defend setup.

Full Package $15 =

Superhot VR - VR entry in the Superhot series with completely different content/features compared to the standard title. Lo-res hacker gun-kata adventure where time only moves as you do!
Moss - Storybook-like adventure tale of a mouse off on a quest, designed specifically for VR.

Especially given that many VR titles seem to cost more and don't go on sale as quickly/dramatically as conventional play, this is a fantastic deal - its no surprise that the "average" is so close to the fulll package. I personally have been waiting to see discounts for Gorn, Superhot VR, and Budget Cuts so I'll definitely pick it up, interested to try out the rest as well. This is the first time I've seen a bundle with "big name" titles anywhere near this inexpensive - mostly its exclusively the 'very limited tech demo" types, if bundled at all.

This may give owners of VR hardware an affordable pack of titles to showcase some of the benefits thereof, at least on an entry level. There are lots of other games and experiences that can extend things beyond, but certainly a good start to illustrating the value of VR on the cheap. "

Only a few days left on this bundle so watch your time!