1. TheHig

    FS/FT Ryzen 5 2400g CPU $85 SOLD| LGA 1150 Asrock H81 itx mobo, cpu, ram combo $85 SOLD

    I have a couple of items ready for a new home. Accepting Paypal and pricing is shipped CONUS. Ryzen 5 2400g CPU only in blister pack $85 shipped. SOLD This was the heart of my TV PC and was terrific for streaming, general use and light gaming but it turns out I actually like couch gaming...
  2. stereomac

    Dell Dual Quad Core Precision Workstaion

    I wanted to take advantage of the 8 available slots of memory in this Dell Precision 690. First fo all, it supports a total of 64GB, but, from my understanding it'll require riser cards only operating in dual channel memory mode when system has quad-channel memory support. I don't see myself...
  3. N

    WTB: 16gb DDR4 sticks for Ryzen

    I'm looking at 1 or 2 sticks of 16gb modules for my 1700 build (will probably upgrade to Ryzen 2 next year haha). Send me your offers! heatware: note235 155-0-0
  4. B

    Tyan S8225 - Memory memory configuration help

    Hi there, I have a tyan S8225 with 2x Opteron 8 cores each. Can anybody please help me understand what is the memory limitation here? I'm reading the manual and it's everything but clear to me: https://www.tyan.com/Motherboards~S8225~S8225AGM4NRF~documents~EN Relevant pages: 26-27-28 e.g. I...
  5. R

    Help, which brand of RAM Sticks should I buy?

    Hello there, pals. This is my first post around here! So, I'm planning on buying an upgrade for my desktop computer. The only things I'm planning to keep is the HDD, the case, the dGPU and the fan headers, since the PSU won't work at all on this 8-pin motherboard. But I'm still missing the RAM...
  6. Y

    FS: 16G RAM sticks - Ballistix Sport DDR4 2666

    Selling 6 sticks of the 2666 Ballistix in 16Gb each in gray (bls16g4d26bfsb), all brand new still in original packaging. Asking $115 or best offer per pair of sticks, shoot me an offer if you want more than 2. Shipping and Paypal in US is included in price. Edit - one pair of sticks gone. 4...
  7. P

    FS: Thin Clients, RAM | WTB: iPhone 11 Pro/11 Pro Max

    Heatware: PreOmegazero Shipping: all prices include shipping unless specified WTB: iPhone 11 Pro/11 Pro Max GF's iPhone 6S+ is fine, but she's getting the upgrade bug for camera reasons. Send PM's with asking price (and pictures hopefully) FOR SALE: 3 x Dell/Wyse 3040 Thin Client Quad Core...
  8. Zarathustra[H]

    AMD Ryzen memory can top 5GHz, but 3,733MHz is the real gaming sweet-spot

    PCGamesN is reporting that AMD has vastly improved memory compatibility with the Ryzen 3000 chips after admitting this was a weakness in previous iterations. The X570 Godlike has demonstrated 5Ghz RAM speeds, and 4200mhz has been accomplished with other boards by simply tweaking XMP settings...
  9. TheHig

    3733 DDR4 16gb kit $93 on Amazon

    Seems pretty good for the new Ryzen Chips or just anyone who needs some highly clocked DDR4. https://www.amazon.com/Patriot-Viper-16GB-29800-PV416G373C7K/dp/B01K7V0DRG
  10. Y

    FS: i9-7980xe, RTX 2080 Dual O8G,Galaxy Note 8, 970 Pro 1Tb

    Bought parts for a build that I never circled around to and I figure I should cut losses and go for a Xeon machine. All parts are NIB, unopened. Prices include Paypal and US shipping. Please PM me for questions. Happy to talk about bundle pricing for anything here. - 1x i9-7980xe, asking for...
  11. cageymaru

    Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB 3000MHz C15- $84.99 Best Buy

    Saw this deal here on Reddit. The Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16 GB 3000 MHz C15 LED Desktop Memory, Black is $104.99 from Best Buy on Google Express. By using the code "Maysave19" users can save 20% or up to $20 off their first order. This lowers the price of the ram to $84.99.
  12. K

    SOLD 32GB (4x8GB) of Samsung DDR4-2400 RAM

    SOLD to BoiseTech Originally pulled from a HP Omen desktop, this RAM has been in two of my systems. One was an i7-7700k build and ran with no issues. I was able to overclock this RAM to 2666 speeds with great results, YMMV. The other was my current ThreadRipper build. No OC in this system...
  13. D

    Corsair Dominator 32gigs (4x8)

    4 sticks (set) of Corsair Dominator Platinum 3866 (32GB). Perfect heat is med1kl. Comes with the box, the fans, and all accessories. $265. Free shipping to the USA 48.
  14. E

    HPE Branded vs Non-branded Memory Compatibility

    I ordered a HPE ProLiant DL325 G10 server which comes with a AMD EPYC P7401 CPU & 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 2666MT/s 2Rx8 RDIMMs. I would like to upgrade the RAM to either 8x 16GB or 32GB sticks (depending which I can get a better price on). I'm wondering if there will be any issues with non-HPE...
  15. AlphaAtlas

    Samsung Launches 12GB Smartphone Memory Packages

    Samsung just announced what it claims to be the world's highest-capacity mobile DRAM package in production. The Korean company's new LPDDR4X modules combine six 16-gigabit, "10nm-class" DRAM ICs into a package that's 1.1 millimeters tall, allowing manufacturers to stuff just as much RAM as the...
  16. FrgMstr

    Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB RAM Experiences @ [H]

    Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB RAM Experiences Corsair is adding a huge 64GB RAM kit that many enthusiast High End Desk Top users might be interested in. We take the new Dominator Platinum RGB DIMMs for a ride on both Intel X299 and AMD X399 systems and see how the clocks shake out. And of...
  17. dvsman

    Double Height DDR4!

    I didn't see anything about this yet. Thought it was a cool, random thing while web surfing the news. https://www.techspot.com/news/78447-double-height-ddr4-offers-twice-capacity-but-fraction.html
  18. AlphaAtlas

    Screenshot Shows 256GB of RAM in a Threadripper System

    While AMD's Threadripper platform technically supports 256GB of RAM spread across 8 slots, there are some practical issues that make building such a system difficult. Most TR4 motherboards officially support 128GB of DDR4, and unregistered 32GB DIMMs aren't widely available yet. But...
  19. I

    Red HyperX Fury with White HyperX Fury

    I already have a white HyperX Fury 8GB 2666Mhz (HX426C16FW2/8) memory stick, and now I'm interested in buying another one, the red HyperX Fury 8GB 2666Mhz (HX426C16FR2/8). Both share the same specifications on HyperX's website, except the heatsink color. I'm almost sure, but would like to know...
  20. D

    FS: G. Skill 32GB(2x16) DDR4 Ram 3200mhz

    heatware is med1kl w/perfect heat asking $195 32GB DDR4 by G.Skill (2x16) DDR4 Ram 3200mhz Got them to 16-16-16-38 1T @ 1.4 volts Lower timings have worked well too. 1.4 volts 12-12-12-24-36 1T for low latency gaming(think 300+fps) (2x16) DDR4 Ram 3200mhz
  21. AlphaAtlas

    RAM Makers Plan to Cut Production Even Further

    While desktop DDR4 memory seems to come from a countless number of brands, including Crucial, Corsair, G.Skill, Kingston, and many others, only a handful of manufacturers actually make the chips that go into those sticks. Micron, SK Hynix, and Samsung are the big 3 that really influence memory...
  22. P

    Clearout sale! Mavic Pro package, Fuji XE-2 kit, NAS, RAM, 770GTX, and more

    Have a bunch of stuff that needs to go... been procrastinating but I'm running out of room so it's time for a thread. More pics coming soon (whenever I get around to it), everything works well and was lightly used. Paypal only, USA buyers only please, I have Heat dating back to 2002 so no...
  23. 5150Joker

    FS: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2666 (4 GB each) , Possibly Bricked ASUS Rampage V Extreme, CoD BO3

    RAM AND MOTHERBOARD SOLD! Someone take this COD 3 key off my hands! :) Ram: The fourth stick broke by accident but the other 3 are in perfect shape so I'm looking to sell them and just upgrade my ram. Each module is 4 GB and they were all matched together but well now it's just 3. DDR4...
  24. Asylum1

    FS: 2x Samsung 840 250gb SSD

    I have a couple of SSD drives and a Mobo, CPU, Ram Combo that I want to sell. Drives have been cleaned, reformatted, Crystal Disk ran and ready to go. These drives have been used by me and guaranteed in working condition. I accept PayPal and my Heatware is http://www.heatware.com/u/66049/to...
  25. G

    GTX 1080 Hybrid

    Hey everyone, I've made some recent upgrades and selling my former components. Everything is in excellent condition unless otherwise noted. I'm willing to offer discounts for larger orders or to sell items individually. Feel free to ask questions! Heat is under same name, GameHard6. [SOLD]...
  26. K

    FS: Ryzen Parts, Complete ITX PC, More

    There's a long list here for sale. I prefer to sell in bundles for convenience. Some images: https://imgur.com/a/vzOQbp3 Rules: I only ship to the contiguous United States. No APO or PO boxes. PayPal or cash only. No "friend and family" payments. Local pickup is available in the Cleveland, OH...
  27. N4CR

    The egg - DDR4: TridentZ RGB 16Gb (2x8Gb) Cl15 DDR3000 $134 (15 hours left)

    G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3000 (PC4 24000) Desktop Memory Model F4-3000C15D-16GTZR https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?item=N82E16820232475 Picked up 5 of these, quite a good deal. Same chip as the CL16/3200 which sold out for $2 less (was such a...

    Looking for DDR4 ECC, 4 sticks.

    I'm putting together another 2P and I need 4 sticks of DDR4 ECC, 8 GB or 16GB sticks, matching preferred. RAM prices are insane right now, so I thought I'd check here first. I'm buying soon, so if you have some let me know ASAP. I would entertain 8 sticks of 8GB as well, for the right price.
  29. R

    x399 motherboard

    According to AMD, Threadripper 2 CPUs support "up to 2tb ram". However, most of the TR4 motherboards I read the specs of, declare support for "up to 128gb ram". Are you aware of any TR4 motherboard that will support more than 128gb ram? If not, has anyone tried to install more than 128gb ram...
  30. Z

    FS: DDR4 ECC (16GB +8GB) RAM

    Hello, Just listing some "pulled" OEM RAM from new Dell T640 servers. 16GB +8GB FS: $$$SOLD hma81gr7afr8n-vk (2x8GB) mta9asf51272pz-2g3b1 (2x4GB) FS: $$$SOLD PM with any questions. USA shipping only
  31. Upgrayedd

    I want to oc my RAM. Would like some tips.

    I've got the DDR3 G.Skill Trident X 2x8GB 2133Mhz. All I've done is set XMP and the last timing from 2T to 1T. I'd like to squeeze some more speed out of them but I don't know anything about timings and what they can/should be at certain frequencies. I don't know if its easier to increase...
  32. S

    New 2600X - I have returned to AMD land

    Hello- just bought a 2600X + Asus Strix x470-f and have 2 questions. Is it worth upgrading the cooler to an AiO? what's a good 16GB memory kit for the price? (preferably without RGB) Will a better cooler noticeably improve gaming performance (via XFR)? I've been worried about underperforming...
  33. K

    FS Lots of DDR3 ECC RAM, Intel Xeon E3-1246 v3, SuperMicro board combos, Lots of TP-Link Modems

    Good afternoon all! Looking to get rid of some stuff that I've been collecting for a while. All prices include shipping and are negotiable. Heatware 111-0-0 All memory has been memtested before listing for sale, all HDDs have passed short and long SMART tests before listing for sale. Vantec 3...
  34. Z

    $1800 - $2500 Video Editing Build - any good?

    Hi Guys, My brother needs a new PC, and asked me for help. PC will be primary used for Video Editing & PC Gaming. I want to set him up with the best radiator for water cooling (nothing custom). And since I always had an Intel build, I want to stick to that. He will pick his own case (full...
  35. Z


    Looking for 4-8 sticks of DDR4 ECC RDIMMS for a server build for a nonprofit (credit union). Shoot me a PM if you have some sticks or prices. Thanks!
  36. FrgMstr

    T-FORCE VULCAN & G.SKILL Flare X AM4 Overclocking @ [H]

    T-FORCE VULCAN & G.SKILL Flare X AM4 Overclocking We take a look at some of the new RAM available for the AMD Ryzen AM4 platform and see how well these work out when it comes to overclockability and timing tweaking. On the test bench today are the Team T-FORCE VULCAN TUF Gaming Alliance and...
  37. T

    Gigabyte i-RAM PCI & 5.25" RAM based storage

    Wanted to share these kits I bought as a pack a long time ago for cheap (thanks to an awesome Amazon user). Years later I'm going to finally be using them in a build very soon; either on my ASRock Z77 Pro4 (with 3 PCI slots) or Z77 Extreme3 (two PCI slots). I'll post test results and the build...
  38. B

    FS/FT: AV600 powerline, WRT54GL, Core2Duo, DDR2

    Pair of TP-Link TL-PA6010 AV600 powerline adapters - Gigabit LAN ports, they were used to get connectivity in my detached garage, provided solid 40mbps over terrible wiring - $35 shipped Linksys WRT54GL - Currently running DD-WRT, this has been rock-solid since the day I bought it - $10 shipped...
  39. N

    G.Skill TridentZ RGB 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4 3200

    No issues. I purchased new from Newegg on 2/21/18 $370 shipped CONUS
  40. FrgMstr

    Corsair Frag Harder Disco Lights RAM Harder

    I am fairly sure that Corsair's new VENGEANCE RGB PRO RAM comes with a pair of welding goggles.