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Jun 16, 2016
Bought parts for a build that I never circled around to and I figure I should cut losses and go for a Xeon machine. All parts are NIB, unopened. Prices include Paypal and US shipping. Please PM me for questions. Happy to talk about bundle pricing for anything here.

- 1x i9-7980xe, asking for $1,500 OBO.

- 1x Asus RTX 2080 O8G Dual. Asking for $600 OBO. Note that this is effectively 3-slot so smaller cases may have an issue with this card.

- [SOLD] 3x Ballstix 32G kits (16G*2, 2666) sport in gray, asking for $130 per kit or $350 for all three.

- Galaxy Note 8 in black, 64Gb. I'll throw in a 32Gb micro sd card and a Peel case. Unlocked. I used it without a screen protector so there are some micro scratches, but no burn-in and no cracks/dings. Would probably rate as a 8.5/10. Asking for $300 OBO. No boxes or charger.

- 1x Samsung 970 pro 1Tb. Literally used once to power on a separate build, but no original packaging. Asking for $300 OBO.

Edit: Ram sticks sold! That was quick...everything else still up.

Edit: Note 8 is unlocked. I bought it for Project Fi so this doesn't have a network attached to it

Edit: Found my 970 pro, so it's going up as well.
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Bump to reflect item update. I would like to stick to US/Canada at the moment for all items.

Edit gigatexal to not break bumping rules - I really don't like the idea of shipping a big GPU box through international couriers. For the CPU, the SSD and the phone I'm open to international buyer suggestions, although additional shipping charges will be at cost of buyer. Thanks for the bump.
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bump because you-people-living-in-america-get-all-the-good-access-to-all-the-good-hardware