Memtest errors HP 405 G6 with 2x32GB Crucial Ballistix SO-DIMM


Nov 24, 2016
i was testing computer HP 405 G6 with Crucial Ballistix 2x32GB RAM (PN BL32G32C16S4B.M16FB1)
The issue with this Crucial Ballistix is that this PC does not fully support it and downclock it to 2667MHz (reported in BIOS and in OS).
Also i had issue with errors in memtest86 tool. It was due to a faulty module (one of the two), so i returned it and bought Crucial ct32g4sfd832a instead and this RAM is detected as 3200MHz.
I do not recommend G.Skill RAM as it has XMP profile same as Ballistix and it MAY (i have not tested G-SKILL) cause this HP PC or other similar to downclock the RAM. So the recommended is classic CL22 RAM like mentioned ct32g4sfd832a.
Here how to disassemble HP DeskMini PC 405 G6

Further i describe the memtest issue, (currently was solved by RMA) and in comments can be seen some details.

MB: HP 872E AM4
CPU: Ryzen 7 Renoir 4750GE

Default HP memory 8GB 3200MHz
HP 405 G6 default memory 3200MHz.JPG

when i replace by memory Crucial Ballistic DDR4 SO-DIMM 2x32GB:

HP BIOS diagnostic shows error:

Event log shows 2E1-Memory Size Error:

But the memory is detected in BIOS at 2667MHz (vendor advertised speed 3200MHz) with Unknown - [0x9B85] code:

I can boot live Linux and Windows distribution (loading it into memory) and it works:

HWInfo64 shows:


passmark memtest86 v 9.0.JPG

shows RAM at 3200MHz which is confusing since BIOS and every other tool shows lower speed. + 60 ERRORs where i do not know what to do now, how risky it is to use this computer setup or how to tweak/modify it?
In i read "Often the memory works in a different system or the vendor insists that it is good. In these cases the memory is not necessarily bad but is not able to operate reliably at full speed. Sometimes more conservative memory timings on the motherboard will correct these errors."


How do I fix the memory errors?​

Depending on what is causing the memory errors, you can try the following options:
  • Replace the RAM modules (most common solution)
  • Set default or conservative RAM timings
  • Increase the RAM voltage levels
  • Decrease the CPU voltage levels
  • Apply BIOS update to fix incompatibility issues
  • Flag the address ranges as 'bad'

In BIOS i can not set timings and voltage.....

after like half day runtime, i have found that memtest does not accept keyboard input (Esc, c keys) and num lock led is not reacting. The dash in "State:" field was turning, and the CPU was heating. I have not believed to see any result that would shed some light on this so i have pushed power button.

currently unable to find BIOS update image for BIOS update utility. (placing to flash disk, /HP/BIOS/New)
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"NOTE: Due to the non-industry standard nature of some third-party memory modules, we recommend HP branded memory to ensure compatibility. If memory speeds are mixed, the system performs at the lower memory speed."

stock ram is 1.2v that kit you bought is 1.35v, that could the problem. there are a bunch of reviews saying they dont work. return them and get the ones with out the heat spreaders that are rated for 1.2v.
only thing i can suggest before that it to install the new bios from the end of Jan.
Yes, absolutely flash it with the latest BIOS. Use the original RAM of course for that process. But, as Pendragon1 points out, there is a note specifically warning against using third party RAM. The RAM you purchased is using XMP. XMP is an Intel platform standard but adoption into the AMD ecosystem has been improving. Looking at the screenshots there are a few things that would concern me. The RAM should be running with a CL16 and it appears to be running at CL20. Normally a slower CAS rate wouldn't be an issue, but it does make me think that the BIOS isn't able to read the XMP profile properly. HP is able to control their products so it may very well be that you're stuck purchasing from them or from a qualified RAM list.
There's nothing wrong with using this memory with standard voltage and timings (1.2v / 2666 etc).

Test one module at a time. Maybe one is defective...or not seated properly.
Thank you all. There is a progress and i have highlighted questions in green color

BIOS & chipset update, CMOS reset (no need to read if you do not plan to do it on HP computer)
You have also suggested to update BIOS and RAM manufacturer also suggested updating chipset and then reset the CMOS, HP 405 G6 motherboard has button next to RAMs for that and also removing battery for a few minutes works.
Regarding BIOS update, i ended up on page
(contains part number)
It shows no SW (HP is bad), but when i manually select Windows 10 64bit i am able to download .exe which then extracts another executables, binarries, etc.

HP BIOS and System Firmware (S25, S27)
02.02.00 Rev.A18.2 MBJan 29, 2021Download

but that SW failed to work from within Hiren Windows live USB and not wanted to create USB drive too. I ended up successfully updated via BIOS (F2 key), BIOS main settings menu, and Update BIOS menu. (internet cable connected to PC). That is easiest way, way better than USB i think. Good to have UPS backup to prevent power loss.
MEMTEST on separate modules (one module pass other fail)
Luke M good idea - I did memtest86 for each of the module separate (only one module in motherboard) and for both and found one of the modules showing errors and other no.
I have tried the erroneous one in both slots.
I did one more memtest run, this time full-night (4 pases) on the suspect erroneous module and results are HERE.
What do you think about that kind of errors - As per the images the errors was found only in test types 5-9 - description of all test types:
Hewlet Packard BIOS memory diagnostics error code when that memory was in: U4NDBX-000AHQ-GXPQ2K-40PR03
When i combined Crucial Ballistix 32GB module that pass the memtest + factory 8GB Samsung module, then the BIOS memory diagnostics PASS and memtest too.

WHAT TO DO?: i guess that the mentioned memtest fail on one of the modules can be high probability reason for success RMA (return product and get new one)?
If I have to return both modules (not just error suspect one) to seller and can choose different modules, would you suggest i stay with Crucial Ballistix or you rather suggest:

(22-22-22; DDR4 PC4-25600 • CL=22 • Dual Ranked • x8 based • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR4-3200 • 1.2V)
(22-22-22-52; DRAM Voltage 1.20V) !!! THIS ONE MAY BE PROBLEMATIC because i read here that XMP feature (it has it, same as Ballistix) may result in underclock (3200->266x) if BIOS does not support XMP/overlocking) !!!!

these both seems to meet your suggestion of "back up to the stock 22" else i do not know how to discover if it will be error free before purchase
Stock 8GB memory is 22-22-22-52 1.2V 3200MHz but Ballistix is 266xMHz only.. (reported by BIOS and Linux, unsure if true)
UPDATE: i have ordered the option 1. ct32g4sfd832a and i will report back how it worked.

Thank you
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If one passes and the other doesn't, you have a defective DIMM. Get a replacement.
You're way overthinking all of this, particularly with an OEM build with little to no config settings.

If Memtest fails send the kit back, it's either bad or incompatible. In your case, since one stick passes and the other one fails, you probably have a bad stick.

If you want to be really safe and not deal with the XMP potential just buy the overpriced HP RAM as explicitly stated in their documentation.
Due to the non-industry standard nature of some third-party memory modules, we recommend HP branded memory to ensure compatibility. If memory speeds are mixed, the system performs at the lower memory speed."
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