1. the X

    GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS MASTER WATERFORCE LGA 1200 Motherboard with AIO. brand new No longer on Newegg as far as i can see. Rare? Anyway, it came with a combo video card and i went AMD few months before i won Newegg Shuffle, so dont need this
  2. Armenius

    Intel introduces new high-performance graphics brand: Arc

    After some leaks earlier in the day Intel has officially announced that the high-performance segment for their line of discreet GPUs based on DG2 is called Arc. Products are expected to launch Q1 2022...
  3. O

    Display does not show native resolution - Intel Graphics 620

    Goodnight! I switched computers. In the old one, I had an Nvidia card and used a second monitor with a LG 22LS4R-MA TV. Achieving it was not easy. It is a TV / Monitor that, through HDMI, hardly works on any computer. But digging around a lot, I found that there were two possible solutions...
  4. Darkswordz

    i9-10900K = $409.99. A bundle with Z490 AORUS Ultra = $599.99.

    This has to be the lowest price I've seen for a 10900K. It's even lower than Microcenter's prices. i9-10900K = $409.99 An even better deal would be to buy it in a bundle with a Gigabyte Z490 AOURS Ultra motherboard for $100.00 off. :eek: i9-10900K + Gigabyte AORUS Z490 Ultra = 599.99
  5. A

    Final PC decision - RAM

    I am down to the last part needed to complete my PC build. I am simply wanting to run my thoughts through you guys to make sure I am not missing anything obvious, or to see if there is a much better option I should be considering. After reading / watching many articles / videos, I do believe...
  6. A

    Which Z490 for meets my needs?

    Hello, I am in the process of purchasing the last few parts for a new build. Like a lot of people, I can't find a 5900x on sale anywhere, so I am going to roll with the 10900k instead. I am one of those people who won't use all the power in most cases, but enjoying building a PC every few...
  7. FrgMstr

    GPU sales rise across the board, from AMD and Intel to Nvidia

    GPU sales rise across the board, from AMD and Intel to Nvidia Driven by PC gaming, pandemic upgrading and potentially crypto-currency miners, GPU units hit a healthy 13.4 per cent increase in sales over the previous quarter, respected graphics analyst firm Jon Peddie Research has revealed. Jon...
  8. FrgMstr

    Intel Corporation Class Action Lawsuit - 7nm Woes

    The Intel class action lawsuit alleges that during the Class Period, defendants misrepresented Intel’s business and financial condition by issuing false and misleading statements and/or failing to disclose adverse information regarding Intel’s financial performance and, in particular, the...
  9. K

    Intel (Marketing) Launches a Flash-style (Unity WebGL) Video Game: BFLOAT16, an Intel Deep Learning Boost Adventure

    Intel spent some of their resources making an interesting new flash-style game. It looks to be a mashup of marketing slides promoting their BFLOAT16 instructions, combined with Space Invaders or something. Ian Cutress has a video Play it for yourself here...
  10. Darkswordz

    FS/Auction: i7-7820X CPU - Delidded by Silicon Lottery w/ Liquid Metal

    I've just upgraded to an i9-10900K, so my old i7-7820X needs a new home. This CPU has been professionally de-lidded by Silicon Lottery with Thermal Grizzly liquid metal applied. eBay auction ends on 6/23/2020 at 5:25pm. I also have an X299 Taichi motherboard that I need to sell, but not sure...
  11. M

    Are Intel SSDSCKKB480G8 and SSDSCKKB480G801 the same thing?

    Hoping somebody here knows Intel SSDs... Synology specifies that the only Enterprise grade ~500 gig SSD M.2 SATA modules that are compatible with their M2D17 SSD cache card is what they list as: INTEL SSDSCKKB480G8 D3-S4510 When I search the web for that, the only thing I find available for...
  12. S

    10900K (10-core) with Z490 Chipset in April
  13. S

    9900KS Temps - Some Cores Hotter Than Others

    Hi all, I have a 9900KS that I run at stock while gaming (ARK: Survival Evolved) - I have notced that some cores are around 10-15 degrees hotter than others: I'm using a 280mm AIO liquid cooler and really good thermal grease (CM MasterGel Maker) - is this one of those things solved by...
  14. Zarathustra[H]

    Intel Xe GPUs Progress Reportedly Not Going Well, Poor Efficiency

    Intel Xe GPU Progress Allegedly Not Going Well, Currently Rumored To Feature Lower Efficiency Than Competitors Is it running on 14nm? :p
  15. $

    New Coreteks vid

    The new vid, The Future of Graphics, starts off with a brief history of graphics development before going into NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel's contributions. The focus is primarily on the direction of the industry and where the 3 companies look to press their different advantages.
  16. dvsman

    Hardware question on NICs + Win Server

    So I had the crazy idea to load Win Server 16 essential onto my backup rig / old gaming rig, primarily to learn more about it and networking in general (since IRL I'm not an IT guy) but ran into issues with the built in NIC not being detected or supported out of the box (it's an intel i211AT I...
  17. W

    My (not extreme usage) experience of bringing a Intel 660p 1TB to 100MB/s write speeds.

    I have read about the write speed issues with the 660p, but I have 3 of them in service in my computers. 2x 1TB and 1x 512GB. They have issues, but they also work well in 2 of 3 cases I use them in (and they are very low power usage, which makes them good for laptops). But here was my bad usage...
  18. Armenius

    Intel Plans to Launch Its Discrete GPU Lineup Starting at $200

    TechPowerUp posted up a summary of an interview Raja Koduri did with Russian Youtuber PRO Hi-Tech in which he discusses Intel's market strategy. Seems Raja plans to continue where he left off at AMD, aiming for mainstream gamers. The key quote in the entire thing is the following...
  19. cageymaru

    Intel Internal Document Details How It Will Counter the AMD Threat

    Reddit user u/scv_good_to_go has released an internal Intel employee document from the company's Circuit News portal. Intel details how AMD recovered, became streamlined to focus on its core business, why the Intel ecosystem is still better, the future of the core wars, and much more...
  20. cageymaru

    Intel Notifies Partners of Upcoming Price Cuts

    Digitimes is reporting that Intel has notified its downstream PC and motherboard partners that price cuts of 10 - 15% are coming for its 8th and 9th generation desktop processors.
  21. cageymaru

    Gigabyte X499 Motherboards Shown at Computex

    WCCFTECH snapped some pics of the Gigabyte X499 motherboards at Computex. These are for the next-generation Core X HEDT CPU lineup. There are tons of information on the CPUs and motherboards including plenty of pics in the article...
  22. S

    Anandtech: Intel Unveils 10th Gen Core Ice Lake-U & Ice Lake-Y Mobile CPUs: 10nm Sunny Cove Later Th

    Anandtech pulls together the Ice Lake info form Intels Computex presentation. I know some of this was presented in pieces elsewhere, but this pulls it together. It also the most important CPU news for Intel going forward. This Intels new core, and new IGPU. It may also be Intels only real...
  23. cageymaru

    Intel Announces Sunny Cove Brings 18% IPC Improvement

    Wikichip has an article on the latest information about Intel Sunny Cove core optimizations. Intel Chief Core Architect Ronak described the 18% IPC increase across various workloads in this manner. “The last time we have had something in this range was during the Merom era,” Ronak, Intel Chief...
  24. cageymaru

    Intel Opening Keynote at Computex 2019

    Visit the Intel Newsroom at 1:30 p.m. Taiwan Time on May 28 (10:30 p.m. PDT, May 27) as Intel’s Gregory Bryant, senior vice president and general manager of the Client Computing Group, gives the COMPUTEX 2019 Industry Opening Keynote. With the theme “Powering Every Person’s Greatest...
  25. Zarathustra[H]

    Google Disables SMT in ChromeOS due to Intel Bugs

    After OpenBSD disabled SMT in 6.4 last year, Google has now followed suit. Apple, Microsoft, Red Hat, and Xen have all also to one extent or another recommended that users might want to disable the feature for the sake of security, in response to MDS. Is this the beginning of the end of the...
  26. GDI Lord

    Intel’s New Spectre-Like Flaw Affects Chips Made Since 2008

    Unless I missed it, this hasn't been posted here yet. #YAIF - Yet Another Intel Flaw. AMD once again not affected.,39333.html
  27. Zarathustra[H]

    BitDefender Researchers Discover "Terrifying" Security Vulnerability in Intel CPUs

    Another day, another Intel hardware security bug. This time it's called Microarchitectural Data Sampling (or MDS for short) and has been proven to work on Intel's Ivy bridge, Haswell, Skylake and Kaby Lake CPU's. This vulnerability is particularly concerning because it allows an attacker to...
  28. S

    Anandtech: Intel Details Manufacturing through 2023: 7nm, 7+, 7++, with Next Gen Packaging

    Intel is showing manufacturing plan for next 4+ years: Naturally there will be some skepticism considering the stumbles of 10nm, but OTOH, they no doubt learned a lot from their...
  29. Zarathustra[H]

    Very Excited About Upcoming 7nm Ryzen, but...

    ...I am worried. First off, let me be excruciatingly clear. I have been a long time AMD fan. Some of my favorite times in this computer hobby for me came when I started college, which perfectly coincided with the 1999 Athlon launch. Having been a long time PC builder (since I was 11 and...
  30. S

    Anandtech: Intel to Support Hardware Ray Tracing Acceleration on Data Center Xe GPUs

    More info indicating everyone is going to move to HW Ray Tracing support. Though it looks like only Data Center parts may have it initially: So no idea if/when consumer GPU will get...
  31. Pieter3dnow

    A long look at the Intel Cascade Lake 9200 line

    At Semiaccurate they are looking at the press preview of Cascade Lake 9200 and see how it does.
  32. cageymaru

    Apple and Qualcomm Settle All Patent Suits

    Apple and Qualcomm have settled all patent litigation as the parties have agreed to a settlement that requires Apple to make a payment to Qualcomm. The companies have reached a six-year licensing agreement with a two-year option to extend and a multiyear chipset supply agreement. Apple is...
  33. cageymaru

    Intel 660p Series M.2 2280 512GB & G.SKILL Aegis 16GB DDR4 3000 $129.98

    Intel 660p Series M.2 2280 512GB PCI-Express 3.0 x4 3D NAND Internal Solid State Drive, G.SKILL Aegis 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3000 (PC4 24000) Intel Z170 Platform Memory (Desktop Memory) Model F4-3000C16D-16GISB is $129.98 newegg...
  34. MavericK

    RAID Woes with Asus P6T Deluxe (v1)

    Wasn't really sure where to post this, but we'll try here. I recently rotated my i7 920 build out of "main PC" use, so I was going to reuse it as a storage / VM box to play around on. Using the Asus P6T Deluxe original version with the SAS controller. I did a full CMOS reset and started from...
  35. S

    Rumor/Leak: Intel Xe GPUs to feature seamless mGPU

    I know wccftech doesn't mean much,but this time they have some real looking slides that show Intels Xe GPUs will have X2, X4 etc. configurations that have 2 or 4 or etc mGPU chips. The text further claims this technology will be seamless to games, so it should just work in all games, which...
  36. cageymaru

    Chromebooks Create Demand and Supply Issues for Intel

    Notebook original design manufacturer (ODM) Compal is predicting a worsening of the current supply issues for Intel chips. According to company president Martin Weng and vice chairman Ray Chen, 1Q2019 saw a 10% - 20% supply issue for its clients due to Intel chip shortages and 2Q2019 will be...
  37. AlphaAtlas

    AMD Confirms Stadia Will Run on Intel CPUs

    As one of the world's most pervasive cloud service providers, Google is in a better position to launch a successful game streaming platform than almost anyone. The hardware they choose to use for the launch of their "Stadia" streaming service will undoubtedly influence future game streaming...
  38. AlphaAtlas

    Intel Previews Processors and Graphics Software at GDC 2019

    At their GDC 2019 conference, Intel confirmed that they'll launch 9th generation mobile processors in the 2nd quarter of 2019. While 9th generation H-series and Y-series "Ice Lake" parts recently showed up on the EEC website, Intel told PC World that these parts are based on 14nm Coffee Lake...
  39. AlphaAtlas

    Intel Shows Off Graphics Card Designs at GDC 2019

    Intel reportedly unveiled some "early designs" of their upcoming discrete graphics cards at their GDC 2019 presentation. The graphics card in the first and 2nd slides they showed largely reassembles an Optane 905P SSD with a blower fan and a conspicuously short PCB. While the Xe's specs and...
  40. E

    Any Z390 Mobos that support 16x16x SLI/CFX? Bottleneck at 8x/8x PCI-E 3.0?

    Title pretty much. I have been out of the game for a while and was supprised that most mobos that host processors like the 9900k don't have 16x 16x SLI/CFX capability I thought Z390 was high end? given the prices? I'm on X58 and it can do PCI E 2 16x6x. Was cheaper back in 2010 too. Does 16x...