1. Zarathustra[H]

    Intel Has a Problem: Vast majority of Game Crashes come from 13th/14th gen Intel CPU's during Decompression

    Wendell over at Level1Techs reached out to some of his contacts in the gaming industry to allow him to peek at game crash data in an attempt to figure out what is going on with Intel CPU instability. Two developers agreed, and the data is - well - staggering. I'm not going to provide any...
  2. Zarathustra[H]

    Intel CEO admits 'I've bet the whole company on 18A'

    "I’ve bet the whole company on 18A." So, says Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger in the most deadpan, matter-of-fact manner imaginable. He's not glib. He's not joking. Everything rides on Intel's 18A process according to Gelsinger. As it stands, the U.S. cant...
  3. Q


    Looking to buy only an Intel Core i7-7700T low power (35Watt) "T" variant CPU, Socket LGA 1151 Desktop CPU (must be the "T" 35Watt variant CPU) to upgrade the i5-7500T CPU (4 cores, 2.7 GHz) in my my HTPC, which is a Lenovo m710q Tiny PC. I just need the bare CPU. Shipping would be to Zipcode...
  4. karsten

    all gone

    all gone! --------------------------------------------------------------- Intel i5-13500T 14cores/20threads - SOLD 32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3600 (2 sets of 2x8gb) - SOLD NZXT C650 PSU - SOLD MSI MAG Coreliquid 240R v2 AIO 240mm - SOLD Geekbench for this system...
  5. J

    Intel CPU Help

    So I have an MSI pro Z690 motherboard I bought off of FB marketplace. It was sold to me not working and I bent pins back to fix it under a microscope. The socket for it is an LGA 1700 and I've never used Intel CPU's or their motherboards. I just want to test the board and was curious about what...
  6. The_HAVOK

    Intel vs. AMD DDR5 192gb?

    What are your thoughts on the odd max RAM capacity of 192gb on the latest Intel and AMD desktop platforms? Is anybody running 4x48gb DDR5? What is the compatibility like? I've stayed away from DDR5 like I did when DDR4 came out to the consumer market, waiting for it to mature a bit before diving...
  7. S

    FS-7700k w/ 64GB RAM + Asus Mobo + 4 140mm Fans and 2 850 Pro SSD's. $old.

    Hello! Have a set sale for Intel 7700k paired with ASUS ROG Maximus IX Hero and 64GB Geil Evo X 64GB 3000@15-17-17-35 DDR4 RAM. Also included is 4 NZXT Aer RGB 140mm fans with Hue+ controller, Thermalright True Spirit 140 Direct, and 2 Samsung 850 Pro 512GB with approximately 2.8TB written...
  8. karsten

    FS/T: Intel ES i9-12900KF for 1080 ti or 5700 xt

    Asus 2080 Super Turbo - $220 Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme Gen 1 (R90VZJYD 15.6" 4K i7-8750H 32GB DDR4 256GB + 1TB NVME Runs Ubuntu) - $375 Intel ES i9-12900KF QX7H - $150 or trade for 1080 ti or 5700 xt I take Paypal, thanks for looking
  9. D

    Intel Arc A580 Finally Coming to Market...? A310 Also Up for Sale
  10. karsten

    Intel Core I9-12900KF es QX7H 1.2g 16 core 24 thread CPU

    Moved to FS section
  11. D

    Any reason to expect 4xDIMM-DDR5 @ XMP with 14th Gen?

    The 4 DIMMs "OCed" via XMP seems a known issue. I saw a work-around suggesting that allowing each DIMM to handle it's own voltage solves it, but I only have 2x16GB right now. Changing the slot placement, too, is said to have an impact (kit 1 in A1/A2, kit 2 in B1/B2). But, I'd like to doubled...
  12. K

    FOUND Core i9-13900K

    Looking to pair a 13900K with my MSI DDR5 motherboard. Used is fine, I'll be putting under water so no heatsink necessary. Can pay via PayPal. H E A T W A R E
  13. D

    What is my CPU Voltage? Also, Where's the FSB?

    What would you place your money on here? Allowing for a second of refresh-variance, these items could be a little different. But, I'm not even sure which one is worth looking at. (Granted, just picking one and using it as a baseline to undervolt/OC, would be workable, but still....) CPU-Z and...
  14. Stormside

    Sold: Intel i5-7500 CPU

    Sold! Tested and pulled from working Dell Optiplex. Asking $20 PayPal shipped 1st class with DC. Thanks for looking!
  15. jlbenedict

    Intel Exiting the PC Business

    Ouch... previously the server market.. now the PC market. Loved those NUC's, as my lab consists of three i5 based NUCs in a vSphere cluster Source: ServeTheHome “Intel has decided to stop...
  16. K

    SOLD- Intel Core i7-12700KF + MSI Pro Z690-A DDR4 Motherboard + 32GB DDR4 RAM

    I am selling my Intel Core i7-12700KF Processor, MSI PRO Z690-A DDR4 motherboard and 32GB of Corsair Vengeance DDR4 RAM (16GX4M2B3200C16 - 16-18-18-36). This was used as my primary system for about 2 years and has worked flawlessly the entire time. All of the components are in good shape and...
  17. K

    WTB: Intel 12th gen or 13th gen CPU, SFX PSU |||| FS: RTX 3070 8GB

    I have heatware, but I don't use it much. I have about 300 feedback on ebay and I also have about 70 confirmed trades on hardwareswap. Selling HP RTX 3070 8GB: $375 + Shipping Great condition, comes with 12-pin to dual 8-pin adapter Came from an HP Omen...
  18. compgeek89

    WTB: Cheap Intel 4th gen LGA1150 chips, Mini-ITX chassis, basic laptops

    I should have a few 4th gen Intel H3 ITX boards on the way and want to have some parts for low-cost embedded builds (e.g. Firewalls/NASs, etc.). I like to be able to put things like this together for friends/family/co-workers when they have a need. Closer to free, the better on all these...
  19. StryderxX

    Intel 1226-V 2.5GbE Ethernet Chipset Showing Connection Drop Issues (Chipset Used on most Raptor Lake Motherboards)

    TechPowerUp posted an article today regarding random disconnect issues with Intel's latest Ethernet chipset (1226-V) that most motherboard manufacturers are integrating on their Raptor Lake (Z700 series) boards. Here's a quote: I checked the Event Viewer on my PC using the Asus Rog Strix...
  20. chronage

    FS: Radeon 5600XT / 5700XT video cards

    PC stuff: EVGA 850 GQ 80+ Gold semi-modular PSU. B-stock purchases from 2021. I have two of these with all cables and box. $60 shipped each. Intel Pentium Gold G6405, Gigabyte Z590 D ATX board, 16GB (2x8) DDR4 Crucial Ballistix ram $150 shipped [pics] MSI 5700XT MECH OC 8GB video card w/ box...
  21. Armenius

    AMD Is Losing Ground to Intel in This Key Chip Market (discrete video cards)

    Is this the competition you wanted? AMD's marketshare in discrete video cards fell from 17% to 8% as Intel captured 4% in the most recent quarter reported by Jon Peddie Research, while NVIDIA's marketshare grew from 83% to 88%. AMD's marketshare was split between its two competitors, with...
  22. D

    [ALL ITEMS SOLD] FS: Sapphire Nitro 7900XTX,Intel 12600KF,4080 FE, Corsair DDR5, G.Skill Flare X5, ROG Strix Z690-G, ROG Strix B660-i

    I've accumulated too much and need to purge. Condition of all gear is excellent perfect working order from a clean non-smoking home. I purchased all gear new in box.I am based in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and will meet locally at my choice of location within a 10 mile radius of my home in...
  23. MooCow

    FS: ASUS Maximus VI Hero with Intel i5 4670K and 16GB GSkill RAM

    Heatware: I would appreciate buyers to have good Heatware feedback as well, thank you! Prices are paid via Paypal Goods and Services ASUS Maximus VI Hero with Intel i5 4670K and 16GB GSkill (4x4GB) DDR3 RAM (I/O plate included): $100 $90 shipped LGA1150...
  24. KingGlade

    FS: Intel i9 12900k/13900K/Z690 Board

    I'm selling several items, including an Intel i9 12900K. I've used it for around 6 months, and it comes with its original packaging. The price for the 12900K is $275. I also have a 13900K, that I've used for about 8 months, the price is $350, and will come with all original packaging. The...
  25. S

    SOLD: CPU+Mobo+RAM Combo - Intel 10700k (Asus SP 93 chip, 5.0GHz stable OC), Asus ROG Strix Z490-H Gaming Mobo, G-Skill 32GB DDR4-3600 CL16 RAM

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Upgrading my system to AM5, so my old mobo/CPU/RAM has to go. Asus board says the CPU appears to be relatively golden at SP93, and it OCs stable to 5.0GHz. You can probably push it more, but I just set it to 5.0GHz and have been using it that way since I got the processor in...
  26. D

    [PRICE DROP] FS: Reference AMD 6950XT [SOLD]

    I have the list of hardware below available. Condition of all of it is excellent perfect working order from a clean non-smoking home. Payment is accepted via Paypal F&F (G&S if you pay fee), price listed is shipped via my choice of carriers, insured, slowest speed. The speed is upgradable at...
  27. D

    [ALL SOLD] FS: Asus TUF 4090 OC - BNIB, EVGA 3060Ti

    I have the list of hardware below available. Condition of all of it is excellent perfect working order from a clean non-smoking home. Payment is accepted via Paypal F&F (G&S if you pay fee), price listed is shipped via my choice of carriers, insured, slowest speed. The speed is upgradable at...
  28. D

    FS: [PRICE DROP] [ALL SOLD] EVGA 3090Ti Hybrid, 3070Ti FE, 11th and 12th Gen Mobos and CPUs

    I have the list of hardware below available. Condition of all of it is excellent perfect working order. I am the first / only owner (with the exception of the 3070Ti I purchased BNIB from a [H] member) in a non-smoking home. Payment is accepted via Paypal F&F (G&S if you pay fee) or Zelle...
  29. cageymaru

    AMD R9 7950X Overclocked to 6.45GHz Using LN2

    GamersNexus was invited to an AMD sponsored event to witness some extreme overclocking of the upcoming AMD R9 7950X. The guys seemed to favor 1.52 volts as they pushed the silicon from 5GHz all core to 6.45GHz. Half of the video is LN2 overclocking and the second half is tips and tricks for...
  30. G

    new GPU and CPU water cooler - troubleshooting

    Hello, i am trying to assist my son with help on his new GPU that we upgraded from a MSI nvidia 1050ti to ASus Geforce 3070 ti GPU. we ran DDU uninstall utlity first then installed the new GPU and ran geforce experince install fresh with both drivers and Geforce exp. everything is working as it...
  31. chronage

    FS: Intel I5-12500 CPU Alder Lake 6-Core 3.0 GHz LGA1700 65W

    Sold New in box/sealed. Bought this processor but ended up finding a deal on an AMD system. $190 shipped paypal or venmo. Cheaper than retail - just looking to break even. X-posted. heat:
  32. karsten

    FS: Price drops! Apple Mac Mini, AMD Vega 56 Nano, Raijintek Morpheus II cooler

    *If you think the prices are too high make me an offer!* 1) Raijintek Morpheus II Core VGA cooler used but all parts should be there $50 pp ff shipped 1) AMD Vega 56 Nano Card missing original fan. currently just heatsink with a Thermaltake Riing LED White fan ziptied on needs a PCI slot...
  33. Darkswordz

    Ryzen 9 5950X = $499.00 @ Newegg

    Newegg has the Ryzen 9 5950X on sale for $499.00, which is pretty nice if you're looking for an in-socket upgrade. :cool: However, if the leaked benchmarks of the 13600K are accurate, this might not be a stellar deal for folks looking to build a new system from scratch.
  34. E

    Spectre RETurns with new speculative execution vulnerabilities: Retbleed

    It's that time of month. Spectre returns with new vulnerabilities and corresponding performance-crippling mitigations for affected x86 Intel and AMD CPUs. Retbleed: Arbitrary Speculative Code Execution with Return Instructions "Retbleed (CVE-2022-29900 and CVE-2022-29901) is the new addition...
  35. Darkswordz

    Gigabyte Z590 Aorus Master Motherboard = $199.99 @ Newegg

    Newegg is basically giving away Gigabyte Z590 Aorus Master motherboards. They're currently on sale for $199.99 out the door. :eek: This board supports 10GbE LAN, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2, 18+1 90A VRM, 10 USB 3.2 ports, and a host of other features. Sure, it "only" supports DDR4/PCIE-4, but it...
  36. karsten

    WTB: Intel 10900K

    Looking for a Intel i9-10900k thanks - found!
  37. W

    Post your setup power draw ft. Prime95 smallFFT

    Like in title :D With all regulated voltages
  38. W

    Any 3960-5960X users here? Need help!

    Hello guys, let's start with information, that my English isn't good - I'm not a native English speaker. I'm searching for a CPU with the highest ratio of energy draw to die size. For example, hardly overclocked 7980XE with power draw of 750W and die size around 430mm2 has ratio of 1.74w/mm². I...
  39. R

    GPU With System Requirements, Intel Arc Graphics Hardware Locked?

    Could Intel's new Arc Graphics be locked behind a hardware gate? The answer may be yes. After upgrading my internet here at home, I decided to take a look and see if there happened to be any updated network drivers available. I'm still on the X99 platform with the machine in question, and my...
  40. Zarathustra[H]

    Has Intel Abandoned the HEDT Market?

    I was thinking about this today. It's been a while since I heard anything new from Intel on their HEDT platforms. x299 hasn't had a new CPU since 2019, and from what I can tell there haven't been any announcements regarding a successor to x299. And it doesn't seem limited to CPU's. I for...