Any 3960-5960X users here? Need help!


Mar 13, 2022
Hello guys, let's start with information, that my English isn't good - I'm not a native English speaker.

I'm searching for a CPU with the highest ratio of energy draw to die size. For example, hardly overclocked 7980XE with power draw of 750W and die size around 430mm2 has ratio of 1.74w/mm².
I need that information for picking a cpu for thermal paste test. If "w/mm²" will be higher, the better - the highest power draw on smallest surface will require the most from thermal paste.

At now, I'm deciding to buy AMD FX-8150 / FX-9590 with ratio of 1.90 to 2.06w/mm². BUT as you all know most of the cpu tests are trash - Alder lake premiere shows, that most news portals doesn't know how to test them.

I'm gonna make those tests at edge Vcore and test them in Prime95 SmallFFT default settings. Could you put your CPUs at that same settings?
For example: i7-4790K at 1.45Vcore, 2.1VccIN, 1.3VccSA-IO, DRAM somewhere around 1.85v and run it on Prime95 and collect data from HwInfo (or better) using clamp multimeter for EPS cables.

12900K, 11900K, 10900K, 3960X, 4960X, 5960X, old FXes - whatever you have guys! I'm mostly interested of 3960X, 4960X and 5960X
If you are trying to test thermal pastes you should look into controlling as many variables as possible. You want the tests to be as repeatable as possible. I would highly recommend using a dummy heater over a CPU as many processors scale voltage, frequency, and power draw based on temperatures and available power.

Gamers Nexus has a video going over how they test heatsinks and it shows very well how they control their variables when testing thermals.

You'll want to be able to set your heat load accurately and have the same cooling across all tests. If you are just looking for reviews where they properly test thermal pastes then again I recommend Gamers Nexus as I think they provide the most accurate data with proper testing methodology.