1. B

    How to fully expand the Legend QDI motherboard model P6I440EX EXCELLENT 1?

    Hello everyone: as the title suggests I have an assembled desktop PC, with the Legend QDI motherboard model P6I440EX EXCELLENT 1, currently I have installed 256MB of RAM and a Pentium II CPU at 333Mhz (which was the most powerful CPU supported at that time): I updated the BIOS, and now, by...
  2. Darkswordz

    Ryzen 9 5950X = $499.00 @ Newegg

    Newegg has the Ryzen 9 5950X on sale for $499.00, which is pretty nice if you're looking for an in-socket upgrade. :cool: However, if the leaked benchmarks of the 13600K are accurate, this might not be a stellar deal for folks looking to build a new system from scratch.
  3. L

    System Instability and lots of Uncorrectable ECC errors

    I just built a new server out of second hand components (minus the RAM which is new). - Motherboard: Supermicro X11SSL-F (updated to BIOS 2.6) - CPU: Intel Xeon E3 1240 V5 - RAM: 4 x Crucial MTA9ASF2G72AZ-3G2B1 (DDR4-3200 ECC UDIMM 1Rx8 CL22) - PSU: Seasonic G-360 - Cooler: Noctua NH-L12S All...
  4. A

    Weird Issues with 5800x on Asus x570 tuf gaming plus mobo

    Hey guys, first time poster long time lurker, Having a weird issue in one of the games i play, Escape From Tarkov, where in a couple of areas on 2 of the maps my cpu will HEAVILY downclock and downvolt, resulting in horrible fps and frametime drops and im not really sure whats causing it...
  5. O

    intel core 2 quad q6700 on a DQ965MT chipset ?

    Hi, i would need your help. I wanna upgrade my cpu from pentium D 915 to a core 2 quad q6700 i have a gateway e-4610s whit DQ965MT chipset with the newest bios So, could i upgrade my cpu to core 2 quad or couldn't I? Thanks for any answers.
  6. M

    Procesor overheating, no cooling.

    Hi and thanks for adding me to the forums. I'm not overclocking but I have an issue with cooling. Recently my computer started crashing with a blue screen and after installing a piece of monitoring software I found out the cpu temperature was 70 degrees Celsius at start rising up to 100-105...
  7. Darkswordz

    i9-10900K = $409.99. A bundle with Z490 AORUS Ultra = $599.99. Newegg.com

    This has to be the lowest price I've seen for a 10900K. It's even lower than Microcenter's prices. i9-10900K = $409.99 An even better deal would be to buy it in a bundle with a Gigabyte Z490 AOURS Ultra motherboard for $100.00 off. :eek: i9-10900K + Gigabyte AORUS Z490 Ultra = 599.99
  8. C

    MoBo/Chipset/CPU PCIe lanes - clarification is needed

    Hi guys, could you please help me to understand lanes? Here are the points I'm currently "struggling" with: A "full-bandwidth" slot is the one which # of contacts (e.g. x8) is equal to the max # of lanes (i.e. 8) this slot can connect to. Is it right, that the # of lanes available to...
  9. Darkswordz

    HOT? Super Flower Leadtek 80+ Platinum 850W, Fully Modular PSU = $169.99 after Instant Rebate @ Newegg

    This seems like a pretty good deal for a brand new product. Super Flower Leadtek 80+ Platinum 850W = $199.99 - $30.00 instant rebate (MKTCI191TCSS) = $169.99 A/R. Comes with 10 year warranty. :cool:
  10. J

    High CPU usage Radeon Software from 20.5.1 to the latest new

    Hello, I have issue with newer Radeon drivers, still from 20.5.1 I have high CPU usage 15-20% on Radeon Software Host Application and "compatibility" in Radeon don't showing on how good GPU and CPU Im running on... The problem still occurs even on the latest version of the drivers 20.11.2 for...
  11. Y

    Upgrading from 2500k to 10700k for single core performance. Is it worth it?

    Hey! I've been using 2500k at 4.5 GHz since 2011. I use it for work and playing Overwatch. I was thinking about upgrading since Overwatch performance got terrible lately. However the software I use for work relies heavily on single core performance. So I'd like to get a noticeable boost in...
  12. Darkswordz

    FS/Auction: i7-7820X CPU - Delidded by Silicon Lottery w/ Liquid Metal

    I've just upgraded to an i9-10900K, so my old i7-7820X needs a new home. This CPU has been professionally de-lidded by Silicon Lottery with Thermal Grizzly liquid metal applied. eBay auction ends on 6/23/2020 at 5:25pm. I also have an X299 Taichi motherboard that I need to sell, but not sure...
  13. S

    I made a huge mistake buying this build. Bottleneck

    Main specs: MSI A320M PRO-VH PLUS GTX 1050Ti Ryzen 5 2600 8GB DDR4 2666MHz I play on 1080p 75Hz. A bit longer than one year ago I made a pc build which I was really excited about. Back then I did not have much knowledge about computers in general, so I didn't buy an SSD with it, which already...
  14. J

    Best cooling solution for i9-9900K

    Hello, I am looking for a new cooler as my cooler that I have right now is not doing the job. My cpu is OC @ 5GHZ @ 1.3 volts and temps when benchmarking are 95+ degrees. At idle it's anywhere from 55-60 degrees. The cooler that I have right now is the H115i pro platinum from Corsair. Will a...
  15. S

    9900KS Temps - Some Cores Hotter Than Others

    Hi all, I have a 9900KS that I run at stock while gaming (ARK: Survival Evolved) - I have notced that some cores are around 10-15 degrees hotter than others: I'm using a 280mm AIO liquid cooler and really good thermal grease (CM MasterGel Maker) - is this one of those things solved by...
  16. M

    AMD Inks New Server CPU Deals; Data Center Chief Discusses Them and More

    AMD Inks New Server CPU Deals; Data Center Chief Discusses Them and More AMD exec Forrest Norrod highlighted new supercomputer deals and an expanded partnership with AWS. He also suggested AMD's next-gen server CPUs will deliver healthy performance gains.
  17. M

    Threadripper 3000 on deck nov 7

    Threadripper 3000 on deck nov 7 https://wccftech.com/amd-3rd-gen-ryzen-threadripper-3000-cpu-announcement-7th-november/
  18. M

    Intel vs AMD Processor Security: Who Makes the Safest CPUs?

    Not to be Capt'n Obvious but call me Capt'n. Intel vs AMD Processor Security: Who Makes the Safest CPUs
  19. B

    Ryzen 3000 non-X

    Hi. I'm in search of the best tdp/performance ratio, since the computer I'm building will likely function 24/7. I'm still unable to find reliable informations about the 3900 non-X, which should provide very good performance in a tdp of ~65W. It has been speculated that such processor (along...
  20. S

    YT: Jim Keller: Moore’s Law is Not Dead

    Great overview of where computing power has been and where it's going, by Jim Keller.
  21. Zarathustra[H]

    RISC-V CPU With No Silicon: Made from Carbon Nanotubes

    https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/08/29/carbon_nanotube_chip/ Maybe a solution to the limiting returns of Silicon die shrinks is in sight?
  22. T

    Windows 10 and CPU usage at 100% and Feature Update 1903

    I'm posting the below issue to leave a record for anyone else that has it will be able to find a possible fix as I could not find one. Last week my CPU was running at 100% all the time for 5 days straight. After uninstalling most programs and hardware to no effect I re-imaged the system...
  23. S

    Anandtech: Intel Teases Ice Lake-U Integrated Graphics Performance

    Intel shows internal benchmarks of Ice Lake IGP, including vs previous generation and AMD Raven Ridge at 25 watts. https://www.anandtech.com/show/14405/intel-teases-ice-lake-integrated-graphics-performance
  24. Pieter3dnow

    AdoredTV pre Computex roundup Zen 2 leaked information

    This time around Jim has some new bits of information and shows us that some of the old bits seem to be confirmed by other sources...
  25. Pieter3dnow

    AMD under the bonnet of the world's fastest supercomputer

    Another Cray project for AMD https://fudzilla.com/news/pc-hardware/48648-amd-under-the-bonnet-of-the-world-s-fastest-supercomputer
  26. X

    Processor performance improvements - more than just CPU speeds?

    So I'm wondering how to compare processor performance across generations. I have to think that newer processors have more throughput at the same nominal clock speed, but I really don't know. Here is why I'm asking. My wife has a very old system with an i3 540, 3.07 Ghz, CPU. She wants her...
  27. cageymaru

    Chromebooks Create Demand and Supply Issues for Intel

    Notebook original design manufacturer (ODM) Compal is predicting a worsening of the current supply issues for Intel chips. According to company president Martin Weng and vice chairman Ray Chen, 1Q2019 saw a 10% - 20% supply issue for its clients due to Intel chip shortages and 2Q2019 will be...
  28. AlphaAtlas

    AMD Confirms Stadia Will Run on Intel CPUs

    As one of the world's most pervasive cloud service providers, Google is in a better position to launch a successful game streaming platform than almost anyone. The hardware they choose to use for the launch of their "Stadia" streaming service will undoubtedly influence future game streaming...
  29. AlphaAtlas

    Intel CPU Shortages Are Expected to Worsen in Q2

    Intel is suffering from a 14nm silicon shortage right now, and some industry figures think that boxed DIY processor sales are getting hit particularly hard. Last year, analysts expected the shortage to persist well into the first half 2019, but now, Digitimes Research believes that the supply...
  30. cageymaru

    Cinebench R20 Is Available on the Microsoft Store and Apple Store

    Cinebench R20 is the latest CPU benchmark from Maxon and it is available for download from the Microsoft Store and Apple Store. Maxon has provided instructions for its use as many features of the program have been modernized to incorporate the latest advances of today's hardware and to reflect...
  31. cageymaru

    AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Processor with Wraith Stealth Cooler $164.99

    Amazon has the AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Processor with Wraith Stealth Cooler - YD2600BBAFBOX for $165.00. https://www.amazon.com/AMD-Processor-Wraith-Stealth-Cooler/dp/B07B41WS48 NewEgg has the AMD RYZEN 5 2600 6-Core 3.4 GHz (3.9 GHz Max Boost) Socket AM4 65W YD2600BBAFBOX Desktop Processor for...
  32. cageymaru

    Here Is the AMD EPYC "Rome" C-Ray Demo

    AMD has released a new live demo of its prototype 2nd generation AMD EPYC "Rome" 64 core 7nm CPU vs 2x Intel Xeon Platinum 8180M CPUs where the workload is C-Ray. C-Ray is a floating point intensive benchmark that renders images. The systems in the demo rendered a total of 3 images; a 1080p...
  33. cageymaru

    AMD Is Developing a DXR Capable GPU and More Third Generation AMD Ryzen News

    During an interview with Mark Hachman of PCWorld, AMD president and CEO Dr. Lisa Su acknowledged AMD is "deep in development" of a GPU with real-time ray tracing (DXR) capabilities. She explained that building a development ecosystem was important as "development is concurrent between hardware...
  34. cageymaru

    Samsung Operating Profits Nose-Dive 40% in Q4 2018 Due to Declining Chip Sales

    Samsung has announced that its 40% decline in operating profits in Q4 2018 is due to a weak market demand for memory chips. Samsung posted an operating profit of 10.8 trillion won which is 38.5% lower than the 15.1 trillion won it posted in the previous quarter. This is the lowest operating...
  35. cageymaru

    AdoredTV Discusses the Recent AMD Ryzen and Radeon 3000 Series Leaks

    AdoredTV has released a new video entitled "Ryzen 3000, Radeon 3000 Series LEAKS - It's Game On!" where he compares his trusted source of leaks to the "fake" leaks that were posted recently. He analyzes the differences in nomenclature and clock speed due to binning. Then he ties it all together...
  36. cageymaru

    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Adds New HPC Clusters

    The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has added a new high performance computing (HPC) cluster called Corona in partnership with Penguin Computing that features AMD and Mellanox Technologies. The unfinished HPC cluster will allow researchers and industry partners to explore data science...
  37. cageymaru

    Intel CPUs Are Vulnerable to New PortSmash Side-Channel Exploit

    PortSmash is a new hardware level side channel exploit that leaks encrypted data from a computer's memory or CPU. Scientists can use multiple ways to record and analyze the data to break encryption algorithms and recover the CPU's data. Researchers from Tampere University of Technology in...
  38. cageymaru

    AMD Products and Partner Solutions Are Made for Blockchain Technology

    AMD is touting their product stack's ability to lead in Blockchain technology as they are the only company able to supply compute platforms with both blazing fast GPUs and CPUs. AMD partners have complete plug and play blockchain compute solutions, including software and upgrades. Blockchain...
  39. cageymaru

    Intel Core i9-9900K Processor Shortage Hits NewEgg and Amazon

    NewEgg and Amazon are experiencing shortages of the new Intel Core i9-9900K processors. Hardforum community member, Twitch streamer and hardcore overclocker Elmy has reached out to us to express his frustration at having his Intel Core i9-9900K Coffee Lake processor shipment delayed until the...
  40. cageymaru

    Linux Application Scaling Featuring 128 Threads from Dual AMD EPYC 7601 Processors

    Michael Larabel of Phoronix has conducted a test of Linux application scaling on up to 128 threads. He chose a Dell PowerEdge R7425 server featuring two AMD EPYC 7601 processors for a total of 64 cores and 128 threads, 512GB of RAM (16 x 32GB DDR4), and 20 x 500GB Samsung 860 EVO SSDs. He ran...