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  • I literally just think English isn't his first language dude...
    Perhaps. I've no problem with being wrong. :)
    "Please advise my cool book for Hardware in 2019'" LMAO, this Bob guy is absolutely a bot. :D
    I do not. I'm glad somebody got something out of it. It was probably the most aggravating exchange ever... I considered posting again to continue the "joke", but thought better of it.
    Gotta be honest, I still have yet to give Rome 2 a fair shake. I fired it up ages ago, got pissed that SLI didn't work, and haven't been back since :p
    No problem man, glad to help! Kind of sucks, I have several home use licenses I'd love to unload since I don't use them anymore, but can't. Lame.
    I really wanted it, but I couldn't afford it launch. Not really regretting that after seeing how many problems it has, and that it looks nothing like the pre-release footage.
    I don't have either of the expansions. I probably won't get them. I like the European setting games better. I'll probably play though this one campaign and never play it again after I've taken over... Rome II is right around corner
    So... I just worked my way through a 5-hour Shogun marathon. It was the first time I actually jumped into the single player. At one point, I had a ~13k unit battle happen... that was fun on my GPU :p
    yep... sounds like typical crossfire to me. Funny thing is, after having crossfire I went SLI with Nvidia for a while, and everything was perfect as could be. It's pretty obvious who figured out the multi-GPU thing properly.
    My 5850 CFX drove me nuts, but maybe they have made some advancements since then? The biggest annoyance was this bug that happened with Crossfire + multi-monitors. By default, ULPS is enabled in AMD drivers, but this being on caused a hard lock any time I tried to overclock. This was common. Disabling it was the only way to overclock, but this in turn broke 2D clocks. It downclocked the second card to 150mhz in 2D, which was the card powering my second monitor. This caused lots of flickering on my second display. It annoyed the piss out of me.
    I like the way you think. I'm crazy excited for Rome 2. The 660 Ti is a great little card. It's cheap and fast. It's got less ram, but thats a gimmick anyway. I don't think either card has what it takes to utilize over 2GB anyway.
    Ehg... AMD is sort of the Wal-Mart brand of hardware these days. It's cheaper, but for a reason. I've been Intel and Nvidia for several generations now and couldn't be happier. Intel is going to be the clearly better performer for CPU. With Nvidia, you pay a bit more for your performance, but that comes with things like proper drivers and SLI as an upgrade path (crossfire is a joke).
    Remember that one time little blonxy was like 6 years old and tried to be friends with us manly men?

    ...yeah... I do.
    Remember that one time that we played unreal championship on xbox live and you absolutely dominated me with the lightning gun?

    ......yeah.... somehow i do..
    I figured as much when I saw both of your accounts online playing Shogun. We gotta get back at it some time.
    Yeah, but I got it. After hours of fucking with it, and a few corrupt saves... all it needed was that stupid 4GB patch thinger.
    Dood! I'm going to miss our man date :(

    I sold off some parts so I could upgrade to SB. I don't think my new parts are going to make it in time.
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