Procesor overheating, no cooling.


Aug 30, 2021
Hi and thanks for adding me to the forums.

I'm not overclocking but I have an issue with cooling. Recently my computer started crashing with a blue screen and after installing a piece of monitoring software I found out the cpu temperature was 70 degrees Celsius at start rising up to 100-105 degrees Celsius after a few minutes. I cleaned it throughout from dust, applied a fresh thermal paste between the cpu and the copper plate of the water cooler but this didn't seem to have help. Same temperatures.

Could anyone think of anything else before I buy a new water cooler? What are the signs of a failing water cooler? I wouldn't want to buy one to find out it wasn't the cpu cooler causing the issue.

Thank you for your help.
Sounds like your pump is dead or your block isn't making good contact. Being that you just redid your tim application you would be the best judge of the block. Did you have good even spread when you pulled the block? If so, your pump needs to be replaced.
Im assuming this is an aio/clc of some kind?

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I agree with hititinquitit. A good way to know is first of all, feel the tubing coming out of the CPU block. Can you feel any vibration? If no then your pump is either immaculately built (congratulations!!!) or more likely your pump is dead. Another tell tale sign is feel both tubes coming from the CPU block, if one of the tubes is hot and the other is room temp then your pump is dead. As further verification, feel the hot tubes temperature from the CPU to the radiator, if the temp decreases down to room temp before the tubing goes into the radiator then it’s a dead pump. Hope this helps.
Like the others said, I would almost guarantee it's the AIO pump based on your description.