1. L

    WTB: Low TDP LGA1155 CPUs

    Got what I need. Hi all, I am looking for one or two low TDP (65W or lower) LGA 1155 processors. I am only interested in something listed below, sorted by preference so please no offer for anything else. PM the price if you have one or two to sell. i7 3770T i7 3770S i7 2600S i5 3570T i5 3470T...
  2. R

    Intel Plans To Have Spectre & Meltdown-Proof CPUs This Year

    Slashgear is reporting that intel plans to have versions of its processors that address the Spectre and Meltdown security flaws on the market later this year. News on the processor update came during the earnings call with Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, after the company announced...
  3. TheHig

    Asus z97i Plus itx motherboard $100

    Hello all! CPU sold! PayPal for payment ASUS z97i Plus itx mobo with all retail accessories and box. $110 shipped conus priority mail. Has Win10 pro digital entitlement if you can make that happen as a possible bonus. https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/Z97IPLUS/ Mobo Actual...
  4. magnux

    WTB: i7-7700k

    Hoping for an i7-7700k to toss in a VR build. Looking to spend <$220. Let me know what you've got. Got one, thanks.
  5. N

    FS: Seasonic Prime 1200W Gold + Intel G3930 + Destiny 2

    Seasonic Prime 1200W Gold Comes with all cables and original box $250 + shipping or local pickup in Seattle Intel G3930 Comes with original box $40 shipped Destiny 2 Code for PC $23 Needs a 1080 or 1080Ti installed to activate. Heatware is 153-0-0
  6. t_ski

    t_ski is back!!! Lots of CPUs (2011 v1/v2), WinXP/7, Office, EVGA 1080 SC

    Heatware is under t_ski All parts are used, pulls from working machines. Prices include shipping in the lower 48, and PayPal is the preferred method of mayment. VIDEO CARD EVGA 1080 SC ACX - no mining or folding ever. Bare card. $380 shipped. S2011 CPUs Buy 2 S2011 CPUs, get 5% off Buy 4...
  7. FlimFlam

    F/S: NIB 8600K/1060 FTW*/GB Z370 G7

    Hey all. Hope you had a nice holiday season. Thanks to all my customers that paid fast and gave me good feedback. I hope you are enjoying the parts. Sorry I got to some PMs slowly since I was busy and overwhelmed with interest. I try to respond to all PMs in timely fashion but it was...
  8. FrgMstr

    Koolance CPU-400A-S TR4 Threadripper CPU Water Block Review @ [H]

    Koolance CPU-400A-S TR4 Threadripper CPU Water Block Review Koolance is a well known name in the mainstream water cooling market but over the years it has paid more attention to the enterprise market. Koolance is however dipping its toe into the Threadripper cooling market, when others aren't...
  9. Stormside

    Sold: CPU i5-3470 3.2Ghz Ivy Bridge $40

  10. N

    WTB - i7 2600k

    Looking to upgrade an older system running an i3 3225 with something that has a bit more performance. Would prefer to pick it up here as opposed to eBay if I can. Would be open to a 3770k as well, but those are a bit pricey. Looking for more in the low $100-ish range. I'm in Chicago if anyone...
  11. A

    FS: Corsair AX860i PSU, Mining Motherboard TB250

  12. tnt3k

    FS> White PS4 console, PS4 games, Logitech G230, Blue Gradient PBT keycaps

    Hey guys, Got a bunch of stuff I want to get rid of before the new year. Its mostly mining stuff, but got out of it after 2 months. I will always describe the item and its contents as best as I can but you can message me for details. I will add more as I find more stuff. Doesn't hurt to...
  13. FrgMstr

    Ryzen 5 1600 - Ryzen 5 1400 Boxed CPUs

    All CPUs boxed with Coolers. Purchased in Retail by me for testing. All these CPUs were used for testing here at HardOCP then put back in their boxes a couple months ago and have gone untouched. Ryzen 5 1600 - $175 Shipped UPS Cont USA. SOLD Ryzen 5 1400 - $150 Shipped UPS Cont USA. (Comes...
  14. T

    Correlation between CPU/FSB/RAM frequencies and voltage

    Hi, I just want to learn more about how the different frequencies are set and how they correlate between one another. I'd also like to know how voltages are set. Right now thats what I understand about how modern systems work: The CPU sets the BCLK (Base CLocK) that is used by the CPU...
  15. FrgMstr

    The HardOCP CPU HSF/AIO Cooler Review Platform

    The HardOCP CPU HSF/AIO Cooler Review Platform We are once again updating our CPU Heatsink and All-in-One CPU cooler (HSF/AIO) testing platform. We are also changing up some of the review procedures in order to give our readers a better real-world review of how these coolers compare in...
  16. Marlin1975

    FS: Intel Xeon E3 v2 CPUs socket 1155 1230v2 1245v2 1230 1245 (Similar i7-3770) AMD Phenom 2 x4 840

    Selling 2 bare Intel Xeon E3 v2 socket 1155 CPUs. These are 4 core 8 thread and similar to the i7-3770 but tested and set to Xeon spec. 1: Xeon E3-1230v2 SR0P4 3.3Ghz and up to 3.7Ghz in turbo No built in GPU so TDP is only 69watt Only asking $110 shipped...
  17. O

    Noob question: Is a 7700 or 7700K a better "match" for a 1070 GPU in Dan A4?

    So, my noob question... Is a 7700 or 7700K a better match for a 1070 GPU in a Dan A4? I ask because I imagine that pairing underpowered hardware, with overpowered hardware, creates an "inefficiency" of sorts. Maybe not a "bottleneck" exactly, but something like that. I imagine getting the...
  18. FrgMstr

    The Top 5 Worst CPUs of All Time @ [H]

    The Top 5 Worst CPUs of All Time We reach back over 20 years to think about what are worst CPUs we have ever had to deal with. Whether it be technical issues or for reasons of simply disappointing the market, these CPUs sucked in some way. Some CPUs you will remember, so you won't, and some you...
  19. T

    Is the Antec HGC-400 enough for a 3GHz q6600 paired with a GTX 650 Ti?

    Hi, A friend of mine needed a cheap computer capable of gaming, so I got a few used parts and here is what I've got: CPU: Intel q6600, 4 cores @ 2.4GHz Graphics card: GV-65TOC-2GI, Gigabyte GTX 650 Ti, 2Gb GDDR5, Core @ 1032MHz RAM: 4x 2Gb DIMMs DDR2 @ 800MHz HDD: 1x SATA 500Gb, 7200RPM PSU...
  20. FrgMstr

    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X and 1920X CPU Review @ [H]

    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X and 1920X CPU Review - The day is finally upon us that many CPU enthusiasts have been waiting for. We get to see what AMD's new Threadripper CPU is all about in terms of performance, and in attempts to cool the beast. There has been no lack of hype for months now...
  21. FrgMstr

    AMD Releases Ryzen 3 Processors

    AMD today released two models of its mainstream-priced, high-efficiency AMD Ryzen 3 desktop processor, the AMD Ryzen 3 1300X and AMD Ryzen 3 1200 CPUs. Ryzen 3 processors come equipped with true quad-core unlocked performance for computing and gaming, and join the award-winning AMD Ryzen™ 7 and...
  22. Sand dan Glokta

    I'm getting lower performance than what I should be getting with my new build and IDK what to do.

    I'm running a 1700x @ 3.9, gtx 1080ti sc2, and 16gb 3200mhz ram. I was playing bf1 just now at 1440p on high and I'm getting lower performance than what was shown by various tech sites (legitreviews, hardocp, techpowerup) and various youtubers. On the same settings with the same hardware (some...
  23. Q

    How do you detect a falsely re-lidded CPU?

    Thanks to delidding tools, it's now possible to put the lid of - for example - an i7 CPU on an i3 CPU. Or - more subtly - the lid of an i5-2500k on an i5-2500. Can this be casually detected?
  24. FrgMstr

    AMD Launches EPYC Enterprise CPUs Available Today @ [H]

    AMD Launches EPYC Enterprise CPUs Available Today - AMD held it official EPYC enterprise CPU launch today in Austin, TX. If you are not aware of EPYC, it is quite simply AMD's effort to get back into the datacenters that are now firmly held by Intel Xeon processors. What do you get when you...
  25. Y

    FS: Intel Xeon E5-2695 v3 14-core X99 CPU (QS) - $550

    This chip is a qualification sample with the latest stepping, which means it should work on any X99 board. Tested on the ASROCK X99 ITX, ASUS X99 delux II and Z10PA-d8. Specs and passmark score at: http://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu.php?cpu=Intel+Xeon+E5-2695+v3+@+2.30GHz . The all-core turbo is...
  26. comp24seven

    WTB - Intel I7-4960X CPU ( NOT ES)

    Looking to buy I7-4960X Please lmk if you have one for sale
  27. FrgMstr

    Scythe Mugen 5 CPU Air Cooler Review @ [H]

    Scythe Mugen 5 CPU Air Cooler Review - The Mugen 5 is one of the larger CPU air coolers you will find on the market, and with that is has an "asymmetric design for maximum memory compatibility," so it does not extend deep into DIMM territory. The polished copper baseplate, as well as the rest...
  28. I

    New CPU cooler installed & smaller heatsink re-seated; now fans LOUD and display blank!

    System Specs: HP Compaq Elite 8300 USDT/USFF with i5-3470s and 16gb RAM Windows 10 on 120gb SSD; 250GB HDD Hello all, I have a HP Compaq Elite 8300 USDT/USFF pc- the reeeealy small one. I have it running 24/7 as a media server, and since heat kills, I wanted to upgrade the cooling a little...
  29. FrgMstr

    AMD Shows of Epyc Datacenter CPU

    AMD just got finished off showing off some of the basics about its EPYC datacenter processor. It is based on the Zen architecture goodness, and is in a nutshull, four Ryzen CPUs on a single package for server. So you get 32 Cores under one integrated heat spreader with support for 4TB of...
  30. FrgMstr

    AMD ThreadRipper HEDT CPU Officially Announced

    AMD ThreadRipper HEDT CPU Officially Announced AMD just officially announced the new AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper High End Desktop CPU that will be released this summer at its Financial Analyst Day. A 16-Core 32-Thread CPU sounds
  31. B

    FS - CPUs, Motherboards, Video Cards, MISC

    Heat: BYUSinger84 Prices are flexible when buying more than one item unless already listed as combo. Think a price isn't fair? Make me an offer! Combos: Asus P8Z68-V Pro/Gen3 motherboard and Core i7 2600K - Sold MSI Z77A-G45 Gaming and Core i5 3570K - Sold CPUs: x2 Q6600 G0 stepping -...
  32. M

    Which air cooler to replace the 212?

    Hello all, I'm going to be getting a Ryzen 1500X soon and I'd like to venture into overclocking for the first time and would be aiming to hit 3.9/4.0 providing I get a good chip. I need a replacement for my 212 and would like to stick with air if possible. My question is, which would provide...
  33. S

    High 7700K Temps with Corsair Hydro H80i and Hyper 212?

    Hi All! I did a new build about a month ago and I have noticed some unusually high temperatures with my 7700K. I originally had a Hyper 212 cooler on my build, but after seeing the temps I decided that maybe it wasn't cutting it so I switched to a Corsair Hydro H80i v2. However the temps are...
  34. The Internal

    Quietest black and blue LED CPU cooler (that's at least "good")

    Hey everyone. So, the thread title is pretty self-explanatory. I'm looking to do a new-build with black everything and blue accents. I'd love to find a very quiet heatsink that happens to be black that I could either put on a blue LED fan or that comes with a blue LED fan. A good heatsink is...
  35. M

    Web-browsing PC to Editing PC Upgrade

    Hello all, A year ago I built my first PC and at the time I was only interested in web-browsing and YouTube etc with the occasional session on games like Shellshock Live, which aren't very intensive. I decided on an A10-7870k with 8GB of 2400Mhz Ram. Since then, I have taken up photography as...
  36. The Internal

    Are Asus x99 boards currently having a bad run?

    Hey all. So, I'm looking to do a build around my i7-6850k and I've encountered a surprising number of bad reviews / complaints about Asus x99 motherboards toasting their CPUs and/or needing multiple RMAs. I was considering going with an ASUS board, despite the X99-A having some recurring...
  37. FrgMstr

    AMD Ryzen Oxide Game Engine Optimized Code Tested @ [H]

    AMD Ryzen Oxide Game Engine Optimized Code Tested - There has been a lot of talk about how AMD's new Ryzen processors have pulled up somewhat short at low resolution gaming. AMD explained that code optimizations from game developers are needed to address this issue, and today is the day that...
  38. FrgMstr

    AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Retail CPU Overclocking X 2 @ [H]

    AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Retail CPU Overclocking X 2 - We have seen what the Ryzen 7 1700 sampled to us by AMD would do when it comes to overclocking, but what happens when you purchase a 1700 CPU? We went out and purchased one online and one locally and put these to test to find out their...