1. N

    970 EVO 1tb/512mb $161/$84 with Samsung Pay 30% off at Best Buy today. (Vague Exclusions YMMV)

    Shop via the Samsung Pay App (requires a Samsung smart phone) at Best Buy and get 30% cash back. Problem is that 'promotions' are excluded, and no one really knows what that means - but you have until Jan 12th to return almost everything including SSDs, which should be long enough to discover...
  2. AlphaAtlas

    Researchers Find Vulnerabilities in Self Encrypting SSDs

    Researchers from Radboud University in the Netherlands found severe security vulnerabilities in several popular, self-encrypting SSDs from Samsung and Crucial. These SSDs can encrypt and decrypt data coming in and out on the fly, which is seen as a "hardware encyption" option in Bitlocker on...
  3. AlphaAtlas

    SK Hynix Launches "4D" NAND Flash

    SK Hynix launched what it claims is the world's first "4D" NAND. The new 96-layer TLC chips have a capacity of 512gb (or 64GB) each, and will go into production this year. They also claim that 1TB SSDs using the company's own controllers and firmware will come out this year, while 1tb chips, QLC...
  4. AlphaAtlas

    Alienware is Looking Into PC Component Manufacturing

    Alienware is "looking into" manufacturing components for desktops PCs. Historically, many of Alienware's products have only been available as part their pre-built systems. But, according to an interview with Dell XPS GM Frank Azor by PCGamesN, Alienware is thinking about selling those parts...
  5. Z

    $1800 - $2500 Video Editing Build - any good?

    Hi Guys, My brother needs a new PC, and asked me for help. PC will be primary used for Video Editing & PC Gaming. I want to set him up with the best radiator for water cooling (nothing custom). And since I always had an Intel build, I want to stick to that. He will pick his own case (full...
  6. AlphaAtlas

    Samsung Releases Z-NAND Based Datacenter SSD

    Following the SZ985 that was announced last year, Samsung unveiled a new high performance datacenter SSD aimed at the same market as Intel's Optane drives. Unlike Optane SSDs, which use Intel's unique 3D Xpoint memory, the 983 ZET uses Samsung's 3D NAND in an SLC configuration that Samsung calls...
  7. wareyore

    Microcenter or Amazon Inland Professional 1TB SSD $139 or $149 w/prime

    Microcenter will ship this item. I don't have an MC in my state so with shippingto me its $145.98 total Amazon has it for $149.99 with Prime...
  8. T

    XPG SX8200 PCIe M.2 960GB SSD $221 after coupon

    Saw this on Slickdeals and thought to share :) This is a really awesome deal. I paid $260 for this same SSD via Newegg during a sale over a month ago and its back to $350. Great SSD, fast too! promo code BTS15
  9. L

    Poor responsiveness after changing RAM speeds--even after setting them back.

    Main problem/TLDR: System unresponsive after playing with RAM settings--even after reset to last known good settings where system was perfectly responsive. How to fix? I think it's mostly likely a RAM or SSD issue. I haven't ruled out a defective motherboard, or software issues as a possibility...
  10. cageymaru

    Intel has Officially Announced the New Data Center Roadmap

    Intel's Executive VP and GM of the Data Center Group, Navin Shenoy has released a statement announcing the new Intel data center roadmap. First he announced new server accessories such as the Intel Optane DC persistent memory which allows for a larger persistent memory tier between the DRAM and...
  11. GDI Lord

    NVME Storage Options for a Mobo with No M.2 Slot

    Hi What options are available to people with motherboards like mine, an MSI B150M Mortar, that doesn't have an M.2 Slot for storage? I'm currently running Win10 from a 500GB Samsung 750 EVO as my C:. I'm very happy with it, I'm just curious as to future upgrade paths. Broadly: What PCIe NVME...
  12. G

    Should I replace this SSD (SMART)

    I'm horrible at interpreting SMART values on SSDs - what do you guys think, should I replace this disk? I'm thinking I should, but don't want to pull it prematurely (especially having read the Ars Technica SSD torture test on these things!). It's a Samsung EVO 850 250GB drive that's just over...
  13. K

    Optane Memory - Is it for you? <Opinion/Review>

    Over the last month or so, as a result of a thread on the Optane 900p, I have been experimenting with Optane memory and Primocache. What was established in the thread was that Optane has very low latency and high performance for low queue depth loads- which generally means that for desktop...
  14. Pieter3dnow

    Seems that StoreMI is not that bad nice X470 perk

    Very interesting conclusion.
  15. FrgMstr

    1TB for 29 Cents a GB and Free Far Cry 5

    If you are looking for a bit of new storage for our box, Amazon has a smoking deal on the Samsung 860 EVO 1TB drive that brings it in at 29 cents a GB. While that is a great deal for a great drive, Samsung is throwing in a free copy of Far Cry 5 for the next couple of days as well. You can...
  16. R

    Samsung Releases 970 PRO and EVO SSDs

    Samsung has announced today the 970 PRO and EVO solid state drives. The new M.2 drives are using the latest V-NAND technology and an all new Phoenix controller to give speeds of up to 3,500 MB/s read and 2,700 MB/s write, which is nearly 30% faster sequential writes than the 960 series, as well...
  17. Armenius

    Secure Erase or Quick Format on Samsung 850 Pro?

    I have a secondary SSD that I have been keeping Windows 8 on, but realized I have not booted into it for more than a year and I'd like to use it for more games. The drive has been using about 420 of the 465GB available for quite some time. Would it be worth it to do a Secure Erase to ensure...
  18. C

    SSD Raid on a Lenovo TS140 using IBM M5015 RAID Card for ESXi?

    Hello, I have a TS140 that I need to deploy ESXi onto. I also want to have some sort of RAID on the datastore that I store my VMs onto. The system has 3 Intel DC S3500 SATA3 SSDs (1x 80GB, 2x 250GB) I was going to install ESXi on the smaller 80GB SSD and use it for misc storage and RAID-1 the...
  19. R

    Micron Working On QLC Flash Storage

    In a report from The Register, Micron is planning to release quad-level flash cell drives later this year. QLC flash stores 4bits/cell vs TLC flash's 3 meaning a 6TB TLC SSD could become an 8TB QLC SSD using this technology, and start encroaching on the nearline disk market. QLC flash does...
  20. FrgMstr

    INTEL SSD 760P SERIES M.2 SSD Launches Today

    The new Intel SSD 760p Series combines Intel 3D NAND technology with Intel’s world-class quality leadership to deliver PCIe performance, high capacity and low power consumption for desktop and mobile platforms. I have uploaded the complete Press Briefing (PDF) for your viewing pleasure...
  21. L

    SSD performances

    Hello, I've tested 3 SSD with a notebook with Windows 10 using HD Tune, and I've got these results: Transfer Rate (MB/sec) **** Minimum: Crucial: 29,2 - WD: 29,3 - Sandisk: 33.3 Maximum: Crucial: 36,9 - WD: 37,3 - Sandisk: 37,8 Average: Crucial: 34,4 - WD: 35 - Sandisk: 35,5 Access Time (s)...
  22. B

    Cloning Disk/OS to new SSD

    Newbie here for cloning disk drives. I currently bought a new Samsung EVO 850 1TB SSD to replace my manufactured (C) SSD 250 GB in my 2017 Dell Laptop with Windows 10. At first I assumed this process will be simple, but after dealing with it for multiple days I seem to not to get it working...
  23. D

    Intel Outs Unannounced 1TB BGA SSD, 64L 512Gb NAND Die

    Intel Outs Unannounced 1TB BGA SSD, 64L 512Gb NAND Die
  24. M

    WinXP on a SSD ok?

    I have a kodak photo printer that will not work on any OS newer than XP or 2K so I need to instal xp on an older machine with a small 40 GB intel ssd installed. Other than not having any trim support is there any reason not to instal to it? I would just junk the printer but this is a dedicated...
  25. E

    Intel 900p Optane drives to be another paper launch?

    The Register had found a number of listings for the 280GB and 480GB Optane drives with them being priced at $650 and $1049 respectively. I looked around and has four listed for each capacity (two for each coast of the US). The price is pretty up there, but are they even going to be...
  26. dvsman

    Hot or ...? Samsung 960 EVO 1TB $339.99

    At my local microcenter Cheaper than on Amazon $443.99: Just in case anyone was in the...
  27. X

    How to get/decrypt an SSD PSID from the drive itself?

    Hi everyone, I'm now looking for a way to get an SSD PSID (Physical Security ID) from the inside of it. I know it is an hexadecimal identifier to lock the SSDs from piracy issues. Supposedly from what I know, if you erase or modify the SMART Values on the inside of an SSD twice, it will...
  28. R

    Western Digital Launches Rugged Portable SSDs

    In a press release today, Western Digital is launching a line of rugged SSDs aimed at photographers under it's "G-Technology" branding. The SSD-R Series is USB-C, IP67 rated for water and dust resistance, shock resistant to up to a 9.8ft/3m drop onto concrete, and can withstand up to 1,000lbs of...
  29. D

    PCIe adapter for SAMSUNG 950 PRO ,can you help me?

    hi i have an asus motherboard z-97K and i would like to use a SAMSUNG 950 PRO M.2 2280 i need PCIe adapter i have a PCIe 3 for my x16 mode and i have 1 x PCIe 2.0 x16 x4 mode for the SAMSUNG 950 PRO M.2 2280 & PCIe adapter i would like to install windows 10 on SAMSUNG 950 PRO M.2 2280...
  30. dvsman

    Is anyone actually running a U.2 drive(s)?

    I was just reading some forum posts here on [H] about M.2 mobo slots possibly being slower than an M.2 on a PCIE card and started poking around on my mobo and remembered I had these U.2 sockets on there. U.2 was supposed to be the new hotness but I don't see anyone ever mention these things and...
  31. cageymaru

    1TB mSATA Internal SSD (Refurbished) $249 from Woot

    This a decent deal from Woot for $249? Wonder which manufacturer it is? My guess is Samsung as the specs look identical? Less than 3 hours left at any rate! Blame frankmansal for linking it to me. ;) Famous Maker 1TB...
  32. B

    Is there a way for me to fit a 2280 M.2 in MSI Z170I Gaming Pro AC (Supports 2242 and 2260)?

    I am from India and there are zero 2242 or 2260 M.2 256 GBs available here. I have this motherboard, I was wondering if it was possible to fit a 2280 in it. The specifications say upto 2260. I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me out here. There definitely is space for a 2280 as I can...
  33. T

    Which SSD PCIe Is Right For My ASUS Z-97A /USB 3.1 MB?

    I am running an Asus Z-97A / USB 3.1 motherboard ( together with an older OCZ 256GB SATA 3 SSD that is only for purposes of running my OS (Windows 10) and has read and write speeds of roughly 450-500 MB/S. Today I was about to...
  34. A

    Samsung 960 Pro SSD over-provisioning

    Does anyone know if there is a method to add over-provisioning on the Samsung 960 Pro SSD, except making a partition of a size that is smaller than the drive capacity? E.g., there is HPA (Host Protected Area) that could be used to add over-provisioning on a SATA-drive, but it couldn't be used on...
  35. tsubasa hanekawa

    Gigabyte X99 UD5 SSD question

    Hello all, I am soon to be obtaining a cheap X99 UD5 from a friend, I plan on pairing this with an E5 2630 V3 and 16gb of DDR4 3000MHz (i know it'll run at around 1800MHz or 2133MHz but it's temporary till I can afford a 5960X or so) now, my question regarding the SSD's is in reference to the...
  36. spacedrone808

    Gigabyte GA-AX370 Gaming 5 in Windows 7 with nvme ssd

    I just want to know. Is there any successful users of such weirdo combination? Looking forward to hearing from you, guys.
  37. S

    PlayStation 3 + SSD = ???

    I currently own a PS3 SuperSlim and a PS4 Fat. Both have the stock 500 GB 5400 RPM (?) HDDs. As I play only a handful of games on both (I play a total of 6 games between both consoles, 3 games on each) I do not need such humongous storage, but I'd like to decrease my load times on both consoles...
  38. T

    High retired cells?

    So I have some 5 year old Crucial M4 256GB disk that were in a small lightweight SQL server. I pulled them out and did a smart test on them. Whilst the life of the drives show around 95% lifespan remaining, they show over 90,000 retired memory blocks. Can't remember the exact wording but you...
  39. Zarathustra[H]

    Intel Optane Memory Arrives With Crazy Low Queue Depth Performance

    There has been a lot of buzz lately about Intel's new Optane storage technology. If you are like me, the news on Optane has been a little bit confusing, and lacking on practical details. LegitReviews has done a good job with their Intel decoder rings (they must buy the Intel branded cereal)...
  40. M

    Raid 0 with m.2 sata and sata ssd

    I'm wondering if it's possible to raid 0 an m.2 sata drive with a sata ssd I bought a 500gb 850 evo m.2 (used) and i also have a normal 850evo of the same capacity, so i was thinking on making a raid 0 array with both drives