Patch, or your (HP Enterprise) solid state drives (could) roll over and die


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Jun 25, 2003
Note: original article title edited for pertenance to hardware affected.

Hackaday is reporting certain models of HP Enterprise SSD drives suffer from a software bug which could cause the drives to stop working after 32,768 hours of uptime.

The drives are supplied by a third party manufacturer who notified HP of the issue.

Their manufacturer has notified them that certain models of solid-state disk drives supplied in enterprise storage systems contain an unfortunate bug, in which they stop working after 32,768 hours of uptime. That’s a familiar number to anyone working with base-2 numbers and hints at a 16-bit signed integer in use to log the hours of uptime. When it rolls over the value will then be negative and, rather than the drive believing itself to be in a renewed flush of youth, it will instead stop working.