1. ibex333

    WTS Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic 47mm (Brand New)

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic 47mm, BNIB. $275 shipped. I strongly prefer Zelle because of no fees, but if you want PayPal, that's fine. Local sale in NYC possible. Local trade in NYC for mid tier video cards, Pixel 7 Pro, or US version Switch OLED in perfect condition...
  2. S

    FS-7700k w/ 64GB RAM + Asus Mobo + 4 140mm Fans and 2 850 Pro SSD's. $old.

    Hello! Have a set sale for Intel 7700k paired with ASUS ROG Maximus IX Hero and 64GB Geil Evo X 64GB 3000@15-17-17-35 DDR4 RAM. Also included is 4 NZXT Aer RGB 140mm fans with Hue+ controller, Thermalright True Spirit 140 Direct, and 2 Samsung 850 Pro 512GB with approximately 2.8TB written...
  3. K

    FS: Ryzen 7 7700X Bundle with MB, DDR5 and either 3060 Ti or 2080, Ryzen 9 7900 with 32GB DDR5, Samsung 970 Evo Plus SSD

    Prices are for local cash deals. Local is about 30 minutes south of Cleveland, OH. If you want something shipped to you, then you'll be responsible for all additional costs including any fees, packaging, etc. These are the only options. I'm not parting out anything. Before you ask: Yes, I'm...
  4. ibex333

    no longer available

    TRADED IN TO SAMSUNG, LET THIS POST DIE Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G SM-F926U1 - 512GB - Phantom Black (Carrier Unlocked) $625 /OBO regular PayPal. I usually do USPS or UPS shipping, whatever will be cheaper for me. If you are paying by Zelle or PayPal F&F, I'll take as little as $575...
  5. J

    SSD Not Recognized

    Hey all, I am new here and hope to be able to contribute the online help you are providing. However, I have to start with a question: I am running Windows 10 Pro (64 bit) on a home built computer. I just bought a WD Blue SSD 2 TB drive. First, I removed my existing 500 GB Samsung 860 EVO SSD...
  6. ibex333

    Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G - 512GB - Phantom Black (Carrier Unlocked)

    Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G SM-F926U - 512GB - Phantom Black (Carrier Unlocked). Excellent condition. Just a few tiny paint chips in corner. (Shown in picture.) Screen is very good. Body is overall good. Phone and basic charging cable only! Nothing else included. Price - $660 /OBO (No fees...
  7. Baasha

    Samsung Neo G9 + RDR2 = Giant Black Bars?!?

    I started playing RDR2 again after a while and on my X99 rig with the Samsung Neo G9 monitor (5120x1440), I noticed that there are thick black bars on the left and right sides even though my resolution is set correctly to 5120x1440 and is on "Fullscreen" mode. I remember playing this game many...
  8. Armenius

    Xbox App is coming to Samsung televisions

    You will soon be able to stream games to play directly to your Samsung "smart" TV. A Game Pass Ultimate subscription will be required. Both Game Pass and owned games will be able to be streamed if cloud gaming is supported by those titles. The app rolls out on June 30...
  9. H

    FS: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 512GB Unlocked with Accessories

    Selling this Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 512GB unlocked phone since I'm switching back to iPhone. Timestamp/Pics: This phone was purchased from a Samsung Experience physical store, and includes the paper receipt. It comes with - S Pen Fold Edition ($50 value) - Spigen Slim Armor Pro case with...
  10. hotdun

    FS: SOLD - Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Black - Brand New Sealed

    Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Black - Brand New Sealed - $SOLD Got them as a bundle with a S7 tablet. Heatware/eBay: hotdun Shipping to US only. PayPal, Venmo
  11. dvsman

    Anyone place their order for the Samsung Flip 3 or Fold 3 yet?

    I just talked to my corporate phone guy this afternoon and he said pre-orders were open now. Flip 3 comes in 128gb or 256gb = $400/500 through corporate (IIRC, not 100% sure) Fold 3 comes in up to 512gb (can't remember the lower options) = $1150 through corporate but the interesting thing is he...
  12. funkydmunky

    Samsung and AMD = Quest type product?

    Well known that Samsung has Radeon GFX partnership. Being that Samsung is the king of displays and has been more then quiet on the VR front for ever, could a Quest 2/3 killer be in the wings? I don't see super gaming phones being the strategy here.
  13. G

    WTB Smart Watch

    Looking to try the smart watch thing but not looking to spend much until I'm sure I'll really use it. Has to be android compatible, let me know what you have. Thanks.
  14. Z

    FS: XBOX 500GB Kinect + Controllers + Games +Bonus

    Hello, I'm still downsizing and never really played the XBOX, purchased on 12/27/13 from Newegg, so listing for sale. Maybe used 10-25 times total, with updates just being applied last week. FS: SOLD Xbox One 500GB with Kinect + 2 Xbox controllers + 1 PC controller + Games Headset never...
  15. W

    c32t55 response time

    I just bought a Samsung c32t55 monitor and whenever i change the response time to "fastest" the monitor distorts colors upon movement. E.g: when i was playing Pes 2020, the blue cursor in contrast with the green background, created a "red ghost" following it around whenever the camera moved...
  16. A


    Delete please.
  17. M

    TSMC & Samsung Foundry Could Build Leading-Edge Fabs in Europe
  18. Z

    FS: Google Pixel 3XL BOGO! + Bonus S7

    Clearing out more phones! 2x Verizon Pixel 3XL 128GB Black (unlocked) + Google buds (gen1) + Bonus Samsung S7 (unlocked). FS: 2x Verizon Pixel 3XL 128 Black *** 1x phone has a crack on the front screen *** thus the BOGO price 1x Google Buds (gen1) Bonus 2x Samsung S7 black unlocked **** 1x...
  19. V

    Gaming on Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ AND Heating issue.

    Hey fellow android lovers! I recently picked up the S7+ because it seemed to FINALLY be a solid contender for the Ipad pro in terms of being a school companion device for college. I am an engineering student and the sketching/note-taking capabilities have been nothing short of life-saving! The...
  20. W

    FS: i7-13700F

    Intel Core i7-13700F No box $290 $265 shipped Nintendo Switch Online Subscription Selling remaining spots of Nintendo switch family online plan with fellow [H] members. Valid through 6/8/2024 FULL 0/8 spots left $6 Prices listed are shipped. No trades Heat required for items over $100 Heat...
  21. S

    Samsung mass producing 90hz OLED 14" panels I for one am pretty stoked to read that there will be quite a few new laptops with > 60hz OLED for sale this year. I wish it was 120 but from my VR headset I know that 90hz OLEDs are great at...
  22. U

    FS: Samsung Tab S6 Blue 256 GB with matching book cover

    - Pristine A+ condition, no nicks or marks anywhere - Works flawlessly as Day 1 - Premium sample i.e. went through a few exchanges before getting one with zero gray uniformity issues (I am a display nerd lol) - Selling because I got a sweet deal on a Tab S7+ - Comes with original...
  23. Z

    FS: iPhone Firesale 2.0 (11 Max Pro/ XR/ Bonus)

    Hello all, Firesale on the last phones from the last upgrade to iphone 12s. For who missed the first sale! iPhone 11 Max Pro Green 256GB (Verizon 2 big scratch / few smaller) iPhone XR (Verizon white) iPhone XR (Verizon black / cracked screen / needs format) iPhone 7 plus (AT&T / 1 smaller...
  24. A

    For sale: Asus Z87 Deluxe, Intel I7 4770k, Crucial 16GB DDR3 memory combo, other parts for sale.

    Been a very long time since I listed anything here. My heatware is jmurray, not sure if that's still a thing. All items are located in Sugar Hill, GA 30518. Local pickup welcome. All prices are OBO and include shipping except the case. Feel free to ask any questions. Asus Z87 Deluxe...
  25. Z

    FS: Samsung 1x Galaxy Book S (Verizon) 256GB + Bonus

    I've got brand new1x Galaxy Book S in box (I removed the Verizon SIM card). $750 OBO *As always I'll include a gift! 1x Galaxy Book S (Verizon) 256GB SMW767VZAA $750 OBO *As always I'll include a gift! PM for details
  26. Z

    FS: Iphone XR Firesale (6 phones +1 bonus!)

    Hello, Just upgraded my small biz to new iPhone 12's so I have 6x iPhone XR's (Verizon unlocked) + 1x XR with a cracked screen. All 6x are in great shape with minor use (no cracks or large dings) as these were in cases. Selling as a bundle only, less than $250 each!!! 6x iPhone XR 64GB + 1x...
  27. T

    Samsung C32H711 - Service Menu?

    Hello, I have recently bought second LCD monitor Samsung C32H711. When both are reset to default settings the second one has much yellowish colors. I suspect that the second monitor is not new and I would like to know how many hours was it used for. For this I guess would be great the secret...
  28. G

    FS: Multiple Samsung 860 EVO 2.5" SSDs - 1TB and 4TB

    Samsung 860 EVO 1TB 2.5" SSDs - Qty. 4 (1 sold) $100/each OBO Brand new. in sealed packaging Samsung 860 EVO 4TB 2.5" SSDs - Qty. 5 $375/each OBO Used, all are in Good condition and around 175 TBW as reported by Samsung Magician. Will update with CDI screenshots tomorrow.
  29. D

    Problem with Samsung TV, AVR and PC Mode

    I have Samsung UE65MU6405 TV and i had no problems before when directly connecting my PC to TV with PC MODE. But i just bought new AVR Onkyo TX-SR494 which i now pass trough the HDMI cable. So my problems is that normally pc mode seems to be selected by editing the icon and selecting the PC one...
  30. dvsman

    Samsung Watch 4G or any other Android watch w/4G - anyone use?

    So I was thinking of trying out the new edition Samsung Watch 4G - but I've gotten conflicting info from people I've talked to - including the corporate AT&T sales guy vs the in store AT&T guy. What I'm trying to find out is if I can (with added fee) share the same phone number as my current...
  31. R

    SOLD - Combo ASUS Z97-AR + Intel i5-4690K + Crucial 16Gb + 250GB Samsung SSD + Win 10 Pro

    SOLD!!! Motherboard - ASUS Z97-AR CPU - Intel i5-4690K Monster CoolerMaster 120mm HS Fan - very quiet Memory - Crucial Ballistix 16Gb (8Gb x 2) Samsung SSD - 840EVO 250Gb with activated Windows 10 Pro on this system Just get any decent power supply and case (large enough for heatsink), plug it...
  32. modi123

    DreamWalker - A short walk closer to rejecting your reality and substituting a new one..

    Microsoft researchers have made some leaps with VR with a project called 'DreamWalker'. These cats strapped on a VR head set, told it where they wanted to go, and the VR set navigated them to their destination but in the meantime the displayed information is a city and what not. The program...
  33. U

    Beyond Mint, Perfect Tab S4 with original box, charger , 128 GB Evo+ mSD, magnetic case

    - No scratches or marks anywhere, mint - Original charger, cable, s-pen and box included - Magnetic flip case also included - 128 gb EVO+ mSD card included Asking $375 shipped, thanks for looking!
  34. Z

    FS: 4x Nuc i7/i5 + bonus Samsung S7/Note 10.1

    Left over from projects, I've put together 4x nuc's (2x i7s and 2x i5s) that have been used as basic desktops. I'm throwing in an used S7 and Note 10.1 tablet as well as 16GB Intel optane. I have slightly different specs for the i7s ram/SSD. All Nuc's have windows 10pro installed but not...
  35. Z

    FS: 22TB + SSD's (bonus Intel Optane and Samsung 10.1 tablet)

    Hello, Sell extra drives from Dell pulls / cold storage 8TB. All wiped and zeroed drives with GPT NTFS formatting. Selling as bundle for huge savings but might break up (22TB+ SSD) FS: SOLD 2x 8TB WD80EZAZ 2TB ST2000LM007 1TB ST1000LM049 1TB HGST HTS721010AE630 2x 500GB ST500LM021 2x...
  36. D

    Thoughts on Better Monitor than 2015 55" JS9000

    Would love to hear peoples thoughts as to what is better than the Samsung JS9000 55" I have been doing a lot more FPS and it would be great to have lower input lag, better colors and be able to take advantage of my 2080ti to its maximum potential. For me 55" seems to be the sweetspot. I do not...
  37. Y

    FS: i9-7980xe, RTX 2080 Dual O8G,Galaxy Note 8, 970 Pro 1Tb

    Bought parts for a build that I never circled around to and I figure I should cut losses and go for a Xeon machine. All parts are NIB, unopened. Prices include Paypal and US shipping. Please PM me for questions. Happy to talk about bundle pricing for anything here. - 1x i9-7980xe, asking for...
  38. euskalzabe

    HP Pavilion 27 Quantum Dot - First QDOG, out this month

    I was recently asking here about the importance of 144hz vs 10 bit color, and in the past week I've learned quite a lot from doing research online. Some important conclusions: - 144hz is not super important if you're not playing fast paced FPS games. - bit-depth and color gamut are related but...
  39. S

    Samsung Kills Production of Famed B-die DDR4 Memory in Favor or Higher Densities

    As the world becomes more and more centered on data, as well as its processing and storage, increased memory density across products is becoming more of a necessity. It seems that out of this necessity and a need to streamline its memory production towards favoring denser outputs, Samsung is...