Samsung Watch 4G or any other Android watch w/4G - anyone use?


Dec 2, 2009
So I was thinking of trying out the new edition Samsung Watch 4G - but I've gotten conflicting info from people I've talked to - including the corporate AT&T sales guy vs the in store AT&T guy.

What I'm trying to find out is if I can (with added fee) share the same phone number as my current phone (Note 10+). The corp sales says if I add it to my account, it will have a separate number entirely vs the in store sales guy who says I add it to my account and it just uses my pre existing number.

Anyone with experience with smart watches with built in 4G on Android?
I have a TicWatch Pro LTE. It's just ok, battery life with LTE on is pretty horrible, less than one day for me, but I do live out with minimal cell coverage so it's always searching. Switch cellular off and the battery life is pretty good.
I'm running the regular Tic watch pro right now and am pretty happy with it, but gadgets ... :-P

Anyway, does your watch have a separate phone number or does it share your cell phone's number? Or does it not have a number at all, just data only (not sure how this would work from a technical standpoint but ...)?
Mine has it's own number as I don't own a cell phone. You can actually call and txt it, but I only use it for Telegram messenger. I don't believe there is even an email client for Wear OS, though I do have it paired with a tablet and it get notifications from it. Probably all the rest is the same as your Pro.
Thanks! That's what I was trying to find out. My Tic is only the bluetooth / wifi version but it does what I need it to do (since I carry my phone with me 99% of the time anyway). The dual layer / power saver screen is a cool gimmick - even though I'm not sure it really helps that much.

I like the idea of a unchained smart watch but I'm dreading adding another gadget that needs to be charged every day.
Currently there is no option to switch off LTE when connected to wifi, which would really help battery life!
Damn - that seems like one helluva oversight. I wonder why they did it that way? What carrier system are you on? Is it CDMA or GSM?