1. K

    Crackgate?: Apple Vision Pro EyeSight Display Randomly Cracking For Some Users

    Crackgate?: Apple Vision Pro EyeSight Display Randomly Cracking For Some Users OLIVER HASLAM·FEBRUARY 23, 2024 The Apple Vision Pro headset hasn’t even been on sale for a month yet but some people are starting to report strange cracks that could wind up costing hundreds of dollars to fix. The...
  2. U


    I'm in the greater Los Angeles area (91711), and prefer to deal locally in cash (as it gives assurances to both me and the buyer), but will ship if you want to pay fees and shipping costs (Apple Pay, Venmo). Not looking for any trades at this time. SOLD ITEMS AMD Radeon VII - 16GB - $300...
  3. U

    iOS 17 released today (if you haven’t been getting spammed about it enough on every social media platform)

    iOS 17 dropped today at 10:00 AM PST. I updated both of my devices since they are newer in their life cycler and not older. Most importantly my 12.9” iPad Pro 6th Gen (M2, if that makes knowing that easier). iPadOS got a bunch of updates to make the usability better, and I’ve been using this...
  4. M

    FS: Apple Link Bracelet, Silver, 42mm+

    Apple genuine Silver Link bracelet. Includes all links and box. 42mm, also works with 44mm, 45mm, and the 49mm Ultra watches. $199 net to me shipped UPS ground conus.
  5. Zarathustra[H]

    Linus: You Can't Trust Apple's Performance Claims

    Sure, Apple's M1 and M2 are pretty cool, but where do Apples claimed performance numbers come from anyway? Linus tackles this: Marketers will, uh, Marketeer I guess. Not usually a fan of Linus, but I have to admit, this is a decent expose. He does give Apple high marks for power use...
  6. O

    SOLD: iMac 27" 2020 - i7 10th Gen / 64GB / 1TB SSD / 5700XT 16GB / 10G ETH / AppleCare+

    For Sale is a 2020 iMac 27" 5k retina display. Specs: Intel i7 10th Gen / 8-core 64GB OWC ram kit installed / also includes original 8gb apple ram. 1TB SSD Radeon Pro 5700xt w/ 16GB ram 10 Gigabit Ethernet Unused Keyboard / Mouse / Cable AppleCare+ warranty until September ~20, 2023 (Screen...
  7. K

    FS: RTX 3070, MSI B660M Mortar WIFI Motherboard + 16GB RAM, Macbook Pro M1 14", Macbook Pro M1 16", AMD Ryzen 9 7900 Combo, Corsair ML120 Fans

    Images: Shipping is available in the contiguous US and is NOT included in the prices. Local pickup for cash is available near Cleveland, OH RTX 3070 8GB: $330 + Shipping Pulled from an HP Omen. I've never mined on the card and never even checked if it was...
  8. ibex333

    WTS iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB Unlocked (Space Gray)

    iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB Unlocked (Space Gray). MINT condition, always inside case and under screen protector. I will take the protector off before sale as it is worn and has bubbles. If you want, I will leave it on as is. Price $799 SHIPPED Paypal. May give a discount if you pay by Zelle. Used...
  9. U

    US Escalates Apple Probe - Antitrust: Monopoly power? Original WSJ article (Paywall): The...
  10. A

    Is it possible to recover tabs on Safari 16?

    I'm fucked. Running Safari 16 on Monterey 12.6. Is it possible to recover tabs anymore? I used to be able to do this using lastsession.plist. That doesn't work anymore. Also, open last session failed. I am able to recover some from the lastsession.plist file using an editor and some manual copy...
  11. F

    FS: Three $50 apple gift cards, $140

    Looking to sell three $50 apple gift cards together for $140 Paypal. Can mail them if you would like.
  12. Zarathustra[H]

    Apple Discontinues Last iPod Model

    aka, The Thread in which Hardforum Memebers Find Out Apple was Still Making iPods Honestly, I kind of thought thy had stopped this a decade ago.
  13. jrdonnaruma

    jrdonnaruma's FS Thread (2022)

    Hello all! It has been a long time since I've posted here. I have a bunch of gear to offload, if you have any questions about anything, please do not hesitate to ask. Everything is OBO. Added a 2019 Razer Blade w/2060 and 32GB RAM, 2TB of SSD. This laptop was a great travel companion for me for...
  14. I

    [USA-TX] [H] Surface Book 2 (i7, 16GB, 512GB, 1050ti) [W] Local Cash/Paypal, Airpods Max

    Hello everyone. Got a few items lying around that I'm trying to sell or trade before Christmas hits. Pictures & Timestamp Microsoft Surface Book 2 CPU: Intel Core i7-8650U (4.2GHz) Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1050 2GB / Intel UHD 620 RAM: 16GB Screen: 13.5" 3000x2000 Resolution. Storage...
  15. karsten

    FS: 2018 MacBook Air 13" Space Gray 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5 8GB 512GB New Keyboard $500

    This 2018 Macbook Air is in excellent condition. I just had the keyboard and top cover replaced by Apple Technicians. The battery cycle count is at 176. It includes the USB-C charger too. I've removed my icloud info and reset the computer. Specs: 13" Space Gray 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5 8GB 512GB...
  16. Conman

    Apple blinks
  17. S

    2020 iPad Pro 11” 512gb w/ Magic keyboard, Apple Pencil 2, Magic Mouse 2, 9-10 month AppleCare

    Bought this last year and wife barely has used it, as she prefers to have a laptop. Not looking for trades. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Screen might have smudge in pics, but there are no scratches. It should have about 10 months left of AppleCare as of this posting...
  18. rw3

    FS: Apple iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2020) - 10-core, 4TB, 128GB DDR4, 5700 XT 16GB - $3995 SHIPPED

    Heatware - rw3 PayPal - [email protected] Going through the technology in my home and I don't use MOST of it often enough to keep it around. All products are in excellent condition. If a product doesn't have pictures, I'm working on getting them today and tomorrow. OFFERS ARE ALWAYS...
  19. U

    Epic losing massive amounts of money in the battle vs Steam

    There are a lot of news articles about this but here is the FPSreview one: Epic spent $444 million on grabbing up exclusives and free games for the store. This money went towards a...
  20. U

    Maxed out 2019 15.4” MacBook Pro - $2800

    I took a bath on valuation after the 16” models dropped. I originally spent over $4000 on this laptop. Planning on moving to ARM, but for those that need compatibility, this is an excellent option. It's my primary computer and has spent a good chunk of its life on my desk attached to an eGPU...
  21. G

    Rumoured; Apple’s Dual 8K VR Headset

    Obviously a rumor at this point but there is reason to believe it is coming.
  22. Z

    FS: iPhone Firesale 2.0 (11 Max Pro/ XR/ Bonus)

    Hello all, Firesale on the last phones from the last upgrade to iphone 12s. For who missed the first sale! iPhone 11 Max Pro Green 256GB (Verizon 2 big scratch / few smaller) iPhone XR (Verizon white) iPhone XR (Verizon black / cracked screen / needs format) iPhone 7 plus (AT&T / 1 smaller...
  23. Z

    FS: Samsung 1x Galaxy Book S (Verizon) 256GB + Bonus

    I've got brand new1x Galaxy Book S in box (I removed the Verizon SIM card). $750 OBO *As always I'll include a gift! 1x Galaxy Book S (Verizon) 256GB SMW767VZAA $750 OBO *As always I'll include a gift! PM for details
  24. Z

    FS: Iphone XR Firesale (6 phones +1 bonus!)

    Hello, Just upgraded my small biz to new iPhone 12's so I have 6x iPhone XR's (Verizon unlocked) + 1x XR with a cracked screen. All 6x are in great shape with minor use (no cracks or large dings) as these were in cases. Selling as a bundle only, less than $250 each!!! 6x iPhone XR 64GB + 1x...
  25. scojer

    New iOS 14 feature warns you if someone is spying on you through your iPhone

    The latest update tells you when apps are listening to you, or, watching you. I don't have an iPhone, but on my android, I have very few apps, and, the ones I do have I have already set their permission levels to make myself feel better...
  26. Z

    FS: NEW Macbook Pro 16 + Ember coffee mug $1,900

    I bought this for my GF (now fiancée) this two weeks before Xmas. She opened the box and said it was too big. *She is currently using a 13'' macbook. So, I'd rather sell it and get what she "really" wanted (a purple bed). It has never been turned on or registered and has 1 year of apple...
  27. P

    Apple quietly reduces trade-in value for iPhones, iPads by up to $100

    Hopefully no one here was hoping for a good trade in toward the iPhone 12. They are really going to rape their own loyal customers arent they? Sad do to be an Apple user(me). Some of these are REAL bad, the iPad Pro trade-in value dropped by $70. wth Apple...
  28. scojer

    Siri listens to everything you do.

    Thanks to YeuEmMaiMai I like how they'll no longer use contractors, and keep it in house, to limit future whistle-blowers. There really is no such thing as privacy anymore.
  29. scojer

    Apple Is Locking iPhone Batteries to Discourage Repair

    It’s not a bug; it’s a feature Apple wants. Unless an Apple Genius or an Apple Authorized Service Provider authenticates a battery to the phone, that phone will never show its battery health and always report a vague, ominous problem. If you replace the battery in the newest iPhones, a message...
  30. Pieter3dnow

    AMD announces Radeon Pro Vega II Duo, a dual Vega 20 graphics card
  31. S

    Engadget: Apple finally reveals the new Mac Pro

    And this time it looks even more like a Cheese Grater, and so does the monitor... Apple reveals first new Mac Pro since 2013 Monitor looks insane, like it will cost as much as a car. Looks to have some kind of...
  32. E

    WTB iPad Pro 2nd gen 12.9" 64Gb Wifi mint condition, iPhone 7/7 Plus

    Looking some offers. Paypal payment preferred. Shipping to 33166.
  33. H

    FS: Radeon VII, Dell G7, Razer Core v2 eGPU, Apple iPad 12.9 (256GB + WiFi/Cellular), OnePlus 6T

    I recently switched back to a Gaming Desktop, so looking to sell off some items I do not use anymore. Local Pickup in NYC (Manhattan) area preferred but can also ship: AMD Radeon VII Standard Radeon VII from AMD I recently bought this from another member, since I was indecisive between Radeon...
  34. K

    FS: Boss BVCP9675 Apple CarPlay Head Unit with 08-14 WRX install extras

    Installed about a year ago in my 2011 WRX, this CarPlay-only head unit has worked perfectly. Even though is a lesser-known brand, it has all the features and quality that you'd want. It includes EVERYTHING you need to install it in an 2008-2014 WRX, including the mounting bracket, microphone...
  35. scojer

    Apple won't let you into your car

    Apple last week updated an Apple Pencil support document with a note warning users that charging a second-generation version of the stylus on a compatible iPad Pro might interfere with signals from nearby key fobs, preventing users from opening their car door.
  36. cageymaru

    Apple and Qualcomm Settle All Patent Suits

    Apple and Qualcomm have settled all patent litigation as the parties have agreed to a settlement that requires Apple to make a payment to Qualcomm. The companies have reached a six-year licensing agreement with a two-year option to extend and a multiyear chipset supply agreement. Apple is...
  37. DooKey

    Apple's Reinvention as a Services Company Starts for Real Monday

    There have been rumors flying all around about Apple moving towards services to expand their pocket books even more and the folks over at Bloomberg are saying all of the official announcements are coming Monday. If you think about it this move makes sense because iPhones are starting to reach a...
  38. AlphaAtlas

    Apple Launches iMac With Coffee Lake and Vega

    Today, Apple updated its iMac lineup with 9th generation Intel processors and AMD Vega graphics. The 21.5 inch iMac now sports up to 6 cores, while the 27 inch iMac gets what's presumably a fully enabled 8-core Coffee Lake die. Apple also says they're they're offering "Radeon Pro Vega graphics"...
  39. cageymaru

    Win Some, Lose Some in Qualcomm vs Apple Saga

    A jury in federal court in San Diego awarded Qualcomm $31 million in a patent infringement case against Apple. Qualcomm requested damages amounting to $1.41 per iPhone. The three patents that Apple allegedly violated were related to battery life in mobile phones. In another case, a U.S. federal...
  40. AlphaAtlas

    Pirated 4K Release Suggests iTunes DRM May be Breached

    In the world of pirated content, the titles of downloadable videos usually give some indication as to how they were encoded. "h264," for example usually means a video is encoded with the AVC codec, while "CAM, DVDRip, WEBRip, and Web-DL" specify the source of the video (namely, camera footage in...