Is it possible to recover tabs on Safari 16?


Nov 7, 2010

I'm fucked.​

Running Safari 16 on Monterey 12.6.

Is it possible to recover tabs anymore? I used to be able to do this using lastsession.plist. That doesn't work anymore. Also, open last session failed.
I am able to recover some from the lastsession.plist file using an editor and some manual copy pasting but I cant recover all the sessions.
I'm sorry I can't offer any advice, but imagine manually recovering all of my tabs,

yeah fuck Apple. Their OS used to be solid. I remember running my MacBook for months without a reboot. Now I have to reboot every few days due to spinning wheel or a systems error.
There's just too much to go through. Problem is I am not sure what I lost so I dont know what to look for.

Apple has made their OS so convoluted, I'm moving back to Windows. You used to be able to back up your session history using lastsession.plist. lastsession.plist is no longer supported. I backed that up nightly using a scheduled task. Safari 16 breaks that. Good luck trying to figure out how to back up your session now. It is no longer possible.
Well Windows, or any other OS for that matter, isn't going to help with that.

I use OneTab. Don't back it up to Gmail, Google will delete it if you save links they don't like.