1. Finny76

    48" 4K OLED Monitor Thread

    I currently have a 43" monitor and am contemplating an upgrade to a 48-inch 4K OLED monitor with a 120Hz+ refresh rate. Intended use will be Graphics/Video and everyday use (not really using it for gamins, just need to have as much real estate and low eyestrain) Despite conducting some research...
  2. D

    WTB 4k AV receiver. Would like something that is not super expensive.

    HDR is a must. 5.1 at least but 7.1 wouldn't hurt. At least a few hdmi inputs. Upgrading from a pioneer vsx-1121. Show me what you got and what you are asking. I appreciate it folks!
  3. GDI Lord

    Opinions Please: 38" 3840x1600 vs 42" 4K Monitor for Business 1st, Gaming 2nd

    Hi guys I'm considering replacing my current setup (attached, 1x 768 work laptop, 1x 1080p 24", 1x 1680x1050 22") with a larger single screen. Primarily for business, but I'm also going to game on it (not competitively, just on the odd evening.) I want to have more screen space but keep the PPI...
  4. dvsman

    Need some feedback / advice for new 4k high refresh rate monitor

    I need some [H] advice on a possible new display, guys / gals. I haven't been following the news, so I'm way out of the loop on what's fresh. For reference - I've had the following monitors 40" 4K @60hz (No name Korean eBay special) 49" 3840x1080 ultrawide 144hz (Monoprice Darkmoon something...
  5. S

    Cheap PCI Express (3.0 x16 slot) card for 4k 60hz over HDMI

    I need a new video card to power a new 4k 60hz monitor with audio (HDMI 2.0) on an old computer. My Asrock Z77 Extreme4 motherboard has an available PCI Express 3.0 x16 Slot. I do not game, but I do photo editing. I am just looking for the lowest cost, quietest, and lowest power consuming video...
  6. lostinseganet

    Sony creates their own version of "The Looking Glass" monitor with their spatial reality display

    https://www.techspot.com/news/87141-sony-targets-3d-artists-new-spatial-reality-display.html Hmm 4k rez [but really 2k per eye], 5,000 bucks, and it releases next month. It's not as big as the 8K looking glass though... I want to see these things wow with some gaming. I know its for developers...
  7. D

    FPS / Overwatch Gaming upgrade from 55 Samsung 2015

    So I feel I have a great screen to play but many people are telling me that I am missing out by not having a 144HZ 1440p monitor. What are your guys thoughts? I LOVE the 55" setup I have but I would love to play games better and I guess I could buy a 27 / 32" but I would hate to lose the real...
  8. I

    1080p75hz vs 1080p144hz vs 1440p75hz vs 4k60hz

    Hey guys, help me choose between a 1080p75hz ultrawide monitor, a 1080p144hz (not ultrawide) monitor, a 1440p75hz (not ultrawide) monitor and a 4k60hz (of course, not ultrawide) monitor. Just to mention, these are the monitors available to buy where I live (there aren't no 1080p120hz, 1080p144hz...
  9. U

    Dell 3818DW Ultrawide 4k , Perfect Copy, Advanced RMA till Apr 2022

    A beast of a display 38" 4k 3840x1600 ultrawide, near perfect copy with minimal glow no bad pixels and great uniformity. Dell Advanced RMA till Apr 2022! Ships color calibrated for D65 via XRite i1 Pro . Will ship with original cables/accessories and of course Dell's awesome HAS stand. You're...
  10. Z

    FS: Arlo Ulta (4k) 1 camera system

    Selling an "open box" Arlo Ultra 4K 1 camera system (was never used). Opened and setup to be a server room camera but never installed for client. Still has plastic on everything, battery charged 1 time, setup to test video in dark (amazing quality color!) ***As always I'll include a bonus...
  11. N4CR

    HDMI 2.1 120Hz Adaptive 4K OLED goodness: LG 2019 updates C&D models!

    This might be what many of you are waiting for, input lag seems very low in gaming mode to boot. Their 2018 models were already great delivering 120Hz 1440 action which many here have had high praise for, I was content with waiting a little longer. But of course it took a damn TV manufacturer...
  12. V

    Looking to get a RTX 2080 Super - which would be best...?

    Looking to upgrade from my GTX 980 to do better 4k gaming (currently using a Samsung 4K 48" JS9000) Amazon has a couple cards that are looking to be in stock shortly: Gigabyte GV-N208SGAMING Zotac ZT-T20820D-10P It's been a while since I've gotten a new video card and I'm looking forward to...
  13. H

    FS: BNIB - Google Home Mini, Amazon Fire Stick/4K, Echo Dots, Spider-Man: Homecoming Digital Codes

    I am putting up for sale a few items, all Brand New In Box (BNIB): $20 - Google Home Mini $20 - Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation - Black) $25 - Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation - Charcoal) $25 - Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation - Heather Gray) $30 - Amazon Fire Stick (HD w/Alexa Remote) $40 -...
  14. E

    32" 4K IPS for under 850?

    Hi all, I'm looking into getting a new 32" or 34" non-curved 4K monitor with good sRGB color accuracy. I've spent the last week looking at reviews and am down to a few models. I'm hoping to get some critical feedback on any of them, especially if you have had experience with multiples. Here...
  15. cageymaru

    Refurbished ELEMENT 50" Class 4K LED TV (E4SW5017RKUR) $159 Walmart

    Refurbished ELEMENT 50" Class 4K (2160P) UHD Roku LED TV (E4SW5017RKUR) is $159.99 at Walmart. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Refurbished-ELEMENT-50-Class-4K-2160P-UHD-Roku-LED-TV-E4SW5017RKUR/775859780?
  16. E

    Games crashing on GTX 1080 Ti SC Black Edition (4k resolution especially)

    I got a 1080 Ti to replace my R9 290. Some games run fine, others like GTA V, Arkham Knight, and AC Origins don't. GTA V and AC Origins will run at lower settings but once I push my settings to 4K and dial up settings close to ultra, the games constantly crash. I have done all the usual install...
  17. Cerulean

    Difference between 4K 42" TVs vs 4K 42" Monitors?

    Howdy! What is the difference between 4K 42" TVs and 4K 42" computer monitors? Why would I want to choose a TV over a computer monitor, vice versa?
  18. cageymaru

    The Division 2 PC Features and Specifications Have Been Released

    The Division 2 has a March 15, 2019 release date and Ubisoft has announced the PC specifications and features that will be in the game. The PC version of the game will feature an uncapped frame rate, uncapped display resolution, full UI and HUD customization, multiscreen and widescreen support...
  19. cageymaru

    Samsung Announces New Monitors for Gaming and Content Creation

    Samsung has announced new members to its monitor family. First there is the CRG9 49" gaming monitor that features a super ultra-wide screen and dual QHD resolution (5120x1440). The monitor meets HDR10 standards with a peak brightness of 1,000 nits and local dimming. The display uses Samsung's...
  20. HiCZoK

    BenQ PD2700U released

    New 4k 60hz ips just came out. Seems like direct competition to LG 27uk650(same price) and Asus PB27UQ(asus is 100$ more expensive). Couldn't find any response times measurements in comparison to monitors mentioned above so not sure if it's good for console and/or pc gaming. The few opinions and...
  21. Ins0mnyteq

    SOLD: Qnap TS-453A

    For sale is my for NAS i used for backups, Comes with no drives, Clean unit has a small ding on the top otherwise is mint condition. upgraded to 8GB of RAM , HYPER-X Impact here are the specs from the website Looking to get $275+shipping to the 48 connected, paypal only.
  22. FrgMstr

    ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2080 Ti Video Card Review @ [H]

    ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2080 Ti Video Card Review We’ve put the new ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2080 Ti video card to the test, pushing the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti GPU at 4K in twelve games default and overclocked against an MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GAMING X TRIO also default, and overclocked to find the...
  23. K

    FS/FT: HP Omen X 17 i7-7700 GTX 1080 gaming laptop with lots of storage

    Up for sale is my HP Omen X 17 gaming laptop. I don't use it much and I'd really like a smaller laptop or Windows tablet so it's up for sale. It is under warranty from HP until Mid-January of next year, and an extended warranty can be purchased before the warranty expires. It comes with the...
  24. C

    Looking for ~40" 4k 60Hz monitor with freesync - any options besides wasabi?

    I've been using a 40" seiki panel at home for several years, and recently convinced my boss to let me upgrade to a 43" TCL at work. Both are great for productivity, but neither is any good for gaming. I tried a wasabi panel about a year ago, but ended up returning it due to a defective...
  25. S

    FS/FT: HP Spectre x360 13" 4K laptop, SSD, HDD, iPhone accessories, etc

    For sale/trade: offers welcome! HEAT (6-0-0) I am local to Torrance, CA. PAYPAL, local cash/venmo accepted Things I am looking for (I can add $$ on my end): cheap, large capacity SSDs (>1.5TB per physical drive) caldigit tb3 plus dock who knows what else I may be interested in... drop me...
  26. FrgMstr

    ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2080 Ti and 2080 4K Preview @ [H]

    ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2080 Ti and 2080 4K Preview We look at real-world gaming performance on an ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2080 Ti and ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2080 custom retail factory overclocked video cards at 4K resolution. In this preview we will compare performance in five games at 4K with a GeForce GTX...
  27. AlphaAtlas

    Acer Expects 4K to go Mainstream

    Digitimes reports that Acer expects Ultra HD gaming monitors to go mainstream in the second half of 2018 and all of 2019. In addition to recent 4k monitor releases, the company plans to launch several new Ultra HD monitors under its Predator and Nitro brands targeting the $2200, $1350, and $900...
  28. cageymaru

    Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti Official Performance Charts Leaked

    Videocardz has leaked the Nvidia Official Reviewer's Guide Performance Charts. More numbers and charts at the link. In GeForce RTX reviewer's guide, NVIDIA is not using any other resolution than 4K. So all benchmarks (except VRMark Cyan Room) were performed at 3840x2160 resolution. In fact...
  29. cageymaru

    A Tutorial and a Full Match of the Unreleased Card Game Artifact

    IGN has a video showing a full match of the unreleased card game; Artifact. Artifact is one of the new games that Valve is currently working on. The animations in the game are gorgeous in my opinion! The first video is a "How to" guide and the second is an entire match.
  30. cageymaru

    Battlefield V Real-Time Ray Tracing and Graphics Options Explained

    Real-time ray tracing is the new hot word in PC gaming as Nvidia focused on it during the Nvidia RTX 2000 series reveal. Digital Foundry has been privy to new information about the tech and how it runs under the hood of Battlefield V from their discussions with DICE employees. For example...
  31. DooKey

    Red Dead Redemption 2: Official Gameplay Video

    Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay video at 4K resolution is now available. I know a lot of you console fans really loved the previous title and can't wait to get this one. Check out the official gameplay video and those of us that PC game will just have to cross our fingers for a PC version. Watch...
  32. E

    Buy Cheap Blower Style GTX 1080 Ti or Multifan, Case Air Flow issues

    I can get a ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti for 530 but its a blower style card as you can see. I've heard they are good for cases with bad airflow. Mine would fall under that category. It's ENERMAX iVektor ECA3310A. Pic of inside of my build is below. I have a 290 Vapor X and playing Witcher for 20...
  33. FrgMstr

    Canary and 4K HDR

    Canary is Google's bleeding-edge Chrome browser where they test new features. We thought you might want to be able to view this 4K HDR in Chrome without the greyed and washed out colors. You can test it with the video below. Make sure you enable HDR in the Display Settings first so that the...
  34. cageymaru

    ACER Announces 49" and 55" 4K HDR Monitors

    ACER has announced 49" and 55" IPS 4K HDR monitors to be released on June 28, 2018 and June 21, 2018 respectively in Japan. Pricing isn't known on these yet. The 49" EB490QKbmiiipfx and 55" EB550Kbmiiipx displays share similar specs other than size. The HDR10 implementation on these monitors...
  35. FrgMstr

    Last Gen Games - Max IQ and Perf on Today's GPUs Pt. 2

    Last Gen Games - Max IQ and Perf on Today's GPUs Pt. 2 It is time once again to play some older PC games on the latest GPUs of today using the latest drivers. We pull from three 5-year-old games and one 8-year-old game today and see if we can maximize the IQ settings in those games at 1440p and...
  36. FrgMstr

    Last Gen Games - Max IQ and Perf on Today's GPUs Pt. 2

    Last Gen Games - Max IQ and Perf on Today's GPUs Pt. 2 It is time once again to play some older PC games on the latest GPUs of today using the latest drivers. We pull from three 5-year-old games and one 8-year-old game today and see if we can maximize the IQ settings in those games at 1440p and...
  37. FrgMstr

    Acer Predator X27 4K G-Sync Display is Loud and Cheap

    I know a lot of our readers have been very excited about all the 4K G-Sync displays that have been rolling out. Most of these have been right about the $2000 mark. Yeah. That is two thousand US dollars each. If you are thinking about plunking down this kind of cash on a 27" display, which...
  38. FrgMstr

    Playing Old PC Games in 4K

    This is something we have done from time to time; pulling out an old game and dusting it off, like the original Quake. This Youtuber takes the time to go through a few of our old favorites and sees if he can actually run these games today at a 4K resolution. His takeaway is that many 20 year...
  39. FrgMstr

    AMD Adds Netflix 4K Support

    Take your translator and check out Hardware Info if you are running AMD hardware, the latest 18.4.1 drivers and are a fan of Netflix. You can now get all that 4K goodness on your PC, if you have 4K display of course. There are a couple of hoops to jump through however. If I mentioned...
  40. R

    Console Peasants Finally Get DOOM in 4K

    Bethesda announced today that they are releasing a new update for 2016s DOOM, bringing 4k resolution to the Playstation 4 Pro and Xbox One X. Now I know the Glorious PC Master Race has had 4k in DOOM since day one, but we should be happy for the console players... as filthy as they may be...