1. A

    Best Router for Wireless VR?

    Just throwing this out there. To anyone who is currently playing with Wireless VR, what is the router you would recommend for this task?
  2. vortexware

    AmpliFI Gamer's Edition for SALE on EBAY

    I have decided to hard wire my whole house so i am switching over to a router that can accommodate so many connections, possibly a Mikrotik. Mesh router is lightly used, i reset the router and the 2 mesh points and tested everything, no issues at all, works like a champ AmpliFI Gamer's Edition...
  3. vortexware

    Best modem to pair with Amplifi

    What are the best modem's to pair with the Amplifi HD as well as the Amplifi HD Gamer's Edition? They can be either Docsis 3.0 or Doscis 3.1 Amplifi HD Amplifi HD Gamer's Edition
  4. A

    FS: Netgear RAX48 Wifi-6 Router, Logitech G512 SE Mechanical Keyboard

    Several things for sale today. I will ignore offers without Heatware. Here is mine: almighty odst. All prices are OBO Netgear Nighthawk AX6 - $199 135 + shipping Moved to a place with an existing mesh setup, so no longer need this. Worked great otherwise and I could consistently pull 1+ Gbps...
  5. Z

    Need Range Extender $130 Budget

    Good Day Hard Forum. I find myself in need of your assistance again. Im looking for a good Range Extender. I have a Netgear Router, and was thinking about getting this: NETGEAR WiFi Mesh Range Extender EX7500...
  6. V

    Gaming (until Zen 3) + Small server (Zoneminder) + Router (pfsense) recommendations

    Hello, first time poster, long time lurker here. As the title says I wanted to ask for some advise regarding three builds, compatibility and component recommendations. Have been out of the PC building for a long time now (last PC around the Core 2 Duo). 1. Gaming. Want to buy a build that...
  7. R

    Why Ethernet LAN file transfer speed soooo sloooowwww? (Not internet, ... ipad to ext. HHD via router)

    Hi. Wonder if any can help, I’m not the most techie person. I just connected via Ethernet LAN cable and expected at least some improvements on file transfer. (Not speaking of internet speed, talking about copying from iPad to ext hard drive via router) what I’m using ... - iPac Pro 2018 (I...
  8. Z

    New Router or Wifi Extender?

    Hello Everyone, Its been a while since I needed an advice from my trusted computer forums :) I have a wifi problem in the house, the router is in the basement and causes bad reception sometimes on the 3nd floor. (basement being the 1st floor). I have an Ethernet cable on the 3rd floor which I...
  9. S

    Is this a modem problem or is it something else? Need help.

    Hi all, I don't know what to think of this problem of mine I'm having now. So my issue is that my internet drops/becomes extremely unstable after a few days of usage randomly. When it happens, I can barely open a webpage on my PC, or any other device. I got a new and upgraded modem/router combo...
  10. B

    WTB: Router for $30-40 shipped

    The wifi at my office is atrocious, and now my router is on it's final dying legs. If anyone has a decent router sitting in their closet for $30-40 shipped to Wisconsin, please let me know. I would prefer ac capability if possible. Yes, I could troll the bay, but I'd rather keep it in the...
  11. J


    For sale, I have two new open box UBIQUITI - US UAP-AC-LITE-US UNIFI AP AC LITE. I bought them a few months ago but never used them. SOLD I also have a lightly used Anova Culinary Sous Vide Nano Bluetooth, I only used it two times. Asking $75 shipped...
  12. L

    net_ratelimit: xxx callbacks suppressed?? Help please...

    Hello people of [H] :D <3 I have a rapture GT-AC5300 router, connected through a Huawaei b168s. I recently updated the Asus router to the newest firmware. Besides updating, I haven't changed any settings and all of the sudden this started appearing in the logs: Dec 15 04:23:35 kernel...
  13. A

    pfSense UPnP Not Working Properly

    (This is a re-upload cause I'm dumb posted my original in the gallery) So I'm still a bit new to the pfSense scene and have been having trouble getting UPnP to work properly on my home network. For instance, if I start a game (we'll just use Warframe for example), my pc sends UPnP requests to...
  14. G

    Slow data transfer speed Android to PC?

    Hi Guys. I transfer data from my Android phone to PC regularly. transferring stuff from PC to PC with ethernet I get regular speed of 115MB/s via 1Gbps connection. Now even when I'm standing right next to my ATT router I see a constant connection of 866 Mbps on my Note 9. But when I wirelessly...
  15. Z

    FS: $500 2x Dell TZ400 SonicWALL

    Just moved over to all Meraki and have 2x TZ400's that I'm not going to use. Security/licences features listed in screenshot. Factory reset. I just dropped the price 6.18.19 ($100 less than ebay pricing) FS: $500 OBO shipped (ask for a free gift - SSD/CPU/RAM/ Tablet) FS: $500 OBO...
  16. P

    Still Untangle? UTM Unified Threat Management router firewall?

    I have been using the Untangle home built free linux firewall solution for 10+ years, IIRC. My current untangle box has died and I want to build something new. This is for my home and I have a typical usage at home with kids gaming and streaming video. Two big...
  17. cageymaru

    AT&T Releases Specifications for White Box Cell Site Gateway 5G Routers

    AT&T has submitted detailed specifications to the Open Compute Project for a white box cell site gateway router. "This “white box” blueprint is a reference design that any hardware maker can use as a guide to build these routers." Tens of thousands of these routers will be deployed at cell...
  18. X

    FS: Linksys EA7300 wifi router SOLD

    Linksys EA7300 dual-band wifi router for sale. SOLD PayPal (Friends and Family) or Money Order only please. Works great. Like new condition. Latest firmware. Original box, network cable, AC adapter. Product link: HeatWare available
  19. S

    Affordable way to get a wired network to another room?

    In my office I have a wireless Cisco Linksys EA4500 router, it has 4x wired ports (which are all in-use right now). Now across the house I have setup some HW that requires 4x wired RJ-45 connections (the hardware is not WIFI ready) so I see 2 simple solutions: 1- Buy 2x switches one to...
  20. cageymaru

    MikroTik Routers Compromised with Crypto Mining Malware Coinhive

    A known vulnerability in MikroTik routers that was patched within a day of being discovered has been used by hackers to force whole networks of computers to mine cryptocurrency. The exploit causes the router to inject Coinhive's Javascript into every web page that the router visits causing all...
  21. Starrbuck

    FS: ASUS Zenbook 14X 14.5" 2.8K OLED Laptop Intel i7-13700H 16GB RAM 1TB NVMe SSD (added 3/30/24)

    More photos by request if you need to see something more closely. Everything is in 100% working condition and was well taken care of. Except where noted, all prices are shipped to CONUS by either USPS Priority Mail, UPS Ground, or FedEx Ground (my choice) with payments by Paypal (other payment...
  22. DooKey

    VPNFilter Router Malware is a Lot Worse Than Everyone Thought

    A couple of weeks ago we reported about a Russian malware (VPNFilter) that was infecting a large number or routers from different vendors. This week I have bad news to report because this malware is far more widespread than originally thought. More vendors have been added to the vulnerable list...
  23. M

    ISO: DOCS 3.0 or 3.1

    I am looking for a cable modem DOCS 3.0 or 3.1 with wifi. Will be connected to Cox 300mbs.
  24. K

    FS: Macbook Pro, Lenovo X1 Carbon, Dell XPS L502X, Airport Extreme & Canary Security Cam.

    I am doing a bit of spring cleaning and am selling off some older laptops and a few other items I no longer use. All items listed are in working condition. Here are a list of the items for sale: **SOLD** Macbook Pro 15" (11,2 / Mid-2014) **SOLD** Intel Core i7-4770 2.2GHz 16GB RAM 500GB SSD...
  25. F

    Using two routers, not the way you think....

    So I have this TP link business class router I really like, but unfortunately it is too slow (my internet connection is 400Mbps and the TP link business router wont quite hit 300). I also have this TP link home router (archer c7) which does the speed just fine, but does not provide VPN (I really...
  26. Z

    WTB: Cisco Meraki equipment (MX65 / MX64)

    Hello, Also, looking to see if anyone is selling other Meraki equipment. I'm working with a nonprofit and trying to get some better networking for them on the cheap! I currently have 3x switches / 3x WAPS, but really need MX devices. Looking for anyone who has completed their CMNA (Meraki)...
  27. 3WAYsplit

    I need help with Internet Speed / WiFi Connection Issues / Hardware changes?

    This post is long, but there is a lot going on. I need help working this out. I recently changed from TWC Standard Internet to Spectrum Internet. My intention is to Stream Full time (Netflix/DirecTV NOW/web browsing, etc). Currently I have the following connections: Room #1 TWC/Spectrum...
  28. Starrbuck

    FS: Routers - Linksys WRT3200ACM and Netgear R7000 Nighthawk

    FOR SALE: Linksys WRT3200ACM (AC3200) router - $130 shipped Netgear R7000 Nighthawk (AC1900) router - $SOLD Updated to pfSense and a single access point, so I no longer need these. Linksys includes original box and all materials. Netgear includes router, antennas, and power supply only...
  29. E

    FS: Netgear R7800 X4S Router & Netgear AC2200 Access Point/Extender

    I have two networking items for sale: Netgear Nighthawk X4S AC2600 MU-MIMO Router (R7800-100NAS) w/box - $135 OBO w/free shipping Netgear Nighthawk X4 AC2200 Access Point/Extender (EX7300) w/box - $85 OBO w/free shipping Images available here: PM me if interested...
  30. D

    wake up my pc with smartphone,no work always

    hi to all i'm new well on my motherboard asus bios on apm deep s4 , deep s3 , restore ac power loss , ring, rtc and PCIE/PCI (lan) and nothing else after the bios update , wake via usb and ps/2 disapeared , deep s4 & 3 are disabled i have enabled wake up via PCIE/PCI (lan) and i have...
  31. M

    Ubiquiti Router & AP - PoE, SFP

    I used these for about four months before buying an all in one kit from Linksys, its just too much for my own good. I'm no bueno with networking and this setup is like bringing a sludge hammer to build a watch, overkill. Original boxes and manuals included. You will have to do a hard reset to...
  32. rec0d3

    QoS with DNS?

    Is it possible to do quality of service through DNS? Perhaps a service? If not, what is the best router to do this? I have Verizon FIOS and was looking at the nighthawk router by Netgear? Perhaps a Linksys router, I've always been fond of.
  33. E

    FS: D-Link AC3200 Router and Nighthawk R7000 Router

    Selling a couple routers. Both are in mint condition and come in original boxes. SOLD: Netgear Nighthawk R7000 - $75 shipped D-Link AC3200 router - $110 shipped Heat and Ebay references under "Elfear"
  34. E

    Router Upgrade for Gigabit Internet

    Cincinnati Bell Fioptics is getting installed next week, and I'm going to get their 1000 Mbps by 250 Mbps connection using fiber to the home. This will be a major improvement to my 8/3 WISP PPPOE connection that I'm getting fed up with because my internet is controlled by my county's fiscal...
  35. F

    FS: ASUS RT-AC68U Dual-band AC1900 Wifi Gigabit Router

    ASUS RT-AC68U Dual-band 3x3 AC1900 Wifi 4-port Gigabit Router Works flawlessly...I have a 6500 sq ft home and it did a great job of covering the whole house though 5Ghz speeds do suffer at a distance (5Ghz doesn't deal well with obstructions). I finally decided to move to a mesh router setup...
  36. Zarathustra[H]

    Ubiquiti Routing Products Vulnerable to Hijack due to Use of 20 Year Old Version of PHP

    Many of our pro-sumer readers, myself included, have come to like Ubiquiti Networks products over the years for their enterprise-like reliability and management capabilities, but their consumer-like pricing. I should know, I am one of them. The Reg has a story up that might cast some doubt on...
  37. R

    Change SSID on 2nd Router

    My main router (router 1) is a D-Link DIR-880L which is cat5 cable connected to my router2, a Linksys E1200. The Linksys (router2) is bridged using the same SSID and password so as to extend my wireless signal. The Cat5 cable connection between the routers is LAN to LAN. This setup works...
  38. Cerulean

    Wi-Fi stopped working properly in my 5-year old DD-WRT Netgear N600 WNDR3700v2

    I live in an apartment on the top-most floor (3rd), and the Wi-Fi on my Netgear N600 WNDR3700v2 is no longer working properly anymore (both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), but is still able to perform all other functions. I don't really want to spend money, but if I must the budget is $135 (about how much I...
  39. boushidosan

    RT-AC68U clone $59 - use code WIFI40 -

    Can be flashed to get rid of t-mobiles sh*t firmware, unless you have t-mo and want the built in QoS for WiFi calling. This is a clone of the RT-AC68U (currently around 150 on amazamazon) and is a decent router. RT-AC68U...
  40. Cerulean

    Ubiquiti for guest network in business environment

    Greetings! This is a learning opportunity for me. At the present time the client has a Netgear AC1900 DD-WRT router with an HP server running DHCP, DNS, AD/DC, file server, print server, Quickbooks server functions. All the workstations connect via 5GHz Wi-Fi. Owner has agreed to grant access...