Affordable way to get a wired network to another room?

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    In my office I have a wireless Cisco Linksys EA4500 router, it has 4x wired ports (which are all in-use right now). Now across the house I have setup some HW that requires 4x wired RJ-45 connections (the hardware is not WIFI ready) so I see 2 simple solutions:

    1- Buy 2x switches one to free up a port on my wireless router then run an RJ45 across the house and setup another switch there, costly and got to make some holes

    2- Buy RJ-45 to WIFI adapters for each box ($40+ each) which is again costly

    I am looking for an affordable solution to my network woe’s…

    What I thought – can’t I buy a 4-port wireless SWITCH or ROUTER to act as a repeater in the room (so WIFI connect to my wireless router) and connect my 4-devices physically to the box? If so are there cheap boxes that can do this?

    If not – any suggestions?

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    What you're looking for is a "wireless bridge". Some routers have this built-in. Others may need different firmware loaded on them to accomplish this. Such as DD-WRT, tomato, etc.
    This is a good explanation:

    So, basically, as expensive as the router you're willing to purchase (or possibly already own). The easiest way to determine if a router has the wireless bridge feature (aside from the obvious manual/specifications information) is to check that it's compatible on the DD-WRT list, as you will always have the option to load that firmware on the router; thus "adding" the wireless bridge feature. :) if you just click in the search bar and give it a second to load, you will see every router and it's compatibility.

    I'm including this video because it includes some of the stuff you'll be interested in:

    pay attention to when he gets to the "bridge" portion later in the video. And, good luck! Let us know how it turns out!
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    Depending on your home and speed needs you could do power line adapters as well