Slow data transfer speed Android to PC?


Sep 20, 2011
Hi Guys.
I transfer data from my Android phone to PC regularly. transferring stuff from PC to PC with ethernet I get regular speed of 115MB/s via 1Gbps connection.

Now even when I'm standing right next to my ATT router I see a constant connection of 866 Mbps on my Note 9. But when I wirelessly transfer data from the phone to my PC or vice versa I only get 5MB/s on my Note 9 via ES File explorer.
Converting megabits to megabyte I should be getting a lot more than 5MB/s.

I am looking to get a faster router this holiday season. The router I'm looking at has AC3000 3,000 Mbps (1733 + 866 + 400Mbps) Dedicated Backhaul4x4 (1.7Gbps) WiFi TechnologyTri-band which will be right next to my work area.

should I expect any faster data-transfer via Wi-Fi if I'm standing right next to my router. Or do you guys think I will be limited to 5MB/s.

For comparison using PC I am getting 25-30MB/s wireless transfer speed with a 600Mbps connection using AC-7260.

My goal is to transfer stuff from my Android phone to my PC on Wi-Fi at a much faster speed. Please let me know if that's possible.

Why aren't you using USB? Or MicroSD cards?

Your phone is limited by a lot of things, and the connection speed is mostly what your phone is receiving. Your router has a significantly more powerful transmitter than your phone.
I understand that fastest most efficient way is USB C but sometimes i need to transfer just a single video I shot and it's much more easier to do it wirelessly via ES Browser as connecting the phone via USB C and waiting for 500 thumbnails to load in windows browser so I can locate that 1 file takes a few mins.
Wired>wireless. There's not going to be much you can do about this.

And andriods are linux/unix which doesn't exactly have the fastest speeds when copying to windows shares, so that's another problem. I just tether my phone, tell my phone to become a drive and just use xcopy to back up the whole thing while I eat or take a shower. Then I have everything local and I have a backup. (y)