1. 9

    a Novice's attempt at diagnosing faulty batch Sapphire RX 570 4GB itx

    I am trying to diagnose one of a few identical faulty Sapphire RX 570 ITX card's that I purchased .. I simply thought I could compare measurements ( resistance/ voltages ect ) between a working identical card . So far for the first card I tried the basic things , such as resistance from 12V...
  2. J

    For the life of me, I can NOT find this part. . Please help!

    This is for an MSI X570 Unify motherboard. I for the life of me can not find the HCD89680 T2202 LCD numerical display, Or the HCD89680 T2133 LCD numerical display. I have no idea where to find one. I have tried the CL3621BH numerical display from Amazon BUT had to bend the pins to fit in the...
  3. L

    Laptop fans not spinning

    Hi, I have Asus Studiobook One laptop and the cpu and gpu was getting to 95c together and shut down after certain amount of time. I didn't know why until I peeked from the side panel that both fans immediately stop spinning upon pressing the power button first time, and never spin again. My...
  4. C

    MSI 1080 Gaming X keeps killing a particular MOSFET, gate driver problem?

    Hello, I had my PC fail to boot and deduced that there was a short on the 12V rail of my GPU causing the PSU to shut down. I watched this video and found that I had a similar looking problem, measured 4.9K on Pin 1 (high side gate) of all the MOSFETs apart from one, which showed 0.3 Ohms just...
  5. A

    Vega 64 missing pex rail?

    Hi all! I have a vega 64 card which has a problem with the 0.8v pex rail. The inductor shows 0.00 ohms when probed. I removed the mosfet, inductor and large capacitor, and the short only appears on the right pad of the inductor (closest to gpu). My question is, is the core dead or possibly alive?
  6. D

    GTX 1080 strix no output / 5V rail missing

    Hi everybody i'm new here and i'm trying to learn soldering ! I ve got a gtx 1080 strix with no display, show in device manager but crash when driver installed (nvlddmkm.sys BSOD) I ve flash vbios many times with no error (100% please reboot to take effect) When i ve opened the card, and tested...
  7. S

    GPU is getting power but no image

    I have two graphics cards which are both getting power on their main and memory phases and become hot really quickly when powered on. That's why I concluded the their power supply ist working correctly but they still won't show an image. I'm new in the graphics card repair section and therefore...
  8. A

    Newbie at Electronics Repair. Need Some Help with GTX 1070.

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the forum and to messing with computer hardware in general. I recently was able to repair my old RX580 and so my hubris took me to buying a cheap, for parts 1070 ROG STRIX on eBay and now I'm stuck. I should also mention that I'm a CS student and have no formal training...
  9. S

    help for measurement and interpretation

    (1)It is mainly an aid on how to measure this component and what values should it give me (it is disassembled) IR3553M or where it would not have to have continuity idk and 4927N same question thanks....
  10. T


  11. W

    Dell Inspiron 13 7000 Motherboard

    First please forgive me if this is out of place, I could not find a category for my problem. Hello, I have a refurbished dell 13 7000 series laptop. Therefore it does not have a service tag sticker on the bottom. My problem(s) is the DC power Jack/receptacle broke off the Motherboard when I...
  12. E

    Need help diagnosing monitor's failing component

    Hi everyone! I hope I'm posting this to the right section. Screenshots first : I have an old Samsung SyncMaster P2350 (from 2010) as an external monitor hooked up to my laptop. For the last few months, when connected through a digital connection (HDMI reduction to DVI cable), it is...
  13. D

    help save my low end H110 motherboard!!!

    (IF YOU DONT CARE ABOUT THE INTO SKIP TO PARAGRAPH 3 NOW) Ok so heres the deal, just made an account on the [H], have read a lot of threads on here and really consider y'all to be the last line of defense in terms of 'can this be done' or 'what happens id I...' that said ive read a bunch of...
  14. AlphaAtlas

    Free Repair Kit can Fix Busted Oculus Rift CV1 Audio

    Oculus founder Palmer Lucky many not work for Facebook's VR division anymore, but apparently, he's still supporting some of his company's earliest adopters. In a blog post, he acknowledges that long term use of Oculus Rift CV1 kits can lead to the failure of one, or both, of the headset's...
  15. Zarathustra[H]

    Anyone have any experience with Amplifier Troubleshooting and Repair?

    Hey all, Almost 2 years ago, I picked up an Emotiva UPA-2 amp used on craigslist. Up until today it had been working perfectly, until without warning the left channel just stopped working. The unit has not been dropped banged or mishandled in any other way, so the sudden loss of the left...
  16. Bense

    i7-7800x Delidding Catastrophe? Resoldering micro resistors?

    After wussing out on following through with the delidding of my i7-7800x (socket 2066), Saturday night I pulled out the delid tool that has sat in my desk drawer since August, and I gave it a go. I was nervous and very careful. I read several of the guides that I'd found online, and watched a...
  17. cageymaru

    Apple Offers Free Repairs for Victims of Japan Flooding in July

    Apple has offered free repairs for Apple products damaged during the July flooding in Japan. Victims of the flood are to call a number and Apple will arrange pickup of the device. Of course the item has to be repairable. That's a really nice gesture from Apple. Thumbs up! Apple will service...
  18. cageymaru

    Intel Drones Assist in the Preservation of the Great Wall of China

    Intel has sent drones to researchers to assist in the preservation of the Great Wall of China; specifically in the Jiankou section. By conducting surveys and taking thousands of high quality images, the drones have been instrumental in helping the preservationists to monitor the current state...
  19. DooKey

    Nintendo Changes Repair Policies After FTC Warns Them About Warranty Stickers

    We've been following the issue with the FTC and warranty stickers over the last month of so and it looks like the FTC is winning this battle. Nintendo has changed their policy regarding unlicensed repair shops and voiding of warranties after the FTC told them they were violating the law. Six...
  20. R

    Samsung is Offering Same Day In-Person Repairs

    Samsung has announced that Samsung Care is now offering same day in-person repairs for the Galaxy line of smartphones. Starting March 15th, over 300 uBreakiFix locations are now going to be an official Samsung Galaxy repair facility. Engadget states that the companies are promising same day...
  21. 6

    Restore pendrive

    I have a Kingston DT101 16Gb that recently reverted to "read only" status (no idea how it got that way). After reverting/removing the write only policy, the drive's writing/transfer rate dropped to less than half of what it used to be. Before the write protection, it would transfer @ 5.5Mb/s (at...
  22. K

    WTB: Nexus 6P Screen or phone for parts

    I tried to do a battery swap and my screen started to cut out after and eventually stopped working. Too much heat from the heatgun I guess. Don't know how else to fix it besides replacing. I need either a parts phone with a good screen or the screen assembly itself. I know it's a long shot but...
  23. P

    HP 15-r030wm Notebook won't power on. Need Help

    Originally, the notebook's hinge became loose and damaged the top cover. I disassembled the unit and replaced the top cover and bezel. (hinges are attached to the top cover). When I put it all together, the unit would not power on. I thought the issue could possibly be the power button because...
  24. M

    US Copyright Office Wants to Permanently Legalize the Right to Repair

    Good news for all the tinkerers out there. Motherboard reports that the US Copyright Office is recommending the US government to take action to allow the repair of any item you own, including bypassing software. According to article, consumer rights groups had to go through an exemption process...
  25. Highwind

    FS: Set of 10 Precision Screwdrivers

    For sale, 10 Wiha screwdrivers ideal for small electronics work. These came from the two kits here: phillips and slotted Slotted/flat head sizes: 4mm, 3.5, 3, 2.5, 2, 1.5 Phillips head sizes: PH1, 0, 00, 000 *** READ: The slotted 1.5mm has part of the tip chipped away because I tried to use...
  26. Zarathustra[H]

    11 States Now Considering Bills to Protect Your Right to Repair

    In a world where farmers can just be cornholed by John Deere and Apple is free to screw over its users as well, there are now so called "Right to Repair" bills being considered in 11 states. The bills require manufacturers to sell replacement parts to consumers and provide open source repair...
  27. FrgMstr

    Thou Shalt Not Repair!

    This is an interesting case that comes as news to me. Nebraska is leading a number of states that are involved with requiring Apple and cell phone makers to supply the information needed to fix broken phones. This brings up a lot of questions around the phone being yours or not. That all...
  28. B

    Sanyo CRT Overscan Problem

    Recently picked up a cheap Sanyo CRT television on craigslist to replace my old one that kicked the bucket. The TV works fine except for this god awful overscan that I can't seem to get rid of. - super mario bros cut off on top and channel info cut off on bottom...