Free Repair Kit can Fix Busted Oculus Rift CV1 Audio


Mar 3, 2018
Oculus founder Palmer Lucky many not work for Facebook's VR division anymore, but apparently, he's still supporting some of his company's earliest adopters. In a blog post, he acknowledges that long term use of Oculus Rift CV1 kits can lead to the failure of one, or both, of the headset's earpieces, and at this point, most of those headsets are well outside their warranty period. Fortunately, Palmer is offering a RR1 repair kit to Rift owners free of charge. He says the kit can not only fix audio failures, but also functions as a "third-party headphone adapter on fully-functional Rifts."

The first step for any user with this problem should be to contact Oculus Customer Support and see what they can do. In some cases, you might just need to clean some contacts, tighten the connection between your headphones and straps, or fix your PC's sound settings. If you are unsuccessful in resolving your problem, please forward your ticket and a mailing address to [email protected], and I will send you an RR1 repair kit free of charge so you can get back in the Metaverse as quickly as possible.
That's nice of him... Work is ordering one to see how he did it, then looking into ordering 20 more for the other 20 headsets we have that have this problem in our office alone. Hell, our latest installation with 32 rifts, we've already lost 10 to audio issues in a short span of time. Oculus also drops warranty to 3mo with commercial use and voids warranty if you use a shorter cable such as you would for a backpack pc. Go figure. Explains why we just ordered a bunch of Vives last week. Well, that and being unable to get them in Korea.