Nov 19, 2016
Recently picked up a cheap Sanyo CRT television on craigslist to replace my old one that kicked the bucket. The TV works fine except for this god awful overscan that I can't seem to get rid of. - super mario bros cut off on top and channel info cut off on bottom - more cut off on top

The TV menu only has adjustments for things like picture brightness, contrast, tint, etc. but nothing for picture size. I have also accessed the service menu by unplugging, holding MENU, and then replugging, which only provides an option called SUBRIGHT ADJUST, which seems to be an advanced contrast controller.

The picture also seems to have some sort of pincushion distortion inwards and a slight tilt horizontally. - blocks should be within the lines if they were straight. Also visible how righthand blocks are lower than lefthand blocks. - menu should be a perfect rectange, but is pincushioned at bottom and sides. Overscan also shown at bottom left.

I think it's also important to note that this TV doesn't have any AV ports and only a single coaxial cable port. Because of this I use an RCA RF modulator to convert the coaxial signal to AV so I can actually play games and what not. - RCA CRF907R

I'm unsure whether or not this is the cause of the issue, as I don't have a spare VCR or something to substitute for it, but the device is brand new.

Identifying this TV and it's documentation has also been another pain in trying to solve this issue. The label on the back of the TV reads this:

Which lists its Model No. as DS27530 and a manufacturing date of 1995, however the only trace of that Model No. online is a completely different Sanyo TV built in 2003 which has no resemblance to mine, yet somehow shares the same Model number.


Anyhow, if anyone knows anything about how to adjust the picture size of a TV like this in order to fix the overscan or the pincushioning, then I would greatly appreciate any advice. Even if I do have to take the TV apart to hopefully fix it, I would certainly do so if needed. :)