1. R

    Does anyone have the Dell U4320q? Impressions?

    I’ve been reading online and I am about to get it, but the only thing that concerns me are reports of contrast ratios in the 600-750:1 range. Does anyone else have experience with this?
  2. R

    Need new drives to upgrade our 10k SAS 6Gbps 2.5 hotplugs; recommendations?

    We have a Dell PowerEdge R720 and we currently have three (3) 900GB 10K RPM SAS 6Gbps 2.5in Hot-plug Hard Drive in RAID 5 for a total of 1.8TB of storage. The server has 32GB of RAM and an Intel Xeon E5-2620 CPU @ 2.00Ghz. We would like to upgrade our drives to more storage and hopefully more...
  3. stereomac

    Dell Dual Quad Core Precision Workstaion

    I wanted to take advantage of the 8 available slots of memory in this Dell Precision 690. First fo all, it supports a total of 64GB, but, from my understanding it'll require riser cards only operating in dual channel memory mode when system has quad-channel memory support. I don't see myself...
  4. Z

    FS: $650 Thinkpad X1 Carbon i7 + Thinkpad E560 i7 + Bonus

    Hello, Just moving into a new laptop so clearing out 2x Thinkpads that I no longer need. The X1 is a 4th gen and was used for about 1 year with some wear on the top lid. The E560 was used for less than 1 month and is basically in new condition. Both have fresh Windows 10 installs and ready...
  5. R

    What to do with old 10/100 switches?

    I have the following switches that are fully functional but collecting dust: Dell PowerConnect 3248 (48 port 10/100 switch) 3Com Switch 4400 3C17204 (48 port 10/100 switch) 3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 4250T 3C17302 (48 port 10/100 switch) I just connected them and they work fine. Are they worth...
  6. S

    Not Recognized By Monitor

    Hi, I have built a PC with the following specs: RAM - CRUCIAL 8GB PC4-19200U DDR4-2400MHZ x2 CPU - Intel Core i5-9400F Coffee Lake 6-Core 2.9 GHz (4.1 GHz Turbo) GPU - ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1070 Mini 8GB Motherboard - MSI B360M PRO-VDH LGA 1151 SSD - Crucial MX500 250GB SSD SSD - WD Blue 3D NAND...
  7. Etherton

    Dell Latitude(s) and misc. items...

    References: Heatware and FM No offers or trades. Ships free to lower 48 but if there are any fees they are on you. Prefer established members but willing to work with new members too. :: :: Dell Laptop Latitude E6430 Price: $175.00 Payment method: PayPal No issues, just don't use it much...
  8. Stormside

    Sold!!: Dell UltraSharp 34" Curved Ultrawide Monitor - U3415W - Local Pickup - $350

    Sold to a local buyer through Facebook Marketplace! Asking $350. Monitor is a little over 2.5 years old. Still under warranty till October. In very good condition. Never mind the purple tint on the right side it is the glow from the case fans (see pic below).
  9. Z

    FS: 22TB + SSD's (bonus Intel Optane and Samsung 10.1 tablet)

    Hello, Sell extra drives from Dell pulls / cold storage 8TB. All wiped and zeroed drives with GPT NTFS formatting. Selling as bundle for huge savings but might break up (22TB+ SSD) FS: SOLD 2x 8TB WD80EZAZ 2TB ST2000LM007 1TB ST1000LM049 1TB HGST HTS721010AE630 2x 500GB ST500LM021 2x...
  10. Pieter3dnow

    Dell PCs ship with DLL hijacking bug
  11. compgeek89

    WTS: P4 & Core 2 Era Parts (CPUs, DDR2, GPUs, Full PCs/Part Out), Cisco APs

    This is a bit of a feeler in that I have no idea whether anyone is interested in this stuff at all. If you are, let me know and we can negotiate something as long as I'm not doing all the work to package and ship for nothing. I'm also open to any feedback that says there's no interest in this...
  12. H

    FS: Radeon VII, Dell G7, Razer Core v2 eGPU, Apple iPad 12.9 (256GB + WiFi/Cellular), OnePlus 6T

    I recently switched back to a Gaming Desktop, so looking to sell off some items I do not use anymore. Local Pickup in NYC (Manhattan) area preferred but can also ship: AMD Radeon VII Standard Radeon VII from AMD I recently bought this from another member, since I was indecisive between Radeon...
  13. Etherton

    Dell Latitude E6430 Laptop

    References: Heatware and FM Price: $215.00 Payment method: Google Pay or PayPal Shipping instructions: Ships via FedEx or UPS Ground within 2 days depending on weekends/holidays No issues, just don't use it much. Also includes 2 home chargers (not pictured) Dell Latitude E6430 Laptop Specs...
  14. H

    FS: MSI GS65 (i7+1070), Dell G7 (i7+1060), Acer Predator 17 (i7+1070), Surface Go (8GB/128GB), iPad

    I've accumulated way too much stuff lately and I'm looking to build a Gaming Desktop, so looking to clear the closet. 1) MSI GS65 Stealth Gaming Laptop Core i7-8750H 6core, GTX 1070 MaxQ, 16GB DDR4, 512GB SSD, 15.6" 1080p 144Hz IPS screen, ~4lbs In overall excellent condition, even the keyboard...
  15. cageymaru

    Dell Technologies Gains Global Market Share in Server and Storage in Q4 2018

    According to research from IDC, Dell Technologies has been gaining market share on Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE) in the worldwide server and storage market. In Q4 2018, Dell captured 18.7% global share of the server market, up from 17.5% in 2017. This created $4.43 billion in server revenue...
  16. cageymaru

    AMD Gains Ground on Intel in the Server War

    Spiceworks has conducted a survey of more than 500 IT decision makers in businesses across North America and Europe to determine the current server trends, purchasing plans, and components that will go into them. 85% of respondents said they were looking to purchase new servers in the next 3...
  17. cageymaru

    Alienware Co-Founder Frank Azor Discusses Intel Graphics and Women in Gaming

    Alienware Co-founder Frank Azor was interviewed by Jayesh Shinde of the India Times where he discusses Intel graphics, women in gaming, growing the gaming market and how Alienware defines success. Mr. Azor is optimistic that Intel will have a good product that fits into its place in the market...
  18. S

    1440p 144Hz Monitor on a Budget

    Hi, i can get my hands on a Dell S2719DGF for relatively low amount of money (around $360). Has anyone tried this particular monitor and is it a good choice for 1440p gaming ona budget?
  19. F

    $50 Gaming Laptop Recommendations

    Hi! I would like to play some old games such as Team Fortress Classic, Far Cry 1, and Counter Strike. Back in 2004-ish, I played these games on a Dell D800 and was thinking of buying one from Ebay for ~$50. I would prefer not to spend more than that. Should I consider any other models besides...
  20. AlphaAtlas

    Dell Goes Public at $46 Dollars a Share

    Reuters reports that Dell has officially gone public today, opening at around $46 a share and joining HP and other tech firms in the public markets. Dell has a rather complicated financial history, as after their initial IPO, Dell went private about 5 years ago, and ownership stakes in the...
  21. AlphaAtlas

    Dell Votes to Go Public Again

    Following rumors of an IPO back in September, and a public plan to shift shares of VMWare back in November, Dell has reportedly passed a vote that will allow the company to go public again. Dell decided to go private in 2013, but a spokesman told Techcrunch that the PC maker will be listed on...
  22. cageymaru

    Dell Foils Hack Attempt with Rapidly Deployed Countermeasures

    Dell has announced that its cybersecurity team foiled an unauthorized intrusion into its network that attempted to extract customer information; limited to names, email addresses and hashed passwords. The Dell security team stopped the hackers by immediately implementing...
  23. cageymaru

    Alienware Co-Founder Frank Azor Discusses How Gaming Has Changed

    Alienware vice president and GM Frank Azor agreed to an interview with Sameer Mitha of where he discussed what got him into gaming at an early age (Prince of Persia), the first game he played on his own PC (Links 386), and why all gaming platforms are steps to the ultimate gaming...
  24. Z

    FS: $500 2x Dell TZ400 SonicWALL

    Just moved over to all Meraki and have 2x TZ400's that I'm not going to use. Security/licences features listed in screenshot. Factory reset. I just dropped the price 6.18.19 ($100 less than ebay pricing) FS: $500 OBO shipped (ask for a free gift - SSD/CPU/RAM/ Tablet) FS: $500 OBO...
  25. AlphaAtlas

    Alienware is Looking Into PC Component Manufacturing

    Alienware is "looking into" manufacturing components for desktops PCs. Historically, many of Alienware's products have only been available as part their pre-built systems. But, according to an interview with Dell XPS GM Frank Azor by PCGamesN, Alienware is thinking about selling those parts...
  26. Z

    FS: 2x Intel Xeon Bronze 3104

    Hello, Just picked up a Dell T640 server, with 2x Intel 3104s and pulled the CPU's to upgrade to 2x Intel 8176s ($$$). Selling the Intel Bronze to recoup some costs (Pizza money!) $SOLD 2x Intel Xeon Bronze 3104 6-Core 1.7GHz Processor BX806733104 PM for any questions. USA shipping only!
  27. dvsman

    New Dell 49" display

    From: "Dell designed the monitor, which boasts a 32:9 aspect ratio and 5120×1440 resolution, to be able to accommodate either one or two people comfortably. Picture-by-Picture mode allows for multi-tasking content from two...
  28. cageymaru

    Linux Application Scaling Featuring 128 Threads from Dual AMD EPYC 7601 Processors

    Michael Larabel of Phoronix has conducted a test of Linux application scaling on up to 128 threads. He chose a Dell PowerEdge R7425 server featuring two AMD EPYC 7601 processors for a total of 64 cores and 128 threads, 512GB of RAM (16 x 32GB DDR4), and 20 x 500GB Samsung 860 EVO SSDs. He ran...
  29. AlphaAtlas

    Dell is Considering an IPO

    It's only been 5 years since Michael Dell and other investors bought back shares of the company and went private, but Reuters reports that Dell wants to go public again. Initially, the company wanted to make a $21.7 billion deal with several hedge funds, which would allow them to go private...
  30. Z

    WTB: Intel Platinum Xeon (QS)

    So after doing a little research it looks like Dell's Bios only supports QS or OEM processors. So my ability to run ES chips it out. Looking to buy Intel QS or Retail/OEM chips! PM me for prices.
  31. cageymaru

    Competition Heats up in the Global Gaming Notebook Market

    Asustek and MSI have previously dominated the global gaming notebook sector, but that is changing according to Digitimes. First tier notebook makers such as HP, Dell, Acer and Lenovo have unveiled new gaming notebooks that are directly competing with the offerings from MSI and Asustek. Lenovo...
  32. F

    24'' (16:10) vs 27'' IPS monitor for work, help me decide

    Hello, Would you please suggest an IPS monitor for work, web and occasional photo editing next to my 1080p (16:9) gaming monitor? I am used to from my work to 24'' 1080p (16:10) however I'm willing to try the 27'' 1440p. I'm just not sure if it's worth it to my gaming monitor. I'm now...
  33. Z

    WTB: 4x 16GB DDR3 ECC (Dell T3600)

    Looking for 4x 16GB DDR3 ECC dimms for a Dell T3600. (64GB total) Should be able to run up to 1.5v and 2rx4. Shoot me your best price. Thanks! Zer0
  34. DooKey

    Dell Computers Better at Cheating in PUBG Says Dell Spokesperson

    Ben Mansill from PCPowerPlay went to China last week for the Intel 8th Gen Processor reveal and many other PC and laptop vendors attended as well. While he was there he listened in on the Dell presentation and was surprised to hear the Dell spokesperson rave about how good their products were...
  35. A

    FS: Dell Precision M4800 Workstation Laptop

    Dell Precision M4800 Workstation Laptop: $OLD Thanks guys i7-4900MQ Quadcore Haswell 3.8GHZ AMD FirePro M5100 GCN 2GB 8GB RAM (4x free slots, 1 slot occupied) NO HDD Backlit Keyboard 1080P flawless screen no dead pixels Genuine Windows 10 Pro COA / License Fresh non-oem battery off ebay Charger...
  36. DooKey

    E-waste Recycler Facing Prison for Copyright Infringement

    Eric Lundgren, a dedicated recycler of e-waste, has been sentenced to 15 months in the pen for infringing on a Microsoft copyright. The rest of the story is Mr. Lundgren processes more than 41M pounds of e-waste each year and he hated what he saw as planned obsolescence and wanted to extend the...
  37. FrgMstr

    Dell Showcases Three AMD EPYC Servers Now for Sale

    A long time ago, every word you read on HardOCP was served up to you by several dual Opteron servers. That was a long time ago. We have seen a lot of coverage about AMD getting back in the game with its new EPYC processors in the datacenter, and it looks like now, mere mortals can get a taste...
  38. NoxTek

    FS: Dell Inspiron 11 3147 2-in-1 - $100 shipped

    All prices are FIRM and include USPS Priority Mail shipping to anywhere in the continental US unless otherwise noted. Payment via PayPal Only at this time. Will not ship first, and will only deal with people with established heatware or sufficient [H] tenure (my discretion). Heatware: 88-0-0...
  39. R

    First Hybrid Intel-AMD Chip Benchmarks Show Vega M Obliterating Intel UHD and MX 150

    HotHardware has gotten to run some benchmarks on the first Intel-AMD hybrid chip with the Dell XPS 15 convertible. The XPS 15 2-In-1 tested was configured with a Core i7-8705G processor (3.1GHz base, 4.1GHz boost), the Radeon RX Vega M GL graphics engine with 4GB of HBM2, 16GB of DDR4 memory...
  40. Y

    (sold) XPS 15 9550 W/ i7, 1TB SSD, 32Gb RAM $780 as-is (see details)

    Up for sale is a XPS 15 9550 with all specs absolutely maxed out (4k touch panel, gtx 960m, i7 6700k, 1tb NVME SSD and 32Gb RAM). I was the original buyer and used it for a little over a year. The laptop definitely shows some signs of use but no dings or cracks. There are two issues with the...