Dell Technologies Gains Global Market Share in Server and Storage in Q4 2018

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    According to research from IDC, Dell Technologies has been gaining market share on Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE) in the worldwide server and storage market. In Q4 2018, Dell captured 18.7% global share of the server market, up from 17.5% in 2017. This created $4.43 billion in server revenue which represents more than a 20% increase over the $3.68 billion Dell made year over year (YoY). HPE grew its revenue by 10.5% YoY as its market share fell to 18.1% in Q4 2018. HPE made $4.2 billion in revenue in Q4 2018. Globally, the server market in Q4 2018 grew 12.6% to $23.6 billion.

    In the storage market, Dell again dominated as it increased its market share from 19.3% to 20.6% YoY. Dell made close to $3 billion in revenue; a 15% increase YoY. HPE trailed Dell with $2.6 billion in revenue in the global storage market. HPE's market share fell from 19.2% to 18% in Q4 2018. The global storage market grew 7.4% to $14.5 billion in Q4 2018.

    Winslow said Dell's broad storage and serer portfolio is winning deals for his company over HPE, including a recent healthcare organization that added Dell servers for the first time that had previously bought HPE. "Dell has the technology there in spades - whether its blade technology, rack technology, a phenomenal hyper-converged portfolio, a full portfolio for structured and unstructured data -- and they continue to improve on it under Jeff Clarke," said Winslow, adding that his company's Dell business is up 43 percent year over year.
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    Uninformed opinion:

    HPE is great, but expensive. Moreover, I think they spun off their support contracts to another company.


    Dude. You're getting a Dell.
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    They did spin their support contracts over to a 3'rd party, who I had to use and made it so complicated we just replaced the product with a non HP. Additionally the HP interface is garbage their documentation is inconsistent and the knowledge base of said support agents is limited. We have replaced almost all our HP equipment at this point with other brands, DELL, DLink, PaloAlto, ... and not only was the hardware cheaper, the support has been more consistent, and the interfaces much cleaner and more modern.
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    Had a Dell storage in my last job , now i`m working with 3PAR and the technology is simply on another scale from Dell even after buying EMC
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    Except 3PAR is going away and a shadow of what it once was. If you had Dell previously, you likely had Compellent or Equalogics...which is a far cry from their storage portfolio now.
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    HPE killed off the majority of their entry-level lineup. They only have enterprise products, and Dell is capitalizing on it.
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    Have had good luck with Dell Servers over the past 10+ years.
    Other than the occasion drive failure, they have been solid.
    Most the servers get retired due to obsolescence, as opposed to hardware failures.

    I've even done some cheap upgrades (buying used parts), giving them a few more years of life (replaced 4 core Xeons with faster 10 core Xeons, upgraded DDR3 memory to 256GB, added Intel SSD's)
    Like having a new server for a fraction of the cost. :D
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    I got a ~$400'ish HPE server with a i3 in it 4-5'ish years ago for a client. The BIOS/UEFI settings drove me bat-nuts crazy. All the other servers in that price range since have been Dells, the BIOS/UEFI in those was much easier to deal with. None of these are fancy boxes but serve [pun intended!] their purpose as file storage and backup. I of course order them at base config, buy the RAM/storage elsewhere so I don't get royally bent over cost wise.
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    Dec 15, 2011
    I know i like iDRAC much more iLO , kind of like the HPE servers in general more though. But man, that BMC...
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    Jan 24, 2019
    What about ThinkServers? Any opinions?
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    Happy dell sever customer here. But, if HPE can integrate infosight to their servers then I would consider giving them a shot on my next project. Infosight is glorious.

    I do love idrac though!
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    I used to like their stuff because you could get it relatively cheap for home testing and whatnot. HP pissed me off when they required a support contract just for BIOS updates. EAT ME HP.
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    We've gone pretty all in on HPE's Nimble Storage, its reasonably priced for great performance even on the hybrid array, and in my opinion alot easier to use, setup, and manage than Netapp, VNX, Compellent, or Equalogic (only drawback is you have to use iSCSI or FC ~ no NFS/CIFS).
    Dell's been on a storage hiatus I'm hoping they're combining the best features of the VNX, Compellant, and Equalogix in one new storage here in a couple of years.

    On the server side we have basically one of everything ~ HPE servers, ThinkServers, Supermicro, IBM, and Oracle, but top dog is Dell with 95% of our 6 racks of compute server resources, the support and access to updates on the other brands is ridiculous compared to Dell (though we usually go 3rd party coverage after the initial 3 year).