vr headset

  1. lostinseganet

    The VR Heat is turning up a couple more degrees as a new contender sets to enter the hardware ring

    Pimax needs to hurry it up as the Somnium VR1 headset sets to debut at CES 2023. https://twitter.com/SomniumSpace/status/1605840081004032000?cxt=HHwWgMCjpfXCi8ksAAAA The specs are pretty nice. https://twitter.com/SomniumSpace/status/1605840081004032000/photo/3 ..hmmm NFT's are afoot in their...
  2. N

    HTC VIVE FLOW: Android phone driven

    This is very interesting, the specs are not awe inspiring as in resolution refresh rate but form factor looks useful. Power by your phone meaning the headset is lightweight. Controllers? Powered by PC? Tracking?
  3. M

    Lynx R1 VR and AR headset kickstarter

    The Kickstarter is live. This is supposed to be a direct competitor to Quest 2 from France. Price is higher but that is the price you have to pay to get your data safe from Facebook. 😅 Resolution is also lower than Quest 2 BUT it uses very unique prism/diamond lenses and as most of us know...
  4. N

    The Best VR Headset Money Can Buy Video, Varjo VR-3

    Impressive! Looks true next gen, Eye/hand tracking, eye resolution whatever that means, no Godrays, Astounding clarity from edge to edge, OLED, Works with Valve Base Stations and Index Controllers. Too bad meant for Business use.
  5. D

    Reverb G2 Warning

    The Reverb G2 sure was amazing ... for 5 days. Unfortunately mine is now dead. I contacted HP and spoke with a tech guy, who told me that the breakout / box cord is failing for a lot of people and because it (the cord) is so far backordered he suggested I just return my G2 as it would probably...
  6. lostinseganet

    StarVR One [What was the most amazing vr experience before pimax 8kx] is now on sale.

    Last time they were expecting $3,500 for the headset. They ran into some problems, and had to close up shop for awhile. Yet at that price the rez per eye is not even above 2k soo. It is not as awe inspiring now as it was before. It has many other features though so the sum of its parts still...
  7. Supercharged_Z06

    Oculus Quest

    Picked up a Quest so that my kids would leave my PC VR rig alone... well that worked great for about a day until the wife stole the Quest to start watching Netflix with it. Portability on the Quest is pretty awesome. Here she is eating a rice crispy treat and binge watching Netflix while...
  8. A

    Entry VR equipment

    Hey, I'm intersted in VR and have a more than capable PC... (Ryzen 7 w/1080), but was wondering what all do I need for a basic entry level setup for head unit and controls?
  9. H

    VR Headsets Blamed For Spread Of Eye Herpes

    Yes, you read that correctly, VR headsets are being blamed for the spread of eye herpes. Not surprising, the forward-thinking folks at NVIDIA saw this coming a long time ago (pun intended) and took appropriate precautions. Virtual reality might not be catching on with consumers as rapidly as...
  10. Supercharged_Z06

    My 11 year old doing 128mph in a go-gart

    Gotta love VR! :D
  11. A

    pre-order not filled. BUT YOU CAN BUY A RIFT!!

    I know some people who still have not received thier pre-orders. But it seems you can now buy a Rift on Amazon. Amazon.com: Oculus Rift: Video Games Personally, I'll stick to my HTC Vive. HTC Vive on Steam Axe
  12. H

    Over 30 Full Games Launching With Oculus Touch This Year

    Oculus announced today that thirty made-for-VR games will launch later this year. That number includes twenty new titles that are designed around the Oculus Touch controllers. No word on when the Oculus Touch controllers will be released nor has a price been set. Here's the trailer that...
  13. harsaphes

    Playstation VR Thread.

    Just getting a jump start here since they had their announcement over the weekend. I'm totally picking one up in Oct. SONY PlayStation VR E3 @ the 1:10:12 mark GIZMODO http://gizmodo.com/ps-vr-launch-date-announced-1781930458 TWITTER FEED News about sony vr on Twitter PS VR...
  14. H

    Bethesda Goes Virtual at BE3 2016

    Bethesda has taken the wraps off its virtual reality plans for Fallout 4. According to the blog post, Bethesda plans on releasing Fallout 4 for VR headsets within the next twelve months. We plan to release Fallout 4 for VR headsets within the next 12 months. “We think that VR is the perfect fit...
  15. H

    MSI Showcases The Best VR

    MSI, a world leader in high-end gaming hardware, became the center of attention with visitors gathering around its VR zones to experience the revolutionary VR technology. Its rich array of gaming products were equally appealing, drawing huge crowds who were eager to get their hands on the latest...
  16. H

    Jurors To Use VR Headsets To View Crime Scenes?

    As if viewing crime scene photos while on jury duty wasn't bad enough, researchers are now saying that virtual reality technology could soon be used to recreate crime scenes for juries. Jurors could use virtual reality technology to enter 'crime scenes' in the first project of its kind in...
  17. O

    Elite: Dangerous Locked to 44fps while using Vive

    Hi guys, I am having serious trouble getting Elite: Dangerous to work on the HTC Vive. I get lots of stuttering when looking around (though not while moving, oddly). EVGA precision reports 44fps in the game window that displays on the monitor. I don't know if this framerate is necessarily the...
  18. G

    Starbreeze teams up with Acer to manufacture the StarVR headset

    Starbreeze partners with Acer for StarVR headset manufacture - Graphics - News - HEXUS.net I personally thought this VR headset would never make it into production, happily it looks like I was wrong.
  19. Supercharged_Z06

    VR Sim Chair build for Vive/Rift

    Well, I've gotten a few questions from folks on how I built this, so I thought I'd post a few more pics and share some info. Here's the completed Sim Chair: Not counting the HOTAS, wheel and pedals, it cost just under $500 to build. Got the leather seat from a local pick-n-pull junk yard out...
  20. G

    Google is reportedly announcing a standalone Android VR headset next week

    Google is reportedly announcing a standalone Android VR headset next week Looks like a Samsung VR competitor, probably a simple housing that you pop your phone into.
  21. M


    anyone here having any luck getting REVIVE to work with the VIVE. I keep getting headtset not detected and controller issues :\
  22. F

    VR headset for virtual showroom?

    Let me start by saying I have zero experience with anything VR. But my bosses think I am a tech wizard because I build my own computers and can run/program CNC machines. Well they came up with an idea of creating a virtual showroom to display all of our products. We have a couple of salesmen...
  23. M

    Virtuix Omni VR treadmill

    Anyone else curious about this thing? Read some positive impressions on it and really curious about this considering the small room I have to work with.
  24. H

    Chinese Budget VR Headset Hits The Market

    At first I wanted to laugh at this Chinese VR headset but, after reading the specs, it doesn't look too bad for what it is...a knock off. This thing has a quad core 2.2GHz processor, Adreno 530 GPU, paired with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage all packed inside that Nintendo looking controller...
  25. H

    The First VR Surgery Will Be Broadcast This Week

    I can see something like this being hugely beneficial to medical students or for training purposes. If you have Google Cardboard, you can download an app and watch the first live VR stream of the surgery on Thursday. On 14 April, Ahmed – a surgeon, cancer specialist, and co-founder of virtual...
  26. U

    Favorite VR experiences

    As I'm messing around with Vive, wanted to see what are you guys liking the most on both platforms? So far, my top 3 would be: Fantastic Contraption - great use of roomscale and controllers, and seems like an actual full fun game so far Virtual Desktop - cause you need one, SteamVR desktop...
  27. D

    3DMark Update adds VRMark demo

    VRMark - The VR Benchmark from Futuremark If you have 3DMark on Steam there was an update this morning adding a "preview" version of VRMark.
  28. Chaos Machine

    Htc vive orders are processing

    Just got an email today. No ship date yet but it sounds like they are ready to go for April.
  29. H

    Virtual Reality: The True Cost of Admission

    For those of us that are still a little confused about what it takes to run each of the upcoming VR headsets, what each one comes with and how much they cost, this article should come in handy. What seems pretty cut-and-dry gets complicated in a hurry when you consider that none of these are...
  30. H

    VR Headsets Are (Mostly) Comfortable With Glasses

    I don't wear glasses so issues like this have never even occurred to me. Aside from contact lenses, I guess you'll just have to buy glasses that fit inside your VR headset. No matter what headset I was using, I’m still finding that VR gives me a bit of a hangover-like headache after prolonged...
  31. H

    VR: The Time For Tech Demos Is Over

    While everyone is buzzing about VR right now, I honestly don't think any of the platforms have anything close to what you could call a line-up of games just yet. I think realistically we are looking at next holiday season and beyond. The next few months are crucial; if Sony continues to execute...
  32. H

    AMD Takes 83% Share of Global VR System Market

    AMD announced today at the 2016 Game Developer Conference that the company will underscore its dominance of the global virtual reality systems market. It revealed new advances in hardware and software to further the reach of VR, and unveiled its new GPU certified program that simplifies adoption...