1. DeaconFrost

    FS: Mini-ITX 2000D, PSU, and B550-I Bundle

    I moved back to a full ATX case with upgrades planned, so I'm parting with some of my ITX parts. Prices include shipping to the lower 48. Please read the notes about the B550-I. My Heatware is under DeaconFrost. PayPal or Venmo preferred. The base package/bundle includes the Corsair 2000D RGB...
  2. S

    What are the best options for a MiniPC or ITX build?

    I was going to get a miniPC but sadly there are a few issues. 1) Intel has released a new microcode that may block all undervolting on Adlher lake and Raptor lake CPUs except on K processors and even on those it may be blocked. If manufacturer does not unlock the features. So most miniPCs that...
  3. D

    [PRICE DROP] FS: Reference AMD 6950XT [SOLD]

    I have the list of hardware below available. Condition of all of it is excellent perfect working order from a clean non-smoking home. Payment is accepted via Paypal F&F (G&S if you pay fee), price listed is shipped via my choice of carriers, insured, slowest speed. The speed is upgradable at...
  4. H

    WTB: Z690 ITX Motherboard

    Hi All, Looking to give ITX a try, so looking for any Intel Z690 ITX motherboard. DDR4 preferred, like the Gigabyte Z690i Aorus Ultra, but I'm open to a DDR5 board as well. I have a Gigabyte Z690 Aero G DDR4 ATX board with original box and cables to trade if interested, or I can just buy your...
  5. D

    ITX Case Recommendation

    My secondary rig is as follows: ROG Strix X570-i LPX 3600CL18 Noctua NH-D15S EVGA 3060ti FTW3 (want this to be a RX 6700XT I have) Which brings me to the recommendation part. I have it in a Lian Li TU150. I hate this thing for GPU fitment, I love it for its portability. Anything above...
  6. D

    11.98V on 12V Rail for Brand New PSU?

    Been a long time since I read up on power supplies in depth, but LTT and others have recommended the Seasonic Focus SGX-650 for my ITX build, so I got it and finished the build this weekend. I'm looking at the various meters and from what I remember you should generally have 12V or (slightly)...
  7. kingdom9214

    FS: AlphaCool Eiswolf 2 Radeon RX 6800/6800XT/6900 Reference AIO

    Just looking to sell 2 extra parts from a setup I'm not using. My Asus Strix X570-I was purchased in Aug 2020 and was used until last month when I moved back to an ATX setup. The other item is a brand new AlhpaCool Eiswolf 2 Radeon RX 6800/6800XT/6900 Reference AIO liquid cooler. This product...
  8. D10S

    Dice Cases: FLOW (ITX Watercooling Case!)

    Involved in this new itxcase, just as tester, and i'd like to show this "Expandable SFF Case for watercooling enthusiasts" SPECIFICATIONS BASE DIMENSIONS 12.5L-21.1L VOLUME 209 X 161 X 372 MM EXPANDED DIMENSIONS 1st expand: 27mm (fans, drives) 235 X 162 X...
  9. NoxTek

    FS: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB - $125

    All prices are FIRM and include USPS Priority Mail shipping to anywhere in the continental US unless otherwise noted. Payment via PayPal Only at this time. Will not ship first, and will only deal with people with established heatware or sufficient [H] tenure (my discretion). Heatware: 109-0-0...
  10. O

    ATX in Silverstone's ITX RVZ 03 + 3 Slot GPU and Custom AIO *Sponsored*

    full in's and out's can be found here; Basically my wife upgraded the living room to full Ikea Hemnes furniture and Dynamic case does't fit into the desk , nor...
  11. W

    FS: Intel 8700K, ASUS Z370-I, Samsung 960 EVO 250GB, Corsair H100i V2, RM 850x PSU & DDR4 RAM

    It's been good [H] but things have changed around here.
  12. H

    Fs: Delidded i5 6600k, Asrock z170m itx, 2x4gb 2400mhz ddr4 ballistix ram

    Pulled from my main rig because i upgraded. Everything works. Motherboard has original box /w wifi card and antennas. $230 shipped, would like to sell as 1 package. !!SOLD!!
  13. TheHig

    [WTB ]AM4 B350/450 itx and APU

    Rebuilding my HTPC and looking for an AM4 itx board and 2200/2400g. Hit me up. Heat: Jfiveone94 Shipping to OH 45243 and have PayPal for payment. Thanks everyone!
  14. SHNS0

    Devotion: a Hardcore Shift X - watercooled, oc'd to the limit, RGBW custom cables.

    A huge ITX system that is all about beauty and raw power. Supported by Watercool Made with <3 by Enter Plasma Main Features: 9900K & RTX 2080 with heavy OC in a Shift X Custom, high end, high performance Watercooling Custom RGBW Cables in MDPC-X Sleeve Custom Illumination "Fixing" the Phanteks...
  15. G

    S401: Salvo Studios <8L mITX Steel Unibody Chassis w/ GPU & CPU fans in same direction

    This is the first post I've made here for the S401 as I've been more active on the SFF network forums. My first venture into case design was the S400 which some here may remember. I actually posted my build thread on this forum before I discovered the SFF network forum. Being more directly...
  16. N

    Custom Air Silent PC ~11L - Performance Gaming PC - ITX - RTX 2080 Ti

    In the quest for smaller and better cooling, I've got an idea to utilize 2X Noctua d15 air coolers for both the GPU & CPU. I have seen a few vids on CPU air coolers being used on GPU with great success. I believe it's just not that popular because it doesn't look very good and you end up not...
  17. hotdun

    FS: ITX MB's - SFX PSU's - 3770K - 4770K's

    Pictures: Link Heatware: hotdun ========================================================= All Sold ========================================================= SOLD 1. Asus P8Z77-M micro ATX Motherboard 2. Intel 4770K 3. Intel 3770K 4. Asus P8Z77-I Deluxe mini ITX Motherboard with...
  18. D

    What kind of temps are you guys seeing with Ryzen in ITX builds?

    R7-1700X here, no overclock (just bog standard out of the box) utilizing a Silverstone NT06-Pro + Noctua A12x15 PWM in a 'push' configuration, all housed inside a Raven RVZ-01B case. I put it under a bit of a 'torture' (in quotes due to not having full CPU utilization) by closing it in the...
  19. D10S

    (EU) AsRock X99 ITX a/c

    Here you can find the link of the sale of my motherboard X99, in perfect condition, complete bundle, cooler never used. Asrock X99 ITX a/c Have a nice day! :)
  20. F

    RAW V3: ATX + 2x300W (AC-DC HDplex) + full size GFX in 8,0L

    Hello everyone I'm Simon and I have been interested in SFF PCs for some years now. It started out with Unobtainable, then a SG09 mod that got replaced soon after with my own case designs. At the time there wasn't any real SFF cases so I looked into the option of using a laser cutter and assembly...
  21. TheHig

    WTB. Gtx 1060 6gb itx

    Looking for a 1060 6gb itx card preferably the Evga SC model 6163. Shipped to USA 45243. I have PayPal for payment. Thanks!
  22. XcPNehVYlE4A3C

    FS: BNIB 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4 RAM - CORSAIR Vengeance LPX black

    brand new in box, was meant for a itx build server but i ended up going with a NUC instead so i got 2x16G so-dimms DDR4 2666 (PC4 21300) Timing 16-18-18-35 low profile black Voltage 1.2V exact item here: current newegg price...
  23. M

    MODIVIO XCASE: customizable console-style case

    Hi! I've been peeking on the forum for months now, reading threads on S1, S4, A4, Sentry and many other great, community based projects. In fact I've been working on a project on my own, and I finally got the courage to present it to you. I'd really appreciate an honest feedback. Due to the...
  24. P

    FS: Mini ITX tower i7-6700K | Gigabyte GA-Z170N-Gaming 5 | 16GB DDR4 | Noctua NH-U12S | EVGA 650W P2

    Looking for $599 + shipping. If you're interested, just send me a zip code and I'll see what the rates look like. Though I'd prefer not to, I'm willing to part this out, with a preference for keeping as many components together as possible. Just send me your best offer, keeping in mind...
  25. G

    Old HTPC Partout: ASrock Z97E ITX, 4690K, GTX1070FE, 8GB DDR3

    I pulled the PSU out of this thing last month and never replaced it, and want to get a Xbox One X. Would prefer to sell mobo with CPU for ease of shipping and ensuring socket area isn't damaged. ASrock Z97E/ac ITX mobo - sold 4690K CPU - sold FE GTX1070 - $375 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 2133 - $50...
  26. FrgMstr

    ROG STRIX Z370-I GAMING Motherboard on the Test Bench

    No, seriously, if you look really closely, you can see the motherboard in the picture. It is the ROG STRIX Z370-I GAMING in all its diminutive glory. That all said these tiny motherboards have come a long ways in the last few years. These used to not be up to what their full size ATX brothers...
  27. C

    EVGA Z170 ITX Stinger Unused

    I have an EVGA Z170 ITX Stinger for sale.I bought it to use with an i7 7700K CPU, but discovered that it required a bios update which required having a SKYLAKE processor to do so, which I did not have. I talked to EVGA support and they would send a new bios chip free but it would take a couple...
  28. riba2233

    My Fractal Node 202 build

    Hi, I wanted to post my Node 202 build. Parts are: Ryzen 1500X -id-cooling is40-v3 (CPU cooler) Biostar X370GTN G.skill FlareX 2×8gb 2400 Chieftec 500W SFX-L Intel 600p 512gb EVGA 1080 SC So yeah, I have AMD, Nvidia, and Intel working together great :) It's meant to be HTPC/4K gaming...
  29. M

    FS: Lian Li PC-Q11B Mini-itx case and picoPSU-160-XT + 192W Adapter Power Kit

    **edit price drop** Hello all, I am selling the following: $55 shipped - Used Lian Li PC-Q11B Mini-itx case - Pics Case Documentation Accessories in little box like a USB 3.0 adapter $55 shipped - Used picoPSU-160-XT + 192W Adapter Power Kit - Pics picoPSU-160-XT 192W Adapter ATX psu...
  30. XcPNehVYlE4A3C

    FS: Gigabyte GTX 970 Mini ITX

    Just upgraded to a 1070 so i'm selling my old card: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 Mini ITX Overclocked 4GB GDDR5 GV-N970IXOC-4GD card works great, no issues. I did flash the BIOS about a year ago to lower the idle fan speed. Copied the stock...
  31. N

    DIY: ITX tray with modular PCI-E and PSU frames

    Hi, I was planning on a new case project and thought that the IO-opening and PCI-E slot took a long time to make for previous case with hand tools. Considering I wanted them even close to good looking, an idea came to mind if small quantity of these could be laser cut at a nearby company. -They...
  32. Q

    Bitfenix Portal case

    Guru3D have a review of this new case here. There are some very cool concepts employed, but a major fail is the IO on the right-hand side of the case. This, of course, means you have to have it to your left. The tray slide also looks rather fragile. And that final photo by the fire? It looks...
  33. D

    HG Osmi Build

    After missing out on the A4-SFX batch this February I did some case hunting and came across the stunning Osmi case. Despite the oft mentioned difficulty of working with it, I've been quite taken with its looks. It's the best looking ITX case out there IMO. With that said I'm thinking of the...
  34. magnux

    FS: ASUS H170I-PLUS D3 Skylake/LGA 1151 ITX Motherboard

    Got a few things for sale. All items are from a non-smoking, non-pet household: ASUS H170-PLUS D3 ITX LGA1151/Skylake Motherboard - $80 shipped[pic] ** SOLD ** Includes retail box and all accessories. Purchased new on 06/02/16 and was paired with an I5-6500. Please note, this board takes...
  35. K

    FS: i5-6400, Z170X-Gaming 5, Z170N, Gaming 5, i7-6700k, DDR3, DDR4, GTX 970, Fractal Cases, Lian-li

    TERMS I only ship to the contiguous United States. I do not accept "gift" payments. PayPal verified or local cash only. Every shipped item includes insurance and tracking. Local pickup is available in the Cleveland, OH area. I am negotiable, but don't like lowballers. If you're buying...
  36. M

    My Mobo and processor died - Thinking of building that SFF I always wanted

    Hi Guys A few days ago my mobo/processor just gave up the ghost and so I thought maybe this is a great time to build that SFF PC I have always wanted. I have a bit of an idea where I want to go with it but your advice would be appreciated. Here is what I have been looking at so far.... Good...
  37. S

    WTB - Z170 ITX Mobo

    I'm looking for the following items: Z170 ITX mobo Throw at me what you got, thanks! Reviews/Feedback for sakerfalcon | heatware 34-0-0
  38. H

    Backpack battery powered Case => what mini-itx mobo?

    So I'm almost done making my battery powered backpack for VR gaming with no wires. I just need to build the powerhouse now. It needs to be ITX, I'm still not sure if I'll go i5 or i7. GPU will be 1080 or 1070. Now I'm thinking: i5, 1070, 16GB ram, SSD Already have: SSD, 250W PSU What mobo...
  39. D

    [WTB] Z77, H77, or Q77 ITX LGA 1155 Motherboard

    I need to buy an inexpensive ITX motherboard. It needs to have regular sized RAM slots and be able to handle a i7-2600 or Xeon 1245v2. An Intel NIC instead of a Realtek would be nice. I'm also looking for a Xeon (Haswell) E3-1245v3 or E3-1246v3 for cheap.
  40. SamiiRoss

    FS ITX Gaming Rig, Parts + Other Stuff

    Selling my old build: $900 or Pating Out SilverStone Technology 600W SFX Form Factor 80 PLUS GOLD $80 XFX R9 Nano $400 Intel i7 5775c $300 Crucial SSD 480GB $110 Kingston HyperX FURY 8GB 1866MHz $25 MSI Mini ITX DDR3 2400 LGA 1150 Motherboards Z97I AC $90 Cooler Master: Elite 110 Misc. Dell...