ITX Case Recommendation


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My secondary rig is as follows:

ROG Strix X570-i
LPX 3600CL18
Noctua NH-D15S
EVGA 3060ti FTW3 (want this to be a RX 6700XT I have)

Which brings me to the recommendation part.

I have it in a Lian Li TU150. I hate this thing for GPU fitment, I love it for its portability. Anything above straight up dual slots are impossible to fit with fans in the bottom.

Any recommendations on what ITX case I can use with Powercolor Hellhound 6700XT AND the NH-D15S? The PSU is a SFX-L Seasonic 650 Watt

if you absolutely need to fit more than a 2-slot GPU into an ITX case, this is your only option.

Or,you know, you could come to terms with the near-impossibility of the practice and settle for a MicroATX case