1. scojer

    The Screenshot Thread

    With a lot of games including a photo mode, start uploading your favorite ones you've took. To upload them here, take screenshots on your console - Share them to your favorite social media platform (I use Twitter) then copy from there and paste here. I'll start off with a few from God of War...
  2. DooKey

    Sony is Locking Fortnite Accounts to PS4

    If you're a player of Fortnite on the PS4 you should just resign yourself to the fact that Sony isn't going to let you use the same Fortnite account on another platform. They are continuing their policy of keeping that garden walled off and no matter what you do you'll have to make a separate...
  3. R

    Fortnite Now Available On Nintendo Switch

    Epic Games has announced that Fornite will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, and sooner than expected, it is available now as a free download on the Nintendo eShop. However, TechCrunch is reporting that Sony is blocking cross-platform play between the Switch and the PS4, similar to what they...
  4. Armenius

    Days Gone - Releasing on PS4 April 26, 2019

    I didn't see a thread for this one, yet. It's been interesting watching this game develop, as we've had detailed looks at the game for the past several E3 conferences. Sony's daily reveal prior to the conference this year has shown us a trailer today that finally reveals the release date...
  5. R

    Spyro Reignited Trilogy Coming Sept. 21st

    It's finally official, the Spyro series is getting a remake. Engadget is reporting that Activision and Toys for Bob have unveiled the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. The trilogy is an all new rework of Spyro the Dragon, Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage and Spyro: Year of the Dragon, with faithfully mapped...
  6. R

    Shaq Fu is Getting Rebooted

    This is not a late April Fools post. DSOG is reporting that Saber Interactive and Wired Productions revealed that Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn will launch globally on June 5th. It is said the game will be priced at $19.99, with a physical edition (I can't believe that is an edition now), with yet...
  7. R

    Console Peasants Finally Get DOOM in 4K

    Bethesda announced today that they are releasing a new update for 2016s DOOM, bringing 4k resolution to the Playstation 4 Pro and Xbox One X. Now I know the Glorious PC Master Race has had 4k in DOOM since day one, but we should be happy for the console players... as filthy as they may be...
  8. R

    Sony Announces Limited Edition God Of War PS4 Pro

    Today Sony has announced a limited edition God of War PS4 Pro bundle. Launching on April 20th to go alongside the game, the console features a fully customized design based on Kratos' axe, as well as a Leviathan Gray DualShock 4 wireless controller with insignia, and a physical copy of God of...
  9. R

    Burnout Paradise Returns With $40 Remastered Edition

    EA is announcing that Burnout Paradise is coming back with Burnout Paradise Remastered, featuring 4k graphics, 8 player online and offline multiplayer, the full original soundtrack, and the 8 main DLC packs from the original release. The remastered version will run at 1080p 60FPPS on the PS4 and...
  10. R

    Overwatch Will Be Free To Play This Weekend

    Blizzard has announced that from February 16th to 19th Overwatch will be free to play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. All 26 heroes and 16 maps will be available to plat, in all modes. Players will also have the ability to level up and earn loot boxes, and if you decide to buy the game any progress...
  11. R

    New PS4 Update Alllows Parents To Control Kid's Play Time

    Update 5.50 Beta is out today for the PS4, and brings with a new feature called "Play Time Management." Building on the "Family Managers" controls introduced in 5.00, the new update allows Family Managers to set limits on when and for how long each individual child can play for. Control can be...
  12. cthulhuiscool

    PS4 Monster Hunter World Group Thread

    Just creating a thread for any ps4 players that want to coop. My psn handle is cthulhuiscool if you want to add me. Please mention hardforum in the message so I know it isn't a spam account (I get those from time to time).
  13. scojer

    Dead By Daylight (PS4)

    Anyone playing? My wife got it for me for Christmas and it's a blast. I'm not huge on multiplayer but being a victim or killer is intense and satisfying. What's really fun though is putting someone on a hook, and as the others try to lure you away I attack and they get caught themselves, all...
  14. DooKey

    PS4 Jailbreak Might be Coming Soon

    Specter released a PS4 4.05 kernel exploit to GitHub today and stated it will allow jailbreaking and kernel-level modification to the PS4 system. However, they are not providing code that allows for homebrew or pirating games. With that said, I'm sure others will be more than willing to...
  15. Armenius

    Titan Quest coming to all current-gen consoles in 2018 Titan Quest, the best Diablo 2 clone out there, is coming to PS4, XB1 and Switch in 2018 (EDIT: XB1 and PS4 version releases March 20, with the Switch version TBD). The game is also seeing a relaunch...
  16. martinmsj

    WTS/WTT:HORI Fighting Commander for PS4 / PS3 / PC

    Hit or Miss on Mac. Don't have my PS4 with me. I just have an Xbox One X now. HORI Fighting Commander for PlayStation 4 & 3 Officially Licensed by Sony - PlayStation 4 Great condition. Barely used in the month I've had it. In San Jose if you want to pick up locally for 20 BUX Will trade for...
  17. cthulhuiscool

    FS: Entry Level Gaming Rig, Video Games, Hardware

    Keeping this short and sweet. Heatware Cthulhuiscool Entry Level Gaming Rig: AMD FX-8120 (8 core) w/ custom heatsink fan 8gb ddr3 ram 640gb hdd (2x320 in RAID 0) MSI 970a-g46 AMD HD 4870 1gb DVD RW Burner 450w PSU Windows 10 (clean install) Great shape, runs well. 240+ship Video Games: Xbox...
  18. Q

    FS: PC Parts, Pokeman Games, Keyboards

    Everything is sold. Sold Items 3x 16TB WD My Book Duo - $300 PS4 Launch 500GB with Two Controllers - $200 Nintendo Switch Pro Control - $40 Kingston 120GB SSDnow 300v - $15 Samsung 840 pro 250GB - $25 Logitech G900 Choas - $60 ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 8GB ROG STRIX - $500 -Sold 2x Samsung 960...
  19. Z

    FS/FT: Asus 280X 3GB/ XFX 290X 4GB Kraken G10 AIO cooled/ i5 750 Combo

    Thanks folks!
  20. B

    FS - PS4 500 GB Black with One Controller

    Like the title says, I'm selling my PS4. I upgraded to the PS4 Pro so I don't really need this one anymore. Gamestop is selling the PS4 500 GB for $239 (used/refurb) plus tax and Amazon is selling new ones for about $250-270. I'm asking for $220 shipped. Comes with 1 controller and the power...
  21. cageymaru

    PS4 PlayStation VR - Standalone is $299 @NewEgg EBAY

    First check your coupons to see if you have a 20% or whatever coupon to make the deal sweeter. I believe that they normally go for $399. These are brand new according to the listing. ;) NewEgg EBAY has PS4 PlayStation VR - Standalone for $299...
  22. M

    Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4

    For all you Spidey fans, earlier in the week Sony demonstrated a storyline mission in the upcoming Marvel's Spider-Man title. Developed by Insomniac Games, Sony, and Marvel, the game appears to be another open-world action game. Only a planned release date of 2018 was announced. The last...
  23. M

    Days Gone Stage Demo E3 2017

    For any of you who missed it, I thought what Sony showed of Days Gone looked great, peformance hitches aside. Ride around in a bike in a post-apocalyptic zombie world is up my alley in an open world. In the mission, Deacon is able to sneak around and a set up environmental traps for the enemies...
  24. S

    PlayStation 3 + SSD = ???

    I currently own a PS3 SuperSlim and a PS4 Fat. Both have the stock 500 GB 5400 RPM (?) HDDs. As I play only a handful of games on both (I play a total of 6 games between both consoles, 3 games on each) I do not need such humongous storage, but I'd like to decrease my load times on both consoles...
  25. cageymaru

    PlayStation Now: Stream PS4 Games in 2017

    Playstation Now is going to start streaming PS4 games to the PS4 and PC sometimes in 2017. There is a private test that is being rolled out to current users of the service. Hopefully Bloodbourne is one of the PS4 titles that is streamed. I wouldn't mind a bit of Horizon Zero Dawn and The Last...
  26. B

    Help!!!, 2 HDMI source to 1 TV

    I have steam link and ps4, i want 2 of that connected to the tv at the same time but on the tv only have 1 hdmi so i can only connect 1 at a time, which is really inconvenient for me because i have to unplug 1 and plug the other one in. Are there any solution to this?
  27. K

    FS: Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4, New

    Got too long of a backlog, so I'm selling off one of the games I haven't opened yet. It is brand new and it includes all the DLC and extras. There also seems to be some sort of art book inside the case as well. Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4 - SOLD H E A T W A R E
  28. M

    Monitor for mac mini/ps4(pro?)/xbox360

    Hi, I am looking for best kombo display for 3 devices - mac mini (2014 or possible 2017 rev), xbox 360 and ps4 (pro if needed)... I do prefer VA panels, need 2 hdmi and 1 dp inputs and would prefer 32 over 27 inch (but depends on budget) Any tips for monitor that would serve well with all 3...
  29. K

    Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4 - $30 at newegg

    From slickdeals: Use code EMCRBRC52 during checkout at to get Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4 for $30.
  30. jdogg707

    FS: Google Home Base (Mango)

    Google Home Base (Mango) - $15 Shipped Practically brand new as I've had it for less than two weeks. Comes in retail box from Google. Payment/Offer Details - I am not looking for any trades. - Offers will be entertained, but please, no low ballers. Multi-item discounts are available. - I will...
  31. O

    Sony PlayStation 4 Pro PS4 1TB brand new - $380 shipped

    I have for sale a brand new Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB. This is the new model with the faster processor and 4K support. I bought it to burn a few gift cards I had laying around, but I decided I have tons of PC games I need to catch up on first. It will come to you brand new sealed in box with...
  32. X

    FS: PS4 w/ controller

    I only really game on PC these days so I decided to sell my PS4. It's in very good condition, has had minimal use. Only some scratches on the glossy surface. Purchased at launch, so obviously not under warranty anymore. I have had no problems with it. Includes controller, power cord, and the...
  33. C

    FS: PS4 Games For Sale - Brand New.

  34. Armenius

    Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

    Japanese trailer for PS4 remaster coming 2017, also coming to the US and EU. Looks like it includes both the original and International versions of the game. No mention of a PC version, but given recent history there may be one released sometime after the console version, which is why I'm...
  35. Blorgon

    [WTB] Logitech G502 and FIFA 16 [PC or PS4]

    via PP Heat
  36. H

    FS: PS4 with 2 controllers, charge kit, games

    Selling my PS4 as I rarely play mine anymore. It's a bit over a year old, maybe 120 hours of use total. Including 3 controllers, 2 of which work fine but the final one I believe just had a bad battery. The controllers are white, black, and one is grey/white camouflage (this one is the...
  37. DaedalusHelios

    FS: Three 1TB 2.5" HDs from new laptops and Fast DDR3 Desktop RAM

    I have a few extra items that I will no longer be needing after a few brand new laptop upgrades. I have three Western Digital 1TB Blue 2.5" Laptop Hard Drives. I also have a nice set of Team Vulcan 2x8GB 16GB Kit of DDR3 2133 CAS11. Awesome Desktop RAM but all of my desktop platforms have moved...
  38. squad

    FS: Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4, 3 PS4 Games and 1 Xbox One Game

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4: It's in mint condition and its a 16gb model. It comes with 3 cases each valve 14-20 each. It also comes with a 64 gb sd card. Day 1 had a screen protector and comes with original box. Only downfall is it doesn't come with the original charging cable or power adapter...