FS/FT: Asus 280X 3GB/ XFX 290X 4GB Kraken G10 AIO cooled/ i5 750 Combo

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Prices adjusted.

Seriously, just make an offer. I didn't have much to go on when pricing these things out. Prices are all over the place...
Dropped prices a little more. Make an offer.

Tradewise, I'd be semi interested in an older 13"/15" laptop that can play Blizzard games at medium settings semi smoothly lol
Another drop.

Will trade thr 290x setup for a rx470/570 or 1060 6gb straight up.
Monday Bump! 290x running nicely in sons PC currently. Would like something a lil less power hungry and air cooled though lol

Open to trades!
New Years Bump!

290x still running nice in spare PC.

Trades? Will consider Nintedo Switch stuffs... A card a not quite as power hungry as the 290x ;)
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