1. K

    Destiny 2 edition PS4 pro
  2. Z

    FS: XBOX 500GB Kinect + Controllers + Games +Bonus

    Hello, I'm still downsizing and never really played the XBOX, purchased on 12/27/13 from Newegg, so listing for sale. Maybe used 10-25 times total, with updates just being applied last week. FS: SOLD Xbox One 500GB with Kinect + 2 Xbox controllers + 1 PC controller + Games Headset never...
  3. I

    1080p75hz vs 1080p144hz vs 1440p75hz vs 4k60hz

    Hey guys, help me choose between a 1080p75hz ultrawide monitor, a 1080p144hz (not ultrawide) monitor, a 1440p75hz (not ultrawide) monitor and a 4k60hz (of course, not ultrawide) monitor. Just to mention, these are the monitors available to buy where I live (there aren't no 1080p120hz, 1080p144hz...
  4. kcmastrpc


    xbox one x, 1tb includes 1 controller, power, hi-res HDMI cable factory wiped in original box I rarely used this thing, and now that I have a windows gaming PC this sits on my shelf collecting dust. original owner, no pets, non-smoking household. Also, for trade is a used, excellent condition...
  5. Armenius

    PlayStation 'State of Play' | 24.09.2019

    Sony has been teasing big releases for this edition of 'State of Play', including a possible release date announcement and new footage for The Last of Us Part II. Sony stated that there is no news about the PlayStation 5. Links to watch are below. The stream is scheduled to start at 20:00 UTC...
  6. cthulhuiscool

    FS: PSVR, i5 4670k, Video Games, Speakers, Stuff

    Real life is catching up to me too much, so I need to hock some of my games and stuff. Heatware under Cthulhuiscool Located in Santa Barbara, but sometimes make trips to LA if you'd want to deal in person. PSVR + PS Move Bundle: Basically perfect condition. Only used a couple dozen hours at...
  7. Armenius

    DOOM 64 rated by PEGI for PC and PS4 (now confirmed for Windows PC and all consoles)

    Gematsu spotted a listing on European rating board PEGI for DOOM 64 on PC and PS4. DOOM, DOOM II and DOOM 3 were just relaunched on the PS4 and released on the Switch on Friday (with a spurious login requirement), with a relaunch scheduled to happen on Xbox One early next week. PC gamers...
  8. cageymaru

    Tetris Effect - PlayStation 4 with PSVR Support Is $20

    Tetris Effect - PlayStation 4 is $20 at Amazon. Tetris Effect - PlayStation 4 at Best Buy is $20.
  9. Armenius

    Death Stranding launches November 8, 2019; confirmed as PS4 exclusive

    Earlier today, Kojima Productions hosted a livestream on Twitch for Death Stranding, where the release date was revealed along with new gameplay footage. The game will launch worldwide on November 8 this year exclusively on the PlayStation 4. Pre-orders will go live on the PlayStation Store...
  10. B

    Playstation Plus 1 year membership digital code $39.99 I had never heard of this site, but it's legit. I just did it (Paypal) and got the code in under 5 minutes. Redeemed on PSN no problemo. Enjoy
  11. cageymaru

    VR Rhythm Game 'Beat Saber' Sells over 1 Million Copies

    Beat Saber may have become the first VR title to sell more than 1 million copies. Beat Games co-founder and CEO Jaroslav Beck thinks the secret to the game's success is "It is super intuitive." He also credited his team for creating a game that didn't crash and didn't lead to motion sickness...
  12. cageymaru

    Shenmue III: Ryo and Master Trailer

    Ys Net released the Shenmue III Ryo and Master Trailer at MAGIC 2019. Shenmue III launches on August 27th for PlayStation 4 and PC. The brainchild of award-winning game director, Yu Suzuki, Shenmue is commonly known as one of the most ambitious game projects in history, which captured the...
  13. cageymaru

    Anthem Is a Buggy Mess

    Bioware's newest game Anthem seems to be a buggy mess as it has been accused of crashing PlayStation 4 gaming consoles to the point where Sony is issuing refunds for the game's purchase. Some are reporting that their PlayStation 4 consoles no longer work after Anthem crashes the console. Luckily...
  14. cageymaru

    Left Alive Trailer Features 14 Minutes of Gameplay

    Square Enix has released 14 minutes of Left Alive gameplay. Titled "LEFT ALIVE - Through the Warzone" the trailer showcases the stealth and action elements of the 3rd person shooter. I got excited when I saw the mechs at the 12:27 mark. The game launches onto Steam and PlayStation 4 on March 5...
  15. cageymaru

    Here Is the Path of Exile: Synthesis Official Trailer

    Fight your way through the Path of Exile: Synthesis expansion to learn of Cavas and recover his lost memories. Players will experience new boss fights, mobs, rewards, story, and lore. Gamers will be able to craft all new items from fragments found throughout Wraeclast. The deeper that you...
  16. cageymaru

    4A Games Releases Metro Exodus Special Weapons Class Trailer and Pre-Load Info

    Metro Exodus developers, 4A Games, has released the latest trailer for the game that showcases the Special Weapons Class. The video shows Helsing and Tikhar weapons in all of their glory. Metro Exodus launches on February 15, 2019 on PC and consoles. Steam pre-order customers will be able to...
  17. cageymaru

    Here Is the Metro Exodus - Artyom's Nightmare Trailer

    4A Games has released a new Metro Exodus trailer that is set in Artyom's nightmare. I personally found the voice work in the Russian version to be superior to the English version found here. The release date for Metro Exodus on PC and consoles is February 15, 2019. A quarter century after...
  18. cageymaru

    Here Is the Corrupted Monk from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Sony has released a quick teaser for the game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice that showcases the enemy called the "Corrupted Monk." Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice launches on March 22, 2019 on PC and consoles. A priestess donning the mask of a guardian deity... Winner of "Best of gamescom" and "Best...
  19. AlphaAtlas

    Sony Patent Hints at PS5 Backwards Compatibility

    A new patent filed by Sony in Japan suggests that the Playstation 5 (or whatever Sony's next console is called) could implement backwards compatibility for PS4 titles. While the patent doesn't specifically mention the Playstation 5 itself, a Japenese blog pointed out that it makes multiple...
  20. Z

    FS: Star Wars Classics PSN voucher for PS4 (4 Games) - $5

    Star Wars Classics PSN Voucher for the Playstation 4. Four games included (Super Star Wars, Star Wars: Racer Revenge, Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter and Star Wars: Bounty Hunter). The voucher code must be redeemed to your PSN account before 3/31/2019. If anybody wants it for $5 (via PayPal) just...
  21. F

    FS: MSI 1060 3gb, PS4 pro with games, 16gb (4x4) ddr3

    MSI 1060 3gb sold got it back from rma not to long ago it has been running solid. 16 GB ddr3 1600 4 separate packs of 4gb sold PS4 pro with controller charging cable and hdmi, with these games sold Red Dead Redemption 2 Uncharted 4 God of war Horizon Zero Dawn Detroit Become Human Edit...
  22. cageymaru

    The Hong Kong Massacre Is Coming to Steam and PS4

    Here is a game play trailer for The Hong Kong Massacre. It is coming to Steam and PlayStation 4 on January 22, 2019. I'm getting Hotline Miami and Max Payne vibes from the trailer! Blast your way through the streets of Hong Kong in a fast-paced, top-down shooter. Inspired by classic action...
  23. AlphaAtlas

    Digital Foundry Compares Ace Combat 7 PC and Console Versions

    Digital Foundry just uploaded a great overview of Ace Combat 7. They start off by going over the history of the franchise, and note that the Playstation 2 versions of the game in particular really pushed the visuals of the series forward. I tend to agree with that sentiment myself, and also...
  24. cageymaru

    Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Expansion Has Been Announced

    Capcom has announced a new Monster Hunter World expansion set for release in 2019. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will come to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the autumn of 2019 with the PC release to follow. The paid DLC will feature winter themes, but Capcom isn't willing to discuss more at...
  25. cageymaru

    The Mortal Kombat 11 Official Announce Trailer

    Here is the Mortal Kombat 11 trailer. The fighting game will be revealed during a live-stream on January 17, 2019. It is scheduled for release on April 23, 2019 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and the PC. The all new Custom Character Variations give you unprecedented control to...
  26. K

    Small 3D Blu Ray Collection

    Don't really do 3D anymore, so for sale these are. PayPal only, prices include shipping. The Hobbit (not extended version) - $11 The Hobbit 2 (not extended version) - $11 The Hobbit 3 (not extended version) - $11 Captain America Civil War - SOLD to MixManSC Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 1 -...
  27. S

    Hot or scam? PS4 bundle

    Seem way to cheap to be real. What do you say? PS4 + Spiderman for only $72.90 And then a similar post by the same user here...
  28. cageymaru

    Path of Exile: Betrayal Expansion Is Coming in December

    The Path of Exile: Betrayal expansion will bring back the Bestiary game play and meld it with new features based around syndicates. There are 4 syndicate divisions and after defeating a member of the syndicate; gamers will have a choice to bargain, execute, interrogate or induce them to betray...
  29. StryderxX

    [HOT] RDR2, COD 4 or AC Odyssey for $35!! (PS4)

    Crazy good discounts on new games via Facebook marketplace: Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4) $34.99 - Call of Duty Black Ops 4 (PS4) $34.99 - Assassin's Creed Odyssey (PS4)...
  30. cageymaru

    The Borderlands 2 VR: Announcement Trailer

    The announcement trailer for Borderlands 2 VR has been released. I have logged so many hours into these series of games over the years and now it is getting a port to virtual reality. I hope that it is coming to Steam as the game's official page only lists PSVR for now. The iconic...
  31. cageymaru

    PlayStation Network May Allow Name Changes According to Developers

    According to developers of multiplayer games, the PlayStation Network will finally allow for name changes. The developers say that they have been spending resources developing solutions, tweaking, and fixing bugs to conform with Sony's new directive. Although many are taking a wait and see...
  32. cageymaru

    Game Controller Statistics for the PC Gaming Platform

    Valve has compiled an extensive data set for controller usage on the PC and an explanation of how PC gaming became so controller friendly in recent years. Valve has been working on Steam Input to allow gamers to remap and share controller profiles for individual games on the Steam Platform...
  33. cageymaru

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Announcement Trailer

    Today, Codemasters has announced the DiRT Rally 2.0 racing game. The game will feature events and championships in both a single player and a competitive online environment. There will be a Deluxe Edition with the first 2 seasons of post launch content included. Coming to the PlayStation 4...
  34. cageymaru

    Chinese Console Subor Z-Plus Is Powered by AMD Ryzen Vega Graphics

    AMD has added another console win to their portfolio with the Chinese territory exclusive Subor Z-Plus. The Subor-Z Plus boasts of an AMD Ryzen 4C/8T processor running at 3.0GHz and Vega graphics spec'd at 24 CUs/1300MHz for the GPU in the 14 nm SoC design. In comparison, an AMD Ryzen 2400G...
  35. cageymaru

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Beta Ends PUBG 1 Million Concurrent Player Streak

    The Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 beta has ended the PUBG streak of having 1 million concurrent players everyday on Steam. The PUBG streak lasted for a year until the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 beta launched yesterday that introduced its own version of Battle Royale. This was tracked by SteamDB...
  36. Pieter3dnow

    Tales of Vesperia 11th January 2019 Thought it was still coming this year but it seems there not going get there :( .
  37. cageymaru

    Samurai Shodown Tokyo Game Show Trailer

    Samurai Spirits is known in the West as Samurai Shodown and today SNK released a new trailer for the fighting game. I have my fingers crossed that this game is released on PC as I am a huge fan of the original arcade games. I found some HD screenshots of the Unreal Engine 4 game over here...
  38. cageymaru

    Bloodborne Is Now Available for Streaming on the PC Through PlayStation Now

    Bloodborne has finally been added to the PlayStation Now lineup. PlayStation Now is a video game streaming service from Sony that allows PC and PS4 gamers to play over 650 PS4, PS3, and PS2 games. If you are unsure that you have the connection to stream the games, there is a free 7 day trial...
  39. cageymaru

    Hellblade: Seuna's Sacrifice VR Edition Is a Free Upgrade to the Original Game

    Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice VR Edition is a free VR upgrade for existing owners of the game and will be available July 31, 2018 on Steam. The award winning Ninja Theory development team is particularly proud of the optimizations that were performed on the game to get it to the 90 FPS mark for...
  40. DooKey

    NPD Predicts Switch Will Be 2018's Best-Selling Console

    The PS4 has been the best selling console of this generation, but the folks over at the NPD group are predicting the Switch is going to take that crown this year. Yes, God of War and other Sony exclusives are moving consoles, however, Nintendo has a nice stable of games for the Switch that are...