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  • Hello so I found a Facebook marketplace listing that looked suspicious so I did a reverse google search and it brought me here it was somebody selling the same Nintendo under the name bill simmons. I was wondering if it’s you or not.


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    I don't know yet. They said it would be deducted from the refund amount, which I'm still waiting on... can take up to 2 weeks apparently.
    I had to pay return shipping, other than that no hassle. They scheduled the pickup. If you are outside the return period or don't have a reason other than not wanting the TV anymore they may charge a restocking fee however.

    Sorry to bother you, but I think I've seen you report returning 2 Tvs to Amazon.com? If so, is it much of a hassle? Does it cost extra, and do they give you any guff about it? I kind of want to try out the UB8500 and want to see if toastyx or something similar can push 120hz at 1080p. I haven't found any information about anybody trying this yet, but I've heard it works on some Tvs that don't nativly support it.
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