1. FrgMstr

    MSI X370 Motherboard UEFI Support for Precision Boost 2

    I reached out to MSI last week to see when and if it would be updating its X370 chipset motherboards to support Precision Boost 2, that we found to work so good on our water cooled Ryzen 2700X, and it tells us that the support is already in all its X370 EFI. That seems like it happened fairly...
  2. boushidosan

    FS: HTC Vive, R9 390 Nitro, 2700K, DDR3 Galore

    First for sale thread, need to be an adult and pay down some debt. Next week these will be listed on the ebays. All prices include shipping. Intel i7 2700K LGA 1155, z68 etreme3 gen3 - 175 shipped This processor needs no introduction. It has been under water the whole time I have had it...
  3. FrgMstr

    MSI Z370I Gaming Pro Carbon AC mITX Review

    MSI Z370I Gaming Pro Carbon AC mITX Review Many of us have gotten used to wanting things smaller and smaller in terms of today's electronics, and many enthusiasts have followed that trend when it comes to building fully capable high end desktop PC system. MSI is turning up the heat in the...
  4. C

    FS: MSI X299 M7 ACK

    MSI X299 Gaming M7 ACK $180 shipped, pp only, sold as is, no expressed warranty given, worked great when I had my system up. Please note pictures below of pins, accessories and condition. ebay account: -orion- heatware account: Carminus Pictures:
  5. R

    UEFI BIOS Updates For Spectre

    With the Spectre vulnerability exposed, Intel is rushing out new microcode, and motherboard manufacturers are working hard to get BIOS updates released. The news today about InSpectre got us thinking, have there been any BIOS updates for our machines, and will there be? It looks like X99 is as...
  6. FrgMstr

    MSI X370 Gaming M7 ACK AMD Ryzen Motherboard Review

    MSI X370 Gaming M7 ACK AMD Ryzen Motherboard Review MSI’s X370 Gaming M7 ACK brings a solid feature set and potential overclocking to the table. So far things have been a bit bumpy regarding AMD’s AM4 platform, but things have improved a lot recently. AMD’s AGESA code being up to scratch...
  7. FrgMstr

    MSI Showing Off at CES 2018

    MSI has a full court press going on at CES covering new Optix gaming monitors, graphics cards, motherboards, and desktops. We got some CES 2018 booth pics which cover a little of bit of everything that MSI is showing off. Check out all the showfloor booth pics. Las Vegas, NV - January 8, 2018...
  8. FrgMstr

    Corsair and MSI on the Test Bench Tonight

    Have a little fun with Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 rated at 4600MHz and the MSI Z370I Gaming Pro Carbon AC tonight on the test bench. Man this stuff flies! Check out the pics.
  9. FrgMstr

    MSI X370 GAMING M7 ACK on the Test Bench

    I am just getting a new MSI X370 GAMING M7 ACK motherboard ($210 after $20MIR) onto the test bench in order to start the review process. It is a good looking motherboard that has worked perfectly so far. The heatsinks down on the MOSFETs are rock solid, and the board feels to be solidly...
  10. A

    Old Machine Mod

    i moded an old low cost case. Tell me what you think ??
  11. FrgMstr

    MSI Introduces Six GTX 1070 Ti Model Video Cards

    While we are just now getting GTX 1070 Ti cards into our hands for testing, I thought it was noteworthy of just how many 1070 Ti models that MSI is planning. Worthy of mention also is that all GTX 1070 Ti models will come at "reference" GPU clock speeds. Check out the pics. As the world's...
  12. FrgMstr

    MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GAMING X TRIO Review @ [H]

    MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GAMING X TRIO Review MSI has launched a new high end entry to its GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GAMING series lineup. The MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GAMING X TRIO has a lot of performance with improved cooling compared to previous GAMING series video cards. We’ll see how well it...
  13. FrgMstr

    MSI X299 XPower Gaming AC Motherboard Review

    MSI X299 XPower Gaming AC Motherboard Review The X299 XPower Gaming AC is MSI’s flagship HEDT motherboard for Intel CPU’s. This monster motherboard has an enormous feature set and an fairly large price tag as we have come to expect with HEDT boards. However, there is definite value here if you...
  14. FrgMstr

    MSI X399 SLI Plus is Beefy

    It is not secret that we have very much liked the last two MSI SLI Plus series motherboards we have reviewed. I was taking the X399 SLI Plus out of the box this morning and getting it set up for testing and thought it was worth sharing a few pictures of just how simple this motherboard is...
  15. FrgMstr

    Beta 19 for MSI Afterburner 4.4.0 Now Online

    If you are a fan of MSI's Afterburner application, this morning Beta 19 was pushed out. Lots of AMD Vega functionality has been added. For those of you not interested in Beta apps, a final release is expected to come in November. Thanks pendragon1. That's probably one of the last 4.4.0...
  16. C

    Goa´uld Al´Kesh [scratch build]

    The Goa´uld Al´Kesh is a space ship of the bomber class from the TV series Stargate SG1. What is there to say? Designation: Al'kesh Builder:Goa'uld Class:Bomber First appearance:SG1_04x22SG1 4x22 Exodus Sheath material:Naquadah Hyperdrive:interstellar Arming:Goa'uld-Gun,Goa'uld-Bombs...
  17. FrgMstr

    MSI Z270 SLI Plus LGA 1151 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    MSI Z270 SLI Plus LGA 1151 Motherboard Review MSI brings to the table, one of the least expensive SLI capable motherboards based on Intel’s Z270 Express chipset available today. While not totally stripped, it does sacrifice a few things to keep costs down. That said, it’s also got a solid...
  18. McCHillin

    MSI Z270 SLI PLUS, is it worth it?

    So i'm thinking of buying the MSI Z270 SLI PLUS. I don't plan to OC as I have a 7700 non K. but i want a board to test SLI/Crossfire. My question is, is this board worth it? Are there better boards for testing SLI for under $120. thank you much.
  19. N

    FS: 4TB HDDs—Corsair H100—Geforce 1070—Geforce 1060

    Corsair H100 (not i): Just removed from my i7 3930K. Comes with original box. $45+ shipping. 4TB HDDs: These are around 1-2 years old. Working fine in my current system but I'm upgrading it. External = external enclosures included. TOSHIBA MD04ACA400 : 4TB (External) — $75 + shipping In...
  20. D

    MSI Radeon HD 7950 TFIII OC on eBay

  21. karsten

    FS: MSI X99A Sli Plus motherboard

    Decided to part it out. Only the motherboard is left - $125 comes with box and I/O shield
  22. D

    FS: MSI 7950 and EVGA GTX 570

    For sale, my last two GPUs. The 7950 was bought from a user here and the 570 from a user on OCN. Fully working and tested again before shipping. Will be carefully wrapped and packed. FS: EVGA GTX 570 1280MB - $65 shipped US48 OBO...
  23. FrgMstr

    MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti LIGHTNING Z Video Card Review

    MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti LIGHTNING Z Video Card Review - MSI is taking it the max with the MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti LIGHTNING Z video card, sporting the most robust cooling, the highest factory overclock, and even an unlocked Power Limit switchable BIOS mode, this video card has the potential...
  24. S

    Best GeForce GTX 980 Ti?

    The dust has long settled - which 980 Ti is best? Possibly looking to pick one up for a secondary box... - Galax HOF 980 Ti - ASUS Strix 980 Ti - EVGA Kingpin 980 Ti - Gigabyte 980 Ti Extreme - MSI Lightning 980 Ti Any that I missed?
  25. S

    MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Lightning

    Has anyone gotten their hands on one of the variants of this? Looks like the primary difference between them is clock speed from the factory: Lightning Z - $869 on NewEgg (sold out) Boost Clock / Base Clock /...
  26. R

    ASUS, EVGA, Gigabyte And MSI Release X299 Motherboards

    HotHardware has compiled a roundup of the upcoming X299 motherboards from ASUS, EVGA, Gigabyte and MSI with some pricing. Most of these boards are available to pre-order now to get ready for your new i9 build. Ever since hearing that Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X processors would share the same...
  27. FrgMstr

    MSI Radeon RX 570 GAMING X Video Card Review @ [H]

    MSI Radeon RX 570 GAMING X Video Card Review - The first custom retail video card based on AMD’s new Radeon RX 570 GPU is our test bench, the MSI Radeon RX 570 GAMING X is poised to offer incredible performance and overclocking potential out of the Radeon RX 570. We’ll compare it to the...
  28. F

    MSI Dragon Bundle - Z97 Gaming 5, GTX 980 SLI, i5 4670K, HyperX Fury 1866

    Prices include shipping to the 48 states, will ship in its original packaging, in near perfect condition (i am very careful with my components) Heatware 58-0 The MSI Dragon bundle ALL SOLD THANKS!! MSI GTX 980 Gaming 4GB (x 1) - $225 - Sold to Cecil MSI GTX 980 Gaming 4GB (x 1) - $225 -...
  29. FrgMstr

    MSI VR ONE - Wireless VR Backpack Review @ [H]

    MSI VR ONE - Wireless VR Backpack Review - The MSI VR ONE is quite simply a full PC that comes in the form of a backpack that allows you to connect your HTC Vive for a "wireless" VR experience. This VR ONE unit packs a GTX 1070 laptop GPU to hopefully supply us with the needed 90 frames per...
  30. FrgMstr

    MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GAMING X 4K Video Card Review @ [H]

    MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GAMING X 4K Video Card Review - We review a custom GeForce GTX 1080 Ti based video card with custom cooling and a factory overclock built for overclocking. Can the MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GAMING X truly deliver a consistent enjoyable high-end graphics setting gameplay...
  31. TheHig


    SOLD! Selling my MSI B350 Mortar in order to pick up an AM4 itx board when more than the Biostar arrive. Just the board and all retail packaging is for sale. the listing shows it installed in my full build which has been disassembled for now. Open for...
  32. B

    --> MSI GS70 Stealth-037 <--

    Love this laptop so much, but have to sell it! Reason I love it is, is because it has a huge screen/powerful, but is very thin/lightweight. NVIDIA Geforce GTX 860M 2 GB GDDR5 Intel Core i7 4th Gen 4710HQ 750 GB HDD 128 GB SSD 17.3" 1920 x 1080 16.47" x 11.29" x 0.85" 5.3 lbs. 2 x Mini...
  33. FrgMstr

    MSI Introduces New X299 GAMING Motherboards

    Taipei, Taiwan – May 30, 2017 – MSI, a world leader in gaming hardware, continues to build on its critically-acclaimed gaming hardware with the announcement of several brand-new products at COMPUTEX 2017. MSI reveals its most up-to-date gaming laptops, motherboards, desktops and gaming...
  34. B

    Is there a way for me to fit a 2280 M.2 in MSI Z170I Gaming Pro AC (Supports 2242 and 2260)?

    I am from India and there are zero 2242 or 2260 M.2 256 GBs available here. I have this motherboard, I was wondering if it was possible to fit a 2280 in it. The specifications say upto 2260. I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me out here. There definitely is space for a 2280 as I can...
  35. FrgMstr

    MSI Z270 Krait Gaming LGA 1151 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    MSI Z270 Krait Gaming LGA 1151 Motherboard Review - While it is generally the flagship motherboards that grab the most attention, it's the midrange offerings that see the most sales. MSI's Z270 Krait Gaming motherboard is one of those bread and butter type offerings. It has everything the...
  36. AYO VIN


  37. AYO VIN


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  38. FrgMstr

    MSI Z270 XPower Gaming Titanium Motherboard Review @ [H]

    MSI Z270 XPower Gaming Titanium Motherboard Review - MSI’s Z270 XPower Gaming Titanium is a feature packed powerhouse that’s got everything you need to take your game to the next level. The MSI Z270 XPower Gaming Titanium is easily one of the most robust solutions for overclocking. If you want...
  39. Darkswordz

    FS: MSI GAMING GeForce 980 Ti

    Item moved to eBay.
  40. tnt3k

    FS> MSI GTX 1060 Gaming; GTX 1070 Quicksilver; GTX 1060 3g

    ALL SOLD. THANKS Heatware: tnt3k MSI GTX 1060 Gaming Twin Frozr VI Condition: BRAND NEW SEALED IN PLASTIC WRAP Price: $OLD MSI GTX 1070 Quicksilver Condition: Used 2 months. I upgraded to 1080 so i dont need this anymore. Like New. Price: $OLD MSI GTX 1060 3g card Condition...