1. cageymaru

    AMD Ryzen Initial Shipments to Eclipse One Million

    The initial shipments of AMD Ryzen CPUs is supposed to exceed one million units. MSI has created 15 new motherboards designs for the new AMD lineup and Asustek has 10 - 11 boards coming. These are just a part of the 80+ new boards expected to be available for the AMD 1800x, 1700x and 1700...
  2. Stormside

    Sold! MSI GTX 1070 Gaming Edition $340 shipped

    Used in excellent condition. Purchased at release last year. Asking $340 shipped/insured to US48. Verified paypal only! Any questions please PM...
  3. K

    FS: MSI GT72S i7 Gaming Laptop with extras

  4. FrgMstr

    Once You Go White...

    MSI has a new series of motherboards out with an arctic theme, Ice Cold Arctic Gaming...pretty cool. Get it? Also they had a picture of matching Geil DIMMs as well. Thanks HAF72 for the links.
  5. Zarathustra[H]

    How MSI Went From 'Game Over' to Gaming Industry Power Player has an interesting story up about how MSI turned their troubled business around based on a focus on gaming and gamers, both inside and outside the company. Apparently things were not too rosy over at MSI as recently as 2009, but a shift in focus to gaming, including hiring...
  6. karsten

    Samsung 960 evo, MSI X99A, pny cs1111 480

    Selling some parts 1/29 prices lowered-- PNY CS1111 480gb
  7. FrgMstr

    MSI Z270 Gaming M7 LGA 1151 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    MSI Z270 Gaming M7 LGA 1151 Motherboard Review - MSI’s Z270 Gaming M7 is based on the somewhat uninteresting Z270 Express chipset but never fear, MSI’s latest generation of motherboards brings a few new features to the table, building on the stability, quality, and innovation the brand is...
  8. T

    WTB intel Z97 matx mobo

    Looking to purchase medium range z97 matx mobo with I/O plate with no bent pins. Must include slot cover when shipped and have good heatware/ebay feedback. Please send PM with shipped price, pictures if available along with feedback link, thanks and good day.
  9. G

    MSI Gaming Laptop Skylake DDR4 and a Martin Compound Bow

    PRICE DROP 860 Up for sale is an MSI Apache gaming laptop, bought in April to play fifa at work, didn't end up playing much so I need to get rid of it. · Processor: Intel Core i7-6700HQ Quad Core Processor (6M Cache, 2.6GHz-3.5GHz) · RAM: 16GB RAM DDR4 2133MHz · Hard...
  10. FrgMstr

    On the Grill Tonight - Titanium

    Just a couple of beauty shots from the motherboard test bench tonight. The MSI Z270 XPOWER GAMING TITANIUM I personally am not a huge fan of the "Titanium" colored motherboard and accessories, but it is surely hard to say that it does not look pretty damn svelte with that GeForce TITAN on...
  11. H

    Can You VR On A Laptop?

    It's easy to say your product is VR capable but, as we've seen in our testing time and again, that isn't always the case. That's why the crew at VR Jive decided to take the MSI GE62VR laptop out for a spin to see how well it handled VR gaming.

    FS: Alienware 13 w/ Intel Core i5, Crucial 16GB RAM, 512GB EVO SSD, Killer Wireless + FREE SHIPPING!

    Good day everyone, I have up for sale my Like New/Mint condition upgraded Alienware 13 laptop. This item was barely used. Unfortunately I have to let it go so I can recoup some moving expenses so my loss is your gain. Below are the specs: Intel Core i5-5200U CPU Nvidia Geforce GTX 960M GPU...
  13. jpsulisz

    Engineering School Project: <5.5L Gaming Case W/ Full Sized ATX

    Hello [H]ardForum, I'm a senior in High school and as a first semester final in my engineering class, I will be designing a small form factor case for me to take overseas for my years in university. The goal of this project, for me, is to create a mix between the CoolerMaster Elite 110 and the...
  14. B

    Help!! Motherboard pin bent, should i return it?

    i just bought my motherboard MSI h81M-E33 3,4 days ago, and when i open the socket, i saw 1 bent pin on the motherboard. i was very panic and then i put my cpu to test it, it run normally. should i return it or just go with it?
  15. FrgMstr


    GIGABYTE RX 480 G1 GAMING vs MSI GTX 1060 GAMING X - We take GIGABYTE’s Radeon RX 480 G1 GAMING video card and pit it against a MSI GeForce GTX 1060 GAMING X video card in today’s evaluation. We will overclock both video cards as high as possible and compare performance and find out what both...
  16. M

    X99 Motherboard Help/Advice

    ASRock Fatal1ty X99 Professional Gaming ASUS ROG Strix X99 Gigabyte GA-X99-Ultra Gaming MSI X99A Gaming Pro Carbon Hey everyone. Looking for a little advice on the above ATX X99 MBs, namely which one I should use as the basis of my new build. This is the first time I'm building on the X99...
  17. FrgMstr

    MSI GeForce GTX 1070 GAMING X 8G Video Card Review @ [H]

    MSI GeForce GTX 1070 GAMING X 8G Video Card Review - We have MSI’s new GeForce GTX 1070 GAMING X 8G video card to evaluate today. We will push this GPU as high as we can, and see how the overclock compares to the default factory overclock, and a Founders Edition NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070. This...
  18. H

    MSI VR JAM Presents The Biggest VR JAM This Year

    MSI VR JAM, the biggest VR JAM for global VR Game developers this year, with over US$80,000 prize pool which presented by MSI, a pioneer of Gaming industry, providing leading VR experience with excellent compatibility of VR-Ready products for the growing VR industry. MSI VR-Ready products are...
  19. S

    FS: Asus RoG i7 GTX 960M Gaming Laptop 17.3"

    $695, plus shipping and ~3% paypal fees. Model# GL752V DH71 with i7 6700HQ, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 1080p display, and 1TB mechanical HDD (7200rpm). The specs say it's IPS, but honestly it doesn't look like it to me - the only con, I think. Asus ROG GL752 (GL752VW-DH71 / GL752VW-DH74) Mid-Range 17.3”...
  20. B

    Buying decision 1060

    Should i get MSI 1060 3gb for $190 openbox or PNY 1060 6gb $240 i have 2 1080p monitor and play gta 5
  21. Blorgon

    [FS] Dell U2415 (16:10), Logitech G502, Naos 3200, ASUS 24" 1080p

    Dell Ultrasharp U2415 24" 16:10 monitor $190 ASUS VS248H-P 24" 1080p monitor $100 Mionix Naos 3200 ergonomic mouse $30, WILL TRADE FOR NAOS 7000 Logitech G502 Proteus Core $40 Everything is in good to great condition. Shipping is NOT included in listed prices. Shipping to Con-US only. PP...
  22. M

    My experience with MSI motherboard RMA (not good). I need some advice

    Sorry if this is in the wrong board, but I have a question, and also to share my experience with the RMA report. So I have posted an original troubleshooting question on the forum regarding a failedMSI Z170A SLI PLUS (original thread:Z170A SLI PLUS, debug light shows CPU not detected after...
  23. C

    FS: MSI Gaming M7 Z170A Motherboard

  24. H

    MSI Showcases The Best VR

    MSI, a world leader in high-end gaming hardware, became the center of attention with visitors gathering around its VR zones to experience the revolutionary VR technology. Its rich array of gaming products were equally appealing, drawing huge crowds who were eager to get their hands on the latest...
  25. S

    Garage Extermination

    Updated (5/4/2016@12:57 PM EST) Hello Everyone! Long time lurker here, been building up a collection of parts to rival a Fry's warehouse and now it's time to kick it all out the curb (preferably in exchange for compensation). My HeatWare is <Link> Reviews/Feedback for Stromknight |...
  26. S

    Turn on GPU before Mainboard?

    Hi there, I have a doubt. Can I give 12v to a GPU (turn it on) before I turn on the mainboard? I have a Gigabyte 7970, and a MSI Z77A-GD55, I also have a generic "500 Watt" PSU to supply the mainboard, and a HP DPS-1200FB PSU; I'm wondering if I can use it to supply only the GPU. Assuming...
  27. H

    MSI Introduces World’s First NVIDIA VR Ready Professional Mobile Workstation

    MSI Computer Corp, a leading manufacturer of computer hardware products and solutions, today announced the availability of the WT72, the world’s first professional NVIDIA® VR Ready mobile workstation equipped with NVIDIA’s newest mobile GPU, the Quadro M5500. Designed for maximum performance...
  28. S

    MSI Wind Blank Screen and Sleep Mode due to Overclocking?

    I have an MSI Wind laptop that had a failed Windows XP recovery. The initial problem is ntoskrnl cannot be found. I don't have a Windows XP CD here with me, so I'm trying to install Ubuntu Hardy Heron via USB. Now the next problem is, that the laptop turns on initially and then I choose the...
  29. FrgMstr

    MSI GTX 980 Ti GOLDEN Edition Video Card Review @ [H]

    MSI GTX 980 Ti GOLDEN Edition Video Card Review - Today we evaluate the MSI GTX 980 Ti GOLDEN Edition video card. This video card features a pure copper heatsink geared towards faster heat dissipation and better temps on air than other air cooled video cards. We will compare it to the MSI GTX...
  30. A

    My First PC Case Mod

    This is my custom PC case gaming mod. You can see the process on my youtube video: Thanks and if you have any suggestion let me know on the comment!