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  • New system build: (in progress) HDDs: SS EVO 960 500GB/1TB system drive /game drive and 2x WD red 8TB (Maybe RAID 0 or 1 not sure yet).
    Hi, i need Help!

    I see, under your post that , your pc configuration is :

    System: Silencio 550 ~ I5 3570k @ 4.2ghz ~ CM Seidon 120XL ~ 8gb gskill ripjaws ~ EGVA GTX 960 4GB FTW ~ GB ~ Samsung 840evo 256gb ~ 4TB WD Black ~ EVGA 1200 P2

    Now, i have a Gigabyte Gtx960 4GB Gddr5, and i need amotherboard compatible with it ...... i found online a seller of the your same motherboard GA-z77x-ud5h , it's compatible with my gtx960 ? ( i need to do an bios update ?, wich version?)
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