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  1. M

    Feature Proposal: Touchscreen-as-Trackpad Mode for Steam Deck

    Hello everyone, I'm an enthusiastic Steam Deck user, and I've been thinking: What if we could use the Steam Deck's touchscreen as a large multitouch trackpad, similar to how laptop trackpads work or Steam Link on phone? This could add a new dimension to how we interact with the Deck in desktop...
  2. U

    Does Steam Deck certified ‘work’ through GoG or other launchers?

    I think I know the answer already, and that it's "yes", but if I purchase a game through GoG or another launcher, I can get the same level of compatibility on that title regardless of launcher correct? There is no difference between say Cyberpunk on Steam vs GOG that affects compatibility (or...
  3. U

    Valve Steam Deck OLED!

    Big enough deal I think to mention in News. NEW!: My thoughts? Getting a machine that adds continuity to previous gens and keeping them relevant. And increasing battery life and power savings with a...
  4. Armenius

    Certified refurbished Decks now available to purchase through Steam

    You save 20% over a new model.
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  6. DogsofJune

    Steam Deck, 512 version

    I'll get pics up when I get home this eve if needed. One new 512 version of the Steam Deck that needs a new home. Less than 8 hours on it, includes case, charger, (everything it originally came with) and a dock. Looking for $560 shipped. Prefer PayPal Heat under same username.
  7. K

    Steam On Linux Usage Climbs Higher Thanks To The Steam Deck

    Steam On Linux Usage Climbs Higher Thanks To The Steam Deck Written by Michael Larabel Valve just posted their November 2022 Steam Survey results and it shows the Linux gaming marketshare continue to climb, driven by the success of their Arch Linux powered Steam Deck handheld gaming console...
  8. Armenius

    The Game Awards Steam Deck Giveaway

    Valve will be giving away one 512GB Steam Deck every minute of The Game Awards on December 8th. You need to sign up for the giveaway with your Steam account and watch the awards show through the Steam client. To be eligible your account needs to be in good standing, not be limited, and have...
  9. cageymaru

    Steam Deck Gains Official Xbox Cloud Gaming Through Microsoft Edge Beta

    Microsoft and Valve have worked together to ensure that PC gamers can play their Xbox Cloud Gaming titles officially on the Steam Deck! This requires a download of the new Microsoft Edge Beta that is detailed in this post on the Microsoft Edge Reddit. Posted by u/MSFTMissy Edge CM 🍰 56...
  10. Armenius

    Windows drivers for Steam Deck now available

    Valve announced that Windows drivers for the GPU, WiFi, and Bluetooth are now available. Audio drivers are still being worked on, so speakers and the 3.5mm jack will not provide audio in Windows. You can still get audio with a USB-C or Bluetooth device. Currently, you can only choose to do a...
  11. Armenius

    Unsupported games

    This Twitter thread is tracking games that are officially unsupported on the Steam Deck currently. The list includes some "big" titles like Outlast, Rage 2, and Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. The generic popup states that they are working on adding support...
  12. StryderxX

    Steam Deck Shipments Delayed

    I just got the following email from Steam: Hello "customer" The launch of Steam Deck will be delayed by two months. We're sorry about this—we did our best to work around the global supply chain issues, but due to material shortages, components aren’t reaching our manufacturing...
  13. Armenius

    Steam Deck: Dev-Kit requests now open

    Valve made the announcement yesterday afternoon. We're thrilled to announce that Steam Deck dev kits are ready to ship, and we've opened up the Steam Deck Dev Kit request form. As a Steam developer, you can...
  14. Armenius

    Steam Deck officially announced by Valve

    A new handheld device to carry your Steam games with you starts sending out invitations to buy in December 2021 if you reserve starting today. The device starts at $399. You have to have made a purchase with your Steam account prior to June 2021 today and tomorrow to get a reservation...